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  • Name: Jack London ( Jack Alexander Huston )
  • Date of birth: 7 December 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: London, UK
  • Growth: 183
  • Activities: the British film and television actor
  • Marital status: civil marriage

    Jack Huston : biography

    Jack Alexander Huston, better known to viewers as Jack Huston was born in London in December 1982. He grew up in a noble family that belonged to the British upper society. On the mother, lady Margot Lavinia, Cholmondely, his ancestors were English aristocrats. The names of his relatives Robert Walpole – the first Prime Minister of England David Sassone – Treasurer of Baghdad, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, the founder of the house of Rothschild is familiar to all in Britain.

    But the kind father, the actor Walter Anthony Huston, the famous no less. Hewstone – old English candinate.

    It seems a different fate than the actor, Jack Houston and could not be. He himself realized this in 6 years. The boy played Peter pan in an Amateur production and decided that I will become a famous artist as a father and many other relatives.

    After high school, Jack enrolled in the famous British drama school «Hartwood house.»


    Debut role teleadapt drama «Spartacus», where the novice actor got the way Flavia was the successful start, after which career rapidly went up. For «Spartacus» was followed by supporting roles in high-profile horror films «Mushrooms» and «Twilight: Eclipse». Even more successful was the picture «I seduced Andy Warhol», which brought him recognition in the cinematic world.

    But the real big success comes to the rising star together with the TV series «boardwalk Empire». Rating project will be released in 2010. Its creators are forced to shoot a sequel, that goes on for two years. A Central role in this picture brings Jack Huston great fame and recognition from a wide range of audiences in many countries and the first prestigious award from the screen actors Guild USA.

    It is noteworthy that the role of Richard harrow, a military sniper with a distorted face, the Director was going to take another actor. Yes, and the hero on the initial idea of the founders was to remain in the background. But brilliant acting by Jack Huston, who captures the audience from the very first frame of his appearance, changed plan. Harrow becomes the Central character, and only thanks to the talent of the artist.

    Such successful role went to a Hollywood star in 2013: out acclaimed drama «Kill your darlings» and crime Comedy «American hustle». At last Houston came on the screen with such masters of American cinema like Robert De Niro, Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper. Houston «Scam American» brought to the top of mount Olympus, which is not surprising. After the film received 10 nominations for «Oscar» and 7 «Golden globe». And if the coveted statuette went to other candidates, 3 Golden globes hit movie, which starred Jack Huston.

    Of the recent films in which the actor appeared, the fans of his bright talent special note three: «Night train to Lisbon», «Pride and prejudice zombies,» and «Ben-Hur». The last two films released on the big screens in 2016.

    Personal life

    Not only career but also personal life of Jack Houston has developed well. It is noteworthy that his love he met on the set of the bestseller «boardwalk Empire», which brought him fame. An affair with a beautiful model Shannan Click, which starred in an episode of the series, broke out directly into the set. Since 2011 the pair together. Their marriage is called actual, but is not official.

    In April of 2013, Hollywood star and model was born a charming little girl, which were named sage Lavinia Huston.


    • «Spartak»
    • «I seduced Andy Warhol»
    • «Twilight. Saga. Eclipse»
    • «Boardwalk Empire»
    • «Kill your darlings»
    • «American hustle»
    • «Kill your darlings»
    • «Night train to Lisbon»
    • «Pride and prejudice zombies»
    • «Ben-Hur»


    Jack Huston

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