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photograph of Jamal

  • Name: Jamala ( Susana Dzhamaladinova )
  • Date of birth: 27 August 1983.
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Osh, Kyrgyzstan
  • Height: 173
  • Activity: singer, the winner of «Eurovision 2016»
  • Marital status: not married

    Jamal biography

    On the «Eurovision 2016» will represent Ukraine singer Jamal. The second attempt to perform at this prestigious competition was a success.

    Jamal is a pseudonym (the initial letters of the name of the singer), her real name is Susanna Dzhamaladinova. She was born on 27 August 1983 in a small town in Kyrgyzstan. Childhood and teenage years singer passed in Malorechenskoye near Alushta.

    Jamal — Crimean Tatar father and a Armenian mother. Her great-grandmother with children were deported from Crimea in may 1944, but the singer’s father always wanted to return to their historical homeland — he managed to do the trick. In an interview, Susanna Dzhamaladinova said that in the 1980s in the Crimea there was an unspoken ban on the sale of the property to the relatives of the deported Tatars. And her family found a nice house, and in 1986 they issued in the maiden name of the mother: for this fictitious parents had to divorce.

    Parents Jamala, as many residents of the resort village, engaged in tourist business they have private boarding house in Alushta. The mother of a singer played beautifully on the piano and during pregnancy often accompanied soloists. Perhaps because Jamal sang a half years — it was in the nursery. In General, it developed rapidly: in nine months, the baby learned to swim, and at nine years old, already knew that you would become a singer.

    The girl studied at a music school, and participated in many children’s competitions. She won the contest «Children of the rain» and as the winner recorded an album, songs which are often twisted on the Crimean radio.

    Loving parents didn’t want their daughter became a professional musician, but didn’t discourage her. In 14 years Jamal has entered the music College in Simferopol. In the classroom she studied classical and Opera music, and after school in the basement played in his own jazz group «tutti».

    At the age of 17, Jamal entered the National music Academy in Kiev. The selection Committee didn’t want to take a girl until I heard her range of four octaves. Jamal was the best on the course, dreamed of a solo career at Milan’s La Scala. Maybe it would have happened if not for her passion for jazz and experiments in this direction.


    Her debut on the big stage was held in 15 years. Then there were presentations on European, Russian and Ukrainian contests, winning, the prestigious prize and special prizes. Once the demo performances by Jamala at a jazz festival in Italy has heard of the famous Ukrainian choreographer Elena Kolyadenko. She offered the singer the lead role in the musical «PA» and advised to participate in the «New wave».

    For the festival in Jurmala 2009 Susanna Dzhamaladinova was preparing for a long time, then appeared a pseudonym. The singer was the selection of Kiev, then Moscow. From the first speech, she loudly declared itself. After performing the song «Little boy» Alla Pugacheva applauded contestant standing. Jamal received the Grand Prix at «New wave-2009» — the victory became the impetus for her career. After the festival, the singer has given two solo concert in the Ukrainian capital, participated in many television programs. Her tour schedule was tight and tense.

    In mid-2009, Jamal was invited to the main party in the Opera «the Spanish hour». Next winter she sang in the play-Opera on the theme of James Bond — then her voice was captured by the English actor Jude law.

    In 2011, Jamala took part in the selection for Eurovision, she performed with the song Smile, but lost the final. The singer does not believe in the integrity of the secret ballot and believes that it unfairly condemned.

    In the same year, she released her debut album, which included songs written by her.

    Five years later, Jamal once again participated in the national selection for «Eurovision» from Ukraine. The singer says that her father was sick her whole heart, he specifically went to her grandfather and said that Jamal wrote this song, which is definitely win. The first semi-final of the Ukrainian casting took place on 6 February 2016, the second semi-final took place a week — the results of these selections to the final five contestants.

    In the finals, the singer performed the song «1944» in English. In an interview, she said that the song is dedicated to the memory of her ancestors, the great-grandmother Nazlan, deformirovanii from the Crimea in may 1944. In his native Crimea, the woman never returned.

    The final was held on 21 February 2016 live stream of two TV channels of Ukraine. Members of the jury and Konstantin Meladze Ruslan and Andrey Danilko — it was necessary to determine the winner. Scores from 1 to 6, they exhibited jointly. Jamal received 5 points, giving the group «the Hardkiss». But had to vote and the viewers who voted for Jamal.

    The singer admitted that the participation in the contest wasn’t easy for her — it is easier to give a few concerts. This time the final was open, so the contestants could monitor the voting.

    Jamal won the «Eurovision 2016», which was held in may in Sweden. According to audience voting, the leader was Sergey Lazarev, but the result of the contest was decided by a jury, which appreciated the low room Russian singer. In the end, Lazarev was only on the 3rd place.

    Personal life

    On stage, Jamal’s bright and emotional, but life is calm, discreet, punctual and smiling. She almost never speaks about his personal life, joking that the time it’s not enough. As the singer admits, she wants to have a family, but what kind of a man will sustain her busy schedule.

    Jamal travels a lot and talks with interesting people, falls in love. And now she’s hinting she’s in love and perhaps getting married any time soon. His chosen one she wants to see good and attentive. Earned money the singer invests in the development of creativity to her music and videos could compete with the hits of world stars.


    • «For Every Heart»
    • «In My Shoes»
    • «I See You Every Night»
    • «Sing It Out»
    • «Pengereden»
    • «It’s Me, Jamala»
    • «Without You»
    • «One More Try»
    • «Alas»



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