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  • Name: Ivan Zhvakin ( Ivan Zhvakin )
  • Date of birth: 25 February 1992
  • Age: 24 years
  • Place of birth: Korkino
  • Height: 187
  • Activities: Russian film and theatre actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Ivan Zhvakin : biography

    Future star «Junior» Ivan Zhvakin was born on 25 February 1992 in the small town of Korkino, located 35 kilometers from Chelyabinsk. Although the family of Ivan no one was associated with the world of theatre and film, the boy from childhood dreamed of an acting career. And not only dream, but also did much to ensure that his plans were carried out. Ivan Zhvakin attended a local music school, where studied to play the accordion and drums. He studied singing in Chelyabinsk musical theatre, which operated at the House of creativity. And from 2004 to 2009 Dino worked hard in the children’s theatre school-Studio under the direction of Evgeny Egorov.

    Teenage years Ivan Zhvakina can not be called cloudless. When the boy turned 16, was tragically killed by his father. Salary mother, who worked as a veterinary doctor, was very modest. So Ivan was forced to help his mother. He sold Newspapers, worked as distribution of advertising leaflets. Not throwing lessons acting.

    In 2009 Ivan Zhvakin from the first attempt became a student of theatrical University. Interestingly, the boy has managed to come from 4 Moscow universities, and on budget. But chose a famous Higher theater school Shchepkin. Many came to the program in which mentor was Rimma Solntseva.


    A cinematic biography of Ivan Zhvakina started in early students. On the 2nd course in 2010 aspiring artist actively attended various auditions and screen tests. Once he was lucky: Zhvakina took on the role of Igor in the melodrama «a woman’s Kingdom». Debut in the popular series young blue-eyed actor is remembered by many viewers and became a stepping stone to other notable roles. In «Freud’s Method», where the main role was played by Ivan Okhlobystin, Dino played a climber. This tape was a great acting school, after all, Ivan was able to witness the work of the master of the national cinema.

    After obtaining the diploma «Chips» Ivan Zhvakin was invited to the Theatre of Nations. It was not only played by young actor movie role, but the graduation performances of «the Class concert» and «Times change», in which Dino showed his skills. In the theater Ivan immediately got a role in a new production called «the Triumph of love».

    But fame and glory came to Chelyabinsk the young actor after his appearance on the screen. Especially generous was for Ivan Zhvakina 2013. The artist was seen in several projects. In the series «Glaciers» Vanya appeared as the translator of Maxim. Almost simultaneously on the television screens broadcast the TV series «All at once», where Many played the hero also bore the name of Maxim. Later the actor was invited to work in television series «memory of the heart» and «Dark world: Equilibrium».

    Rapid career rise of Ivan Zhvakina has occurred after the appearance in the youth series about a hockey team. It is the «Junior» made the Chelyabinsk known to a wide audience. Vanya played hero Alexander Kostrova, a charismatic and intelligent guy from a happy family, quit school at an elite educational institution for sport. His beloved in this tape plays Anna Mikhailovskaya. Serial rival – Vlad Kanopka. Love for the character was transformed into a huge liking to the actor. His army of admirers and fans after «Junior» has increased dramatically.

    As shared in an interview, Ivan Zhvakin, your first fee received for the game with the Junior team, he used to buy tablet mother. Son really wanted it and his half-brother Paul was able every day to communicate with him and learn the latest news.

    In 2014 Ivan Zhvakin went on to star in another season of the beloved series of millions of viewers «Junior». He also starred in the sequel to the other series of tapes, won the sympathy of fellow – «Dark world». A new project with your favorite artist, called «a distant Outpost» will please fans of Ivan in 2016.

    Ivan Zhvakin managed to take part in the television project «polyglot», which is broadcast on the channel «Culture». In the 3rd season of the transfer of Ivan, under the leadership of linguist Dmitry Petrov, along with other participants had in perfection to learn a foreign language in 16 lessons.

    Personal life

    In his student years Ivan Zhvakina has any affair with a girl named Valerie, who was studying on a parallel course. The feeling seemed real and sincere. Ivan even took Leroy to meet my mom, keeping in mind that this girl is his destiny. But after some time the couple broke up. According to rumors, the infidelity of the via Valeria.

    In June 2016, it became known that Ivan Zhvakin meets with actress Xenia lukyanchikova the star of the series «the Red Queen». For a long time, the pair had a relationship at a distance, but later she moved to Moscow.


    • «Indian Kingdom»
    • The team
    • «Freud’s Method»
    • «Glaciers»
    • «Drop dead diva»
    • «Snake’s nest»
    • Hicks
    • «These eyes opposite»
    • «Breaking the rules»
    • «Memory of the heart»


    Ivan Zhvakin

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