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  • Name: Jack Louden ( Jack Lowden )
  • Date of birth: 2 June 1990
  • Age: 26 years
  • Place of birth: Chelmsford, England
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Jack Louden: biography

    Jack Louden – British actor, starred in such famous films as «War and peace», «Ghosts» and «Bells of time». Popular magazine «Screen Daily» called him the most promising actor of great Britain and a «star of tomorrow».

    Jack was born in the town of Chelmsford, which is located in Essex. But the boy and his younger brother Calum was held in the Scottish town of AXTONE, where the family moved in a few years. By the way, brother Louden finished ballet school and is now a first soloist with the Edinburgh Opera and ballet theatre.

    Family Laudano was not artistic: father Gordon 40 years a Bank officer, and mother Jacqui, changed many professions, but for the longest time has been a veterinary nurse. Jack dreamed of becoming a footballer and together with his father rooting for «Glasgow Rangers».

    However, when Jack was 10, he began to study in drama school at Scottish youth center. Two years later, the boy has perfectly mastered MIME and has performed with her in different rooms at the theatre Royal in the capital of Scotland. Loudoun County high school finished in the closed boarding Earlston, and in the summer went to London, where he was a crash course in acting at the Royal Academy of dramatic art.

    In addition to the theater Jack was very interested in academic singing, so he joined the Society of lovers of the Opera, which also performed on stage. And later he to professionalism improved vocal and theater in the prestigious Royal Scottish Academy of music and drama in Glasgow, graduating in 2011.


    First appearance of Jack Louden on the screen took place in the advertising fashion in the Scottish soft drink Irn-Bru. And if we talk about feature films, Louden first appeared in the episode «Be a Victor». Then he starred in the biographical drama «Mrs. Biggs,» based on real events Thriller «You want me to kill him?», military Thriller «71».

    But the entire elementary career, he considered himself first and foremost a theater actor, so deliberately did not choose the scripts for the films where he had a long time off the scene. But in the theater, he was on the leading positions. The production of «chariots of Fire» and especially «Black watch» brought him a number of prestigious theater awards.

    In fact, the play became for Laudanum entry ticket to the world of cinema. He, along with actress Leslie-I made a gorgeous adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s drama «Ghosts» and was awarded the British awards for young actors.

    Then, together with another rising star Patrick Gibson, Jack starred in the war drama, «Bells of time» and again attracted the attention of the audience.

    But the most significant work of the actor is currently filming the epic novel of Leo Tolstoy’s «War and peace». There, Jack played one of the Central characters of Nicholas Rostov. During the filming, which took place in England, Russia and Latvia, Laudano had to learn the ancient weapon and learn to ride horses.

    Now Jack is working on several new projects – a military drama «Dunkirk», historical painting, «United Kingdom» and a biopic about golfer Tom Morris «Honor Tommy.»

    Personal life

    Jack lauden not married, but he had since high school have a steady girlfriend Vicky. However, now young people have to see each other less often, because the actor himself lives in London, and his beloved remained in Scotland, where he built his own career.


    • 2010 — To Be A Victor
    • 2012 Mrs Biggs
    • 2013 — do You want me to kill him?
    • 2013 — the Tunnel
    • 2014 — 71
    • 2014 — Ghost
    • 2014 Bell time
    • 2015 — Wolf hall
    • 2016 — War and peace
    • 2016 — Honor Tommy
    • 2016 — United Kingdom


    Jack Louden

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