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  • Name: Ivan Telegin ( Ivan Telegin )
  • Date of birth: 28 February 1992
  • Age: 24 years
  • Place of birth: Novokuznetsk
  • Height: 193
  • Activities: hockey
  • Marital status: Married Pelagia

    Ivan Telegin: biography

    Ivan Telegin is a Russian ice hockey right winger of the club Continental hockey League «CSKA». Played six games for the youth national team of Russia and in 2016 the first was called under the banner of the main team of the country.

    He was born in Novokuznetsk, and from an early age was fascinated by hockey. The stadium drove his father, a supporter of local Novokuznetsk «metallurg». When the boy was old enough to stand up on skates, he was admitted in children’s and youth sports school of this club.

    In kid Ivan very quickly took the leading position, sometimes led his team to the platform as a captain. Playing for the Junior team of «metallurg», Telegin was the winner of international tournaments in Poland, Finland and Switzerland, and also winner of many other competitions.


    In spring 2009, Ivan Telegin, together with Novokuznetsk «metallurg» became the champion of Russian championship for 17-year-old, and then decides to try himself abroad. It for its own account buys a contract the home club and went to North America. There, John falls into a part of the youth team «Saginaw Spirit», which plays in the regional League of Canada, and holds on to her two distinct seasons. His play allowed the guy to get into the Team of young stars.

    This success sparked the interest of the young athlete from the scouts of the American club of NHL «Atlanta Trashers». They chose Telegin in the draft, and the Russians even held a training camp with the first team, but the following season played in the canadian club «Barry the colts», again in the League for young players. This year, according to the player, was the best in his youth career.

    When «Atlanta Trashers» moved to Canada and changed its name to «the Winnipeg jets» they were going to use a promising striker in the first team, but decided to «run» him to the League of lower class. Telegin spent a season in farm-club «the St. Johns Iscaps», where the first played very well, but then because of offensive injuries, missed several months. Moreover, the opponent was struck from behind, causing deliberate injury to unsuspecting hockey player, because of what Ivan was a strong concussion.

    And then there was a scandal – «Winnipeg» decided that Telegin will not be restored, so in its place took a new player, and it wanted to send in rent, although the age of the guy is not allowed to play for the juniors. Russian hockey player was so upset that he Packed up and left for Russia. Due to the fact that a transfer sheet belonged to the canadian club, who announced the guy suspended for a year he had no right to play hockey and even exercise with serious partners. Only in 2014, Ivan was able to make a name for Moscow «CSKA», for which 24-year-old striker is still playing, bringing many benefits to the new club.

    The Russian team things is weaker. Ivan Telegin was a candidate for a trip to the 2011 world Championships, but due to the same injury missed these competitions. The following year he played for the national team under 21 and became the silver medalist of the world youth championship. In February of 2016 Ivan Telegin was first called to the national team of Russia for participation in the Czech stage of the Euro tour.

    Personal life

    At the end of 2013 Ivan Telegin in a nightclub I met a girl named Eugenia, who in this place performed outright dancing. Young people began to live together, and a few years later, more precisely in February of 2016, they had a son mark. But the baby did not strengthen the relationship of Ivan and Eugene, and the young men parted.

    In the spring of 2016, it became known that Ivan Telegin is found with Pelageya, Hanaway, better known as the singer Pelageya, teacher of the popular music show «the Voice. Children.» A couple have seen many times together in restaurants and other places, the girl began to attend hockey matches «CSKA» and the athlete «lit up» on the set of the show «the Voice. Children.»

    16 June 2016 Pelagia and Ivan Telegin, according to the magazine «StarHit», got married in Kutuzovsky registry office of Moscow. The ceremony was attended by only relatives and friends of the couple. Wedding Pelagia and Telegin are not publicized. After the wedding the couple went to the restaurant, and then flew to Greece.

    Photo: «StarHit»

    21 January 2017 Ivan Telegin and Pelagia became parents. The couple had a daughter Taisiya.


    Ivan Telegin

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