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  • Name: Ivan Shibanov ( Ivan Shibanov )
  • Date of birth: 6 July 1976
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Novosibirsk
  • Activities: actor
  • Family: Married Olga Pavlovets

    Ivan Shibanov biography

    Ivan Shibanov was born in July 1976 in Novosibirsk. Since childhood the future actor saw himself in the art: he studied plastic arts, photography, music and ballroom dancing. However, if the guy thought that he would become a great artist. He even took special art courses after school. And just one day before enrolling at drama school, his plans for life suddenly changed – he decided to become an actor.

    Decided so decided. After drama school was the Novosibirsk state theatre Institute (graduated in 1996), and then GITIS (graduated in 2000). Even back in 1990 a young man enrolled in the Novosibirsk academic youth theatre «Globus», where Ivan is every year performed more serious roles to more serious performances. In his repertoire were «Profitable» and «twelfth night» and «Kingdom of earth» and «the Happy beggars,» and whatnot.

    Ivan Shibanov theater

    Not surprisingly, in 1999, the young and interesting actor is one of the Metropolitan Directors. Shibanov received an invitation to the theater named Gogol. Not to say that the proposal actor was met with great joy. He hesitated whether to leave his native city to Moscow. But finally decided.

    In eight years on the stage, was successfully held 6 performances with the participation of Ivan: «Black milk», «Get to Milan,» «Life in the theater», «Roman with cocaine», «the Story of a soldier» and «the Notebook of Trigorin». For the role of Soldier in «soldier’s Story» actor 2002 he received the prize of them. V. I in the nomination «the Best debut on Moscow stage.» In the same period, he appeared on the stage of Riga Russian drama theatre in «the Seagull» by Chekhov. Two independent theatrical project also expressed a desire to cooperate with Shibanova «international» in Switzerland and «Independent» in Russia.

    March 1, 2007, Ivan became a member of the troupe of the theater of Oleg Tabakov. «The resurrection. Super», «Under the blue sky», «Process», «Olesya», «Crazy day or the marriage of Figaro» — this is not a complete list of performances with his participation, brilliant performances over the years.

    Ivan Shibanov movies

    In 2001, Shibanov first appeared on the screens as an actor of the series. Debut for it has become a telenovela series «Rostov-Papa», which is kind of a remake of the classic love and dramatic scenes, United by one scene — a famous city on the river don. Since then he received about fifteen roles in movies and TV series.

    The most famous is the «Last minute», «Dark world: Equilibrium», «side of the moon», a historical adventure film «the Servant Gosudarev» and a soap Opera called «Heart of Mary». In 2008, Ivan has acted as the Director of the film «montekristo».

    In the fall of 2015 will be released the long-awaited second season of the popular series «the other side of the moon», where Ivan Shibanov will again appear before the audience as a red-haired maniac.

    Ivan Shibanov: personal life

    In 2010, Ivan married the Russian actress Olga Pavlovets. After some time, the couple had a son Makar. Their free time, the actor prefers to spend with his wife and son.

    Ivan Shibanov: filmography

    • Rostov-Papa
    • Far from sunset Boulevard
    • Special prison
    • Servant
    • Hunters for caravans
    • Last minute
    • Heart Of Mary
    • Notes of the Secret Chancellery forwarder-2
    • Steep banks
    • Side of the moon
    • The cure for death
    • Mary-in-law
    • Dark world: Equilibrium
    • Leopard and lalka
    • Practice

    Ivan Shibanov:photo

    Ivan Shibanov

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