Ivan Urgant

photo by Ivan Urgant

  • Name: Ivan Urgant ( Ivan Urgant )
  • Date of birth: 16 April 1978
  • Age: 38 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 195
  • Activities: actor, TV presenter, entertainer, musician
  • Marital status: married

    Ivan Urgant: biography

    Favorite entertainer and comedian of the Russians Ivan Andreevich Urgant was born in April 1978 in Leningrad. He is called, was doomed to become a popular artist. Because grandparents and parents Ivana – known artists. Grandpa Leo Milinder was an actor of Comedy Theatre of St. Petersburg. Grandmother Nina Urgant all the older and middle generation of the country knows the legendary film «Belorussian station». She also was an actress of the Alexandrinsky theatre. Mother of Ivan Valeria Kiseleva is an artist. Father Andrey Urgant, host and actor.

    A year after the birth of Ivan the parents split up. Officially terminate the marriage is not had since he was a civilian. Kiseleva soon married a second time. Her husband is actor Dmitry Ladygin. Vanya had two sisters.

    The closest relative of the boy was his grandmother Nina, whom he sometimes even called the mother, although more often just by name. The woman loved her grandson and giving him a wonderful and unexpected gifts. Nina Urgant was also a fate similar to the fate of the mother of Ivan. Her husband left her when her son, Andrew (the future father of Ivan) is barely a year old. So the understanding between a grandmother and grandson was complete.

    Ivan Urgant is another sister who was born from father’s second marriage. Now she lives together with her mother in Holland.

    After graduating from high school Ivan entered the St. Petersburg Academy of theatre arts where he was accepted on 2-nd course. Urgant debut on stage was in the play «Macbeth», where an aspiring artist appeared together with Alisa Freundlich.


    In 90-e years, at the end of high school theater, Ivan began to look for himself. You have a budding artist had many different talents. He was seriously fond of music, played several instruments, including guitar, flute, piano and percussion. (Late Urgant, Maxim Leonidov even released a CD together called «Star»). But I guess the music lessons ended.

    In addition to the game, Ivan Urgant played the role of entertainer and host in various St. Petersburg clubs and bars. It is perfectly improvised, witty jokes, and every evening easily turned into a celebration. Ivan tried his hand and on television. On one of the Leningrad TV he conducted the information program «Petersburg courier».

    There is a biography of Ivan Urganta and work on radio. At first he worked in the Studio is not very well known «Super-radio». Then moved on to «Russian radio», after which briefly worked on «Hit FM». Awareness of musical trends and the profession of the actor, who had besides some experience on television, noticed in the capital MTV. Urgant moves to Moscow and becomes the host of the show «Cheerful morning», where he works together with Olga Shelest and Anton by Komolova.

    In 2003, Ivan Andreevich Urgant, co – presenter fekly Tolstoy in «the national actor» broadcast by the TV channel «Russia». Audience sympathy soon endure as an artist and a Joker on the top of the nomination «Opening of year». It was from then on open the doors to fame and popularity for the Petersburg actor. Ivan becomes a welcome guest in famous night clubs of the capital.

    In 2005 Urgant was invited to conduct the program «the Big premiere» at the «First channel». Further – more. Ivan becomes the face of the «First» after the appearance of the project «Spring with Ivan Urgant» and «Circus with stars». Soon a new projects «one-Storey America», «Wall to wall», «Smak» and «Big difference». Everywhere Ivan Urgant – the center of attention.

    Special love won artist and leading after the release of the humor show «ProjectorParisHilton». Often in shows appear very well-known people, often Hollywood stars. Urgant always witty and charming.No less popular and his show «Evening Urgant».

    Very often the actor is the lead in various concerts and festivals. Often it is paired with another star. In 2010, Ivan Urgant together with Ksenia Sobchak led the award ceremony Muz-TV. And together with Vladimir Pozner, he was the leading project of the «Tour de France», «Their Italy», «England in particular», and also launched in 2016, transmission «Jewish happiness».


    A cinematic biography of Ivan Urganta not so great, but it is the movies who have watched almost every domestic viewer.

    Debut pictures of Urgant was the film «180 cm and above» Alexander Strizhenova, «He, she and me» by Konstantin Khudyakov. They were followed by the romantic film «Three and a snowflake», where Ivan starred in the title role.

    Sea of love and audience sympathy he received after the release of the Christmas film «Christmas Tree» and its two sequels. But a special place in cinematic biography Urgant takes a picture «Vysotsky. Thank God I’m alive», released in 2011.

    Personal life

    The first time the stars married at a very young age, 18 years. Despite the protests of family, his wife Karina getting Avdeeva, the girl he met at a party. Already in half a year the young couple realized that their marriage was a mistake. To live young that both Neustroev, without a permanent job and income. After their divorce, Karina left the name of the stars, but quickly married.

    The second marriage of Ivan Urgant was a civilian. With journalist and TV presenter Tatyana Gevorkyan, a novel which pushed Ivan to move to the capital, he lived long enough. Fans of the couple waited for the wedding, but the lovers parted.

    During the filming of the picture «Three and Snezhinka» the actor happened a fleeting affair with Emilia Spivak. Later the pair again met at the filming of the other paintings, including his «Stay».

    Now Ivan Urgant officially married to a former schoolmate Natalia Kiknadze. For Natalia it is a second marriage. In the first she bore a daughter, Eric, which has warm relations with Ivan.

    In 2008, Ivan Urgant appeared first daughter, which he called Nina in honor of his beloved grandmother. September 21, 2015 Natalia Kiknadze gave birth to a second daughter. The parents decided to call her Valeria. That was the name of the mother of Ivan, who died February 1, 2015, before the age of birth of the second granddaughter for more than six months.


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    Ivan Urgant with his father and grandmother

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