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photo Jacob kucherevsky

  • Name: Jacob Kucherevsky ( Yakov Kucherevskiy )
  • Date of birth: 3 November 1975.
  • Age: 41
  • Place of birth: the village of Novotroitskoe, Khersons’ka oblast
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Jacob kucherevsky: biography

    Actor Jacob kucherevsky — honored artist of Ukraine, has received recognition not only in his native country but also in Russia, Belarus, and even in Turkey. Filmography of James Kucherevsky has more than 40 projects, the most famous of which are «Elimination», of «Wanderings of Sinbad», «East-West» and «Vladimir, 15».

    Jacob Kucherevsky
    Photo Kucherevsky in his youth

    He was born in the late autumn of 1975, in Kherson region. The first settlement in the biography of Jacob Kucherevsky was his native village Novotroitskoye. In early childhood, Yasha hadn’t even thought about the acting profession, and, like most of his fellow students, wanted to be a policeman or a racer. Epaulets police officer he will have to try, however, in the movie.

    Jacob Kucherevsky
    Photo of James Kucherevsky | VK

    In high school kucherevsky has become actively involved in school performances and also play in the student KVN team, so after the prom, the young man travels to Kiev and entered the State art school. After studying there for a year and a half, Jacob at his own request is sent to serve in the army. At that time he could not do this as students are not encouraged to keep studying, but actor Jacob kucherevsky sure that the difficulties the army must know each person.

    Jacob kucherevsky in the play
    In the role of Moulineaux in the play «Ladies hairdresser» | Odessa Ukrainian theatre

    In his military unit, the young man organized a team of KVN, which competed at the Ukrainian humorous competitions, and once in Berdyansk has managed to become the winner of the games. After demobilization kucherevsky is recovered in theater school, but not in the second year as it could, and specially taking a step back and begins to study again from the first course. The fact that the stream took a famous educator Nellie M. Pinsky, which in Soviet times was considered a near Oleg Tabakov and Roman Viktyuk one of the best teachers of acting.

    Jacob kucherevsky in the play
    In the role of hamlet in the eponymous play | Odessa Ukrainian theatre

    After graduating from College in 1999, Jacob, like many of the graduates of the College of Dnipropetrovsk, appeared in the troupe of the Odessa academic Ukrainian musical-drama theatre named after Basil Vasilko. Since then, it is with great pleasure that goes to the Odessa stage. And although the actor has received offers to move to Kiev, and in Moscow, he was not ready to leave Odessa and the Odessa Ukrainian theatre, where he was impressed by the harmonious atmosphere.


    Already having considerable experience of performances on the stage, kucherevsky was in the movie. His debut was the Comedy «Chekhov’s motives», after which he appeared in an ironic detective «Ivan Podushkin. Gentleman detective» by the works of Daria series, Comedy «the Ensign Shmatko or E-mine», which was a continuation of the series «Soldiers» action movie «Detachment», the military historical detective «Liquidation».

    Jacob kucherevsky in the film
    As Dmitry Neverov in the movie «Journey of Sinbad» | Movie-Theater

    In 2007, the screens out the crime serial film «the Last voyage of Sinbad» in which James was the relatively small role of the captain of militia Dmitry Neverov. But the popularity of the painting resulted in the fact that the series is renewed. Out «Return of Sinbad», «Wanderings of Sinbad and Sinbad» in which kucherevsky together with his character not only «promoted» to Lieutenant Colonel, but has become one of the main characters in the movie.

    Jacob kucherevsky in the film
    In the role of Igor Melnikov in the film «East-West» | Movie-Theater

    Not given up the chase actor and in the criminal detective «Vladimir, 15», and also in the new military drama «28 Panfilov». Of the last works of James it is worth noting the extremely topical melodrama «Forget and remember» and the Russian-Ukrainian-Turkish love story «East-West», which kucherevsky has collaborated with Eugenia Vines and Turkish star Adnan Cochem.

    Personal life

    Wife of James Kucherevsky – actress Odessa Ukrainian theatre, Olga Petrovskaya. It is also known to television viewers for his roles in such television series as «good-bye, boys,» and «to Marry Casanova». Despite the fact that the couple is almost the same age, Olga was in the troupe for a few years before.

    Jacob kucherevsky wife
    With his wife, actress Olga Petrovskaya | VK

    His personal life Jacob kucherevsky arranged almost randomly. In the city bus he was faced with rudeness driver, got off the bus in a bad mood and suddenly saw a beautiful girl. The best means to erase bad memories than pleasant acquaintance with a charming lady, think hard, so Jacob came up to Olga and struck up a conversation.

    Jacob kucherevsky son
    With his son Plato | VK

    They dated for a few months, then began to live as one family. In 2005 Kucherevsky and of Peter’s son was born, who was named a beautiful name Plato. In interviews, the actor says that he was very lucky with my wife, as she not only responds to delay in rehearsals and not show jealousy, but also manages to create warmth and comfort, while Olga also come in and tour, and complex views.


    • 2007 — Liquidation
    • 2007-2013 — The Wanderings Of Sinbad
    • 2008 — Squad
    • 2008 — Blue eyes like the sea
    • 2009 — Married Casanova
    • 2011 — the Life and adventures of Teddy jap
    • 2015 — Vladimir, 15
    • 2016 — Forget and remember
    • 2016 — East To West
    • 2016 — 28 Panfilov


    Jacob Kucherevsky

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