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  • Name: Ivan Solovyov ( Solovyov Ivan III )
  • Date of birth: 20 February 1988
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Kaliningrad
  • Height: 178
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status: married

    Ivan Solovyov : biography

    Young actor Ivan Solovyov, whose star is rising rapidly in recent years, was born in February 1988 in Kaliningrad. Among his relatives there people in the arts. Mom worked construction as a foreman, making estimates and ensuring the construction process, the father collected furniture. There were no signs of emergence in the family Soloviev artist. However, about this profession, Ivan had dreamed of since early childhood.

    The boy was drawn to art in 6 years. He accidentally heard the music of the unknown girls on the piano. Ivan was so fascinated that he shared with his mother his huge desire to learn to play as well. Mom listened to the son and took him to music school. Fortunately, the class that recorded the Ivan Solovyov, was musical theater. And boy not only mastered a musical instrument, but also began to learn the basics of acting. The game in Amateur theatricals is so strongly captured him, and soon Vanya knew exactly where to go to learn after school.

    In high school Ivan Solovyov began seriously to prepare for admission to College theater. To this end, he enrolled in drama school, «Stop.» It is known that here at the time was engaged in a talented countrymen Ivan Artem Tkachenko, Olga and Tatiana Arntgolts.

    In 2005 Ivan Solovyov arrived in the capital and the first try arrived in VGIK. Commission, the young man conquered his natural charm and musicality. Mentor of the future artist was Vladimir Grammatikov.


    To demonstrate acting skills Ivan Solovyov could already in his student years. Graduation performances «Three Sisters», «Last» and «notes of Larionov» showed that the guy’s definitely got talent. In all these productions of Vanya were involved in the lead roles.

    But most of all, the young actor remembered after the premiere literary performances Yulia grenaway the «Third». It told about the poets of the Silver age. Solovyov got images of Boris Pasternak and Sergei Yesenin. The show has been so successful that several years went on the Old Arbat.

    A cinematic biography of Ivan Solovyov, too, started in his student years. The actor made his debut 8-episode detective the «Agreement.» Here he got a tiny role. But soon went to the projects in which Solovyov was invited to play a more prominent role. An example would be a 12-episode melodrama «Hate».

    Immediately after graduation in 2009, the career of Ivan Solovyov continued rapid development. Resilient Emelya from the musical fairy tale «adventures in the fairy Kingdom», brave Paul cat in the crime series «Lynx», a charming Nikita from the melodrama of the everyday life of the inhabitants of communal apartments «Our neighbors». In all these films Ivan Solovyov played very different characters, demonstrating the skill of reincarnation.

    Very bright and distinctive role went to a young actor in the drama of Nikolai Dostal «Split». It is a historical film about heavy and badly lit period of the country’s history – the schism of the Orthodox Church in the XVII century. Ivan Solovyov appeared in the form of Prince Fedor Alekseevich, where he handled more than adequately. The actor has once again demonstrated that he is versatile and can cope with work in a variety of genres.

    Then followed a number of popular TV shows that love to see the audience of Russia and former CIS countries. In «the Method Laurel» Ivan Solovyov played a tattoo artist Oleg Brykin. In the action-Packed youth film «Gamers» and «On the wings» he got the role of risk teenagers. And in the military drama «good-bye, boys,» the audience was sincerely worried about his character cadet Yuri Kholodov.

    From the latest popular TV series, where he played Ivan Solovyov and loved by the viewers, it can be noted melodrama, «Equation of love», «Bad blood» and «Ask the autumn.»

    In 2016, the screens will be released film that will surely appreciate by the audience. This project Lilia Trofimova «the Principle of Tallion». It is about the complexity of the new young generation. The problems faced by the adult children. A lack of understanding of parents and lack of love. Ivan Solovyov (III) will be among the protagonists of the series.

    Personal life

    The career of the young actor is growing rapidly. His employment in the theatre and on set is huge. However, in social networks write that the personal life of Ivan Solovyov is quite satisfied. 28-year-old actor married. This, perhaps, exhausted all the details. Ivan prefers to avoid all conversations about personal, considering that the audience most important thing is his skill.


    • «Visyaki»
    • «Hate»
    • «I will return»
    • «Adventures in the Fairy Kingdom»
    • «The boomerang from the past»
    • «Lynx»
    • «The route of mercy»
    • «Gamers»
    • «Split»
    • «The Principle Of Retaliation»
    • «Ask autumn»


    Ivan Solovyov

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