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  • Name: Ivars Kalnins ( Ivars Edmunds Kalnins )
  • Date of birth: 1 August 1948
  • Age: 68 years
  • Place of birth: Riga
  • Height: 185
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Ivar Kalnynsh: biography

    Ivar Kalnynsh — Soviet and Latvian film and theater actor. All-Union fame he brought the film adaptation of the Somerset Maugham novel «Theatre», and strengthened the popularity of the actor such films as «Silva» and «Winter cherry».

    Ivar (or in Latvian example Ivars) was born in Riga into a family of ordinary working people. His father worked as a mechanic and mom was a homemaker. In adolescence, the future star was fond of modern music, especially the work of John Lennon and Paul McCartney. He wore long hair, bell-bottoms and played in different youth rock bands at festivals of Riga and Jurmala.

    As parents Ivars worried that Beatlemania will bring down their son from the path of truth, they insisted along with studying in high school a youngster has mastered a profession. Kalnins studied plumbing, and later figured out how to repair computer equipment.

    But his heart lay to creativity. By the way, when he told the family that wants to become an actor, his quiet mother tried to object: «Ivar, but the artists are after all talking so loud…». However, after graduating from high school the young man entered the theater Department of the Latvian state Conservatory named Asela Vitola, from which he graduated in 1974. But two years before he joined the Art troupe of the academic theatre named after Rainis, even when it renamed the theater «Daile».

    Later, the actor collaborated with other Latvian scenes. Now he goes mainly to the Small stage and the New Riga theatre.


    Immediately after joining the Conservatory is a spectacular young man was invited to the movies. He appeared in the melodrama «ILGA-Oriole,» the children’s film «a Faithful friend Sancho», sports drama «Right to jump» social drama «Apple in the river». But all these films gave Ivar Kalninsh only local popularity in the framework of the Baltic States.

    Real fame as a great actor he brought to the drama Theatre, where he was invited itself Vija Artmane, who played the lead role in this film, and Ivar got the image of a young Tom Fennel, almost boys, who decided to go after an aging diva. After the release of «Theatre» Kalnins became famous throughout the Soviet Union.

    After this success came the detective «Inspector gull», the drama «do Not shoot in white swans», action «Personal safety is not guaranteed», the melodrama «the White dance». A new level of popularity Ivar Kalnynsh was released after starring in the film adaptation of the operetta «Silva», where his partners were the great masters of screen Vitaly Solomin, Igor Dmitriev, Maria Solomina, Zhanna Glebova, Mikhail Svetin and many other artists.

    The next important work of Kalnins was the tragicomedy «the Winter cherry», is written in the script of Vladimir of the Composition. No less interesting, it’s about cooperation with Igor Kostolevsky in a detective «the entrance to the labyrinth», Elena Kondulajnen in the drama «Show for a lonely man» and Vera Glagoleva in the melodrama «Night of questions».

    Interestingly, kinoaktera career of Ivar Kalnins, unlike many of his colleagues, almost non-stop in 90-e years, or in the 21st century. He starred in the Thriller «Mirror wars: Reflection one», the crime series «the Opera: Chronicles of lethal Department», the melodrama «the City romance» the drama «is Forgotten», the Comedy «Auntie» action movie «Drongo», the melodrama «Queen of ice». And that’s just the main roles in recent years! All in all, on account of the Ivars more than 90 films.


    Ivar Kalnynsh many times participated in various reality shows and television programs. For example, it can be seen in the third season of the show on the survival of «the Last hero», where he appeared together with Vera Glagoleva as a «Joker» 25 days after the start of the game. In the Dominican Republic actor long failed through conspiracy, Vladimir Presnyakov, the First Alena and Olga Orlova.

    More successful performance Kalnins was in the intellectual game «the Weakest link». There he reached the final, but lost to Mikhail Boyarsky.

    In 58 years Ivar started skating in the rating project «Dances on ice». His partner was a professional figure skater Maya Usova. And although the pair at the rink looked very impressive, they had to leave the show after the first broadcast for insulting an injury Calvinism.

    Personal life

    Ivars Kalnins was married three times and has five children. He first went to city hall in 1971 year and has lived with his chosen ILGA exactly 20 years. In the family were born two daughters, una and Elena.

    Second wife Kalnins was actress Aurelia Anugita who was younger than his 24 years. They met on the set of the film «the Secrets of the family de Granshan» a year after the divorce of the actor. Interestingly, in the frame of Ivar and Aurelia had to play lovers, but they didn’t manage to portray passion. But after shooting broke out between them a real sense. The couple has been together for seven years and gave birth to a son Mikus.

    Now Kalnins married to lawyer Laura. A woman younger than her husband for 30 years. In the family brought up their daughter Louise and Vivienne.


    • 1978 — the Theatre
    • 1981 — Silva
    • 1983 Two under one umbrella
    • 1985 — Winter cherry
    • 1989 Entrance to the labyrinth
    • 1993 — Night questions
    • 1994 — Show for a lonely man
    • 2004-2006 — Opera: Chronicles of lethal Department
    • 2005 — Love and gold
    • 2006 — Urban romance
    • 2013 — Aunt


    Ivar Kalnynsh

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