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  • Name: Jai Courtney ( Jai Courtney )
  • Date of birth: March 15, 1986.
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Sydney, Australia
  • Height: 185
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Jai Courtney biography

    Jai Courtney is an Australian and an American actor, who became famous thanks to the historical series «Spartacus: Blood and sand». His significant works are such films as «Divergent», «Terminator: Genesis» and «die hard: a Good day to die».

    He was born in Sydney, Australia, and the childhood of the boy was held in the suburbs of this beautiful metropolis, Cerebrale. The father of the future actor, Chris, served in the state electricity company, and mother Karen was a teacher in elementary school, «Galston». By the way, went there and Courtney, Jr., and his older sister.

    High school Jai finished in a specialized technical school. He was a very athletic teenager, always a welcome player in the local football and basketball teams. But after receiving the Ged, the young man decides to try himself in the acting field. This desire was quite a surprise to the relatives, because Courtney has not previously shown much interest in the scene. And family guy wasn’t the people involved in the arts.

    However, Jai Courtney enrolled at the Western Australian Academy of performing arts, after which he started his career at the Sydney theatre, on television and in film.


    First experience with a camera Jai Courtney took place in 2005. He starred in the short film «Senior», tells about the problems of young members of sexual minorities who are bullied peers.

    He then appeared in the medical series «All saints», the sitcom «visit to Rafters» and the Comedy «Brothers of stone». All of these films was an Australian production. But the first American project brought Jai downloads. They found historical series «Spartacus: Blood and sand». Successful role of a Gladiator Varro caused new interesting offers.

    Courtney starred in the Thriller «Jack Reacher» with Tom cruise action movie «die hard: a Good day to die hard» with Bruce Willis military drama «the Seeker water» with Russell Crowe. Also to his credit are such well known films as the Thriller «felony», fantasy «I, Frankenstein», the dystopian adventure «Divergent» and its sequel «Insurgent».

    Of the last pictures Jai Courtney is allocated to the new part of the legendary cyberpunk Saga «Terminator: Genesis» is a post-apocalyptic drama «Lost» and fantasy Thriller «suicide Squad,» and now the actor is working on a new psychological drama «the Last kiss the Kaiser».

    Personal life

    When Jai Courtney was enrolled at the Australian theatre Academy, to exam tests, he met with another entrant, Gemma Pranita, in whose veins flows Ukrainian blood. As an actress she was less talented and not yet played any major role, but that didn’t stop Jai completely lose the head.

    The young people were together almost 10 years. Gemma moved out of her boyfriend in the United States and was a witness to his lightning rise to Hollywood Olympus, but in 2013, the year their relationship ended. She is now married to another man.

    After the termination of such a long novel Courtney prefers not to build serious relationships, until you are sure that the new girl is exactly the girl he desired. Fans associated the name Jaya with its partners on various films, for example, with the actress from the Terminator, Emilia Clarke and star of the Saga «Divergent» Salin Woodley, but he Courtney these rumors are not confirmed.

    Actor Jai Courtney since 2012, resides in Los Angeles, arriving in his native Australia only to visit their parents.


    • 2010-2011 — Spartacus: Blood and sand
    • 2012 — Jack Reacher
    • 2013 — die hard: a Good day to die
    • 2013 — felony
    • 2014 — I, Frankenstein
    • 2014 — Divergent
    • 2015 — Terminator: Genesis
    • 2015 — Divergent, Chapter 2: Insurgent
    • 2016 — suicide Squad
    • 2016 — the Last kiss of the Kaiser


    Jai Courtney

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