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  • Name: Jaden Smith ( Jaden Christopher Syre Smith )
  • Date of birth: 8 July 1998
  • Age: 18 years
  • Place of birth: Malibu, California, USA
  • Height: 174
  • Activity: American actor, dancer, rap artist
  • Marital status: not married

    Jaden Smith: biography

    Jaden Christopher Sayer Smith the son of Hollywood stars will Smith and popular actress Jada Pinkett, he’s a talented guy, who made a rather successful steps in the film, despite its young years. But considerable heights Jaden has made not only on the set, he makes a good career as a singer and dancer.

    Jaden Smith with parents
    Jaden Smith with parents | Startfilm.ru

    Jaden Smith was born in July 1998 in Malibu California. The star’s parents decided that his son Jaden and daughter willow will be home schooling. Thus, children did not attend school, where he studied normal children. But they already from childhood was accustomed to constant labour. Jaden quite early demonstrated musical talents. So will Smith started his musical education and began taking the boy on charity events and concerts, the proceeds of which were HIV-infected children in Zambia.

    On such concerts of Jaden Smith and noticed. The boy showed extraordinary artistry.


    A cinematic biography of Jaden Smith began when the boy was only 5 years old. Then, in 2003, screens out a highly-rated series «All about us», where the audience first saw a little of the actor.

    And the big role went to star offspring in 2006. He played the son of main character serials of the tape «In pursuit of happiness». The film is called, was doomed to success, because the key character in it is played will Smith. 8-year-old Jaden has demonstrated that he is worthy of his father. Critics and viewers agreed on the opinion that the boy is really talented and he has a good future. This biographical series brought the Jaden Smith first of his awards, including MTV Movie Awards, Teen Choice Awards» and the award of film critics society of the city of Phoenix.

    Jaden Smith's father in the film
    Jaden Smith with father in the movie «the pursuit of happyness» | Most-beautiful.ru

    The project «In pursuit of happiness» has proved to be an excellent springboard for the young artist. In 2008, he had filmed «in isolation» from star dads. Jaden has appeared in several episodes of the project «All TIPTOP, or Life of Zack and Cody». In the same year, he starred in the fantastic film «the day the Earth stood still», where he appeared on set with Keanu Reeves.

    In 2010, the audience enjoyed watching the growth of the skill of Jaden Smith in the movie «the Karate kid». The young artist was entrusted with one of the main roles. He played at the same venue by Jackie Chan. The picture was a huge success and brought great box office, recouping the cost of shooting more than 7 times.

    Of the new films, where he played stellar offspring, we need to call the documentary «Justin Bieber: never say never», which tells the life story of a famous singer, and futuristic film «After our era» in which the second time Jaden starred with his dad. This project, as expected by its creators, was a huge success and great box office.

    Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith.
    Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith. «The karate kid» | Filmz.ru

    Jaden Smith does not forget his passion for music and singing. Together with Justin Bieber, he recorded a popular single called «Never Say Never», which sounded in the eponymous film «never say Never». Later the young Smith recorded some fairly successful solo tracks performed in the style of hip-hop. Some of them were in rotation on US radio stations.

    Personal life

    Young age of the artist is not an obstacle to the emergence of new and new novels. The private life of Jaden Smith has repeatedly hit the top news popular tabloids. For a long time the name of the artist was placed next to the name of the successful fashion models and sisters Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner. As it turned out, it was only rumors and gossip.

    In fact, Jaden meets up with Kendall and Kylie Jenner – the second sister of the Kardashian. Although the couple has not commented on his novel.

    Jaden Smith and Kylie Jenner
    Jaden Smith and Kylie Jenner | Woman.ru

    Paparazzi managed to photograph the young Smith with a hottie on vacation in England. Some media reported that Jaden and Kylie even called one of the most beautiful couples in America.


    • «The pursuit of happyness»
    • «All TIPTOP, or Life of Zack and Cody»
    • «The day the Earth stood still»
    • «The karate kid»
    • «Justin Bieber: never say Never»
    • «After our era»


    Jaden Smith

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