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  • Name: Ivan Skobrev ( Ivan Skobrev )
  • Date of birth: 8 February 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Khabarovsk
  • Height: 187
  • Activities: skater, Honored master of sports of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Ivan Skobrev: the biography

    Famous in Russia and far beyond its borders skater Ivan Skobrev was born 8 February 1983 in Khabarovsk. Sports future he has determined our destiny, because his parents were athletes. The mother – candidate master of sports in speed skating, the head teacher at the sports school. And his father became the first coach Ivan.

    Family Skobrev friendly and cheerful. Since childhood parents took his son with him on the charges. Surrounded by athletes boy was formed as a person. He first started skating when he was three years old. Mom did not share his son’s Hobbies, considering his interest in the sport mischief. She knew the seamy side of sports life in my experience, so I wanted to son was. Father, on the contrary, was ready to give all the money to the boy was a good skate.

    In addition to the school, Ivan studied with Tutors in English and other subjects. He was a good student, but as a child decided he would become an athlete.

    When he was 15 years old, my parents emigrated to America. Skobrev never considered himself to be thrown: parents supported him from the ocean, and there was always the godfather and the godmother.

    12 years old Ivan most of the time spent on collecting and competitions. The coach spoke about John as outgoing and open guy. Life without parents — a serious test for teenager, but Ivan Skobrev is hardened. The lack of control by parents was not relaxed, and disciplined.


    To train seriously Skobrev began at the age of 12. At such a young age he has already won silver at the world championship among juniors. Best of all he was given at a distance of 500 and 1500 meters, and also all-around. Trained the future champion Alexander Kalinin. In recognition of Ivan, the trainer brought in this person and athlete at the same time. The training took place in Cherepovets, and then the skater moved to Saint Petersburg.

    In 2003, Ivan Skobrev won the championship of Russia in the all-around. He is confident that this victory gave him the road to the European and world Championships. In 2004, the Russian skater set a personal record at three distances and became the first among the compatriots finished in the top five. With the European Championships followed by the world Championships, where Skobrev took the 9th place.

    In 2006, a skater in the Russian team participated in the winter Olympic games which were held in Turin. And again he set a personal record, breaking the 10 kilometers in 13 minutes.

    In 2008 at the Olympic winter games in Canada Ivan Skobrev won silver and bronze medals. After these victories he turned to Italian coach Maurizio Marchetto and began to prepare for the Olympics in Sochi. Unfortunately, to win prizes skater failed.

    Personal life

    Ivan is happy with his wife Jadwiga Gorbova. The couple has two sons Philip and Daniel.

    The athlete met with Jadwiga still in their Teens, both originally from Khabarovsk. As Ivan Skobrev, the girl worked in the section of skaters, where they met. Then the boy was 13, his attentions were focused on how would stop in her ball. When both grew up, got into a serious relationship. It was his first young love, but it lasts, in recognition of the skater, until now.

    Jadwiga horbova filed sports hopes — won the championship of Russia among juniors, wanted to go to the Olympics in Turin, but left her career for family. She went to University and got a diploma of a fashion designer. When Jadwiga was 23 years old and Ivan was 24, they moved to Moscow.

    Their first son Philip was born in 2010 in America. Pregnant yadwiga was at the meeting with her husband, and his training took place near the hospital where she had to give birth. In 2013 was born the second son.

    Wife is sympathetic to the constant business trips, training camps and competitions men. Before the birth of her sons she always went with Ivan Skobrev to camps and competitions. But today, it is not always possible — sometimes a couple have to communicate on Skype. Jadwiga horbova with children living in the United States.

    But the holidays and the rare weekend Skobrev tries to spend with his family. The athlete does not spend money: it can easily «assemble the party», as he says, to order plane tickets, pay for a hotel and invite all the family to Phuket or other exotic resort.


    Ivan Skobrev

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