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  • Name: Ivan Volkov ( Volkov Ivan )
  • Date of birth: 14 August 1974
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 184
  • Activities: actor and composer
  • Marital status: married Kharitonova Lyudmila

    Ivan Volkov : biography

    Ivan Volkov belongs to the famous acting dynasty. His talented parents – Olga Volkova and Nikolai Volkov, known and loved by millions of viewers throughout the former Soviet Union.

    I think Ivan, who was born in August 1974 in Leningrad, have much choice in the question «who am I?» was not. He grew up behind the scenes. Mother often took him along on tour. The famous BDT turned to Volkov in the second home, where he knew every nook and cranny.

    Not surprisingly, Ivan has decided to pursue an acting dynasty. But first he showed musical ability. 8 years, the future actor studied at the boys ‘ chapel. He then graduated from the Leningrad pop school. But in 1994, Ivan Volkov realized that he needed to continue his education. He went to Moscow and entered the GITIS. In the capital, the van lived at the home of the father Nikolay Volkova, with whom my mother was short and informal marriage. Ivan became very close with my dad and his family.


    The creative biography of Ivan Volkov began in 1997. For the first time the artist appeared on stage in the Theatre, clown Vyacheslav Polunin. In the same year he, along with colleague Nikolai Roschin has created acting and directing community theater (A. G. T. A.). Over time it grew into a state institution, which was named «Moscow theatre «, A. G. T. O.»

    In 2001 Ivan Volkov appeared on the stage of the legendary «Contemporary», which successfully debuted in the play «Three sisters».

    Ivan considers himself to be more theatrical than the actor. The capital’s theatre-goers remember his fine work in productions of «the School of fools», «Philoctetes», «Savva. Ignis sanat» and many others.

    The passion for music resulted in a fruitful work: Ivan Volkov known as a great composer. He writes music for theatrical performances.

    The cinematic career of the actor began much later than the theatrical. In the first decade after GITIS wolves appeared only in one of the major roles he played the main character of a musical picture Eugenia Serova «new adventures». It is noteworthy that in this film, Ivan first met on the set with her mother, who was played by his aunt.

    The next major role went to Ivan Nikolaevich Volkov in 2006. Audiences and critics warmly welcomed the actor in the image of astronomer Peter Yablokov in the melodrama «Will be on you.» After this film was showered with offers to star on the artist, as from a cornucopia. Until 2012, he starred in several excellent films, the most striking of which is a mystery «Other», drama, «the Life that was not» detective series «CID. Simple guys-1», Thriller, «Dead daughters», a popular melodrama «Tatyana’s day» and «the Milkmaid from hatsapetovki».

    Over the years, Ivan Volkov is becoming more like his father. And not only externally, but also game style. He is also thoughtful and a little distant from the Madding crowd. He plays a deeply decent, a little sad heroes and philosophers. As such, the audience saw Volkov in his new paintings melodrama «Mom getting married» and two action-Packed TV series «the Executioner» and «the Spider», where he played a KGB major.

    Personal life

    Special attention to the personal life of Ivan Volkov explains his marriage to a famous actress Chulpan Khamatova. They got married very young. But this student marriage lasted 7 years. In 2002, the couple divorced. This happened immediately after the birth of their total daughter Arina.

    Personal life Ivan Volkov was adjusted in 2003. He married his former classmate Olesya Yakovleva. Rumor has it that some kind of romantic spark slipped between a pair of in his student days, but he opted for Chulpan. And in 2003, when wolves and Yakovlev went on tour in Germany with a production of «the Beekeepers», once lit suddenly flashed a spark. To this marriage was born a son, George.

    But the couple broke up after 5 years of marriage.

    In 2011, Volkov was married a third time. And once again the actress. Lyudmila Kharitonova bore her husband a second daughter, whom the couple named Alexandra.


    • «New adventures»
    • «Be on you»
    • «Dead daughters»
    • «Other»
    • «CID. Simple guys»
    • «Tatyana’s day»
    • «Milkmaid of hatsapetovki 2: call the fate»
    • «Mom’s getting married»
    • «The executioner»
    • «Spider»


    Ivan Volkov

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