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  • Name: Ivan Rudskoy ( Eeoneguy )
  • Date of birth: 19 January 1996
  • Age: 21 years
  • Born in annovka, Ukraine
  • Height: 178
  • Activity: run
  • Marital status: not married

    Ivan rudskoy: biography

    Eeoneguy, whose real name is Ivan rudskoy is a popular Ukrainian video blogger, one of the leaders among Russian-speaking audience of YouTube. His video channel It is known as the fastest growing entertainment service.

    He was born in the Ukrainian village annovka exactly to the day of the great Orthodox holiday of Epiphany. In honor of John the Baptist’s parents called the boy Ivan. Five years later, the family appeared and-sisters of Daria and Sophia.

    Ivan already three years could not only speak fluently, but also read children’s books, and with the help of the Pope was trying to learn English. Parents don’t want to waste any time and tried to define Vanya in the first grade already at 5 years of age, but the school turned them down. Therefore, only a year rudskoy with his peers went to gnaw granite science, and the learning was easy for him.

    After Ivan Junior school the family moved to Dnipropetrovsk. The boy got into a prestigious school, and in parallel started to study in music school on guitar and vocals, and joined the judo section. Around the same time, the teenager began to actively explore the computer. But he was attracted not only fun and games. For example, it is fast enough and at a high level have mastered the skills of working in Photoshop. Wondering what to draw on paper Ivan never liked, but computer graphics have caught him.

    In 13 years as first visits to the popular video portal YouTube. At first he was only a spectator, but after a few years the young men comes up with the idea to start to create their own videos.


    The first video was born, when Ivan rudskoy studied in the 11th grade. It was a musical composition «the nerd Song». Made her Amateur video brought him a popularity among classmates, after all, the song touched on the topical issue of adolescent dependence on computer games.

    In 2013, Ivan registers on YouTube personal channel It. First, there are laid out reviews and personal opinion about video games. The first video is called «Another look at Minecraft». Large audience these videos are not bring, and rudskoy on the advice of his friend, Roman filchenkova, better known as the blogger MrLololoshka, begins to create entertaining scenes in the style of Swedish gamer PewDiePie and elrubiusOMG Spanish blogger.

    The humor of Ivanka aimed at high schoolers and is very popular among the younger generation. At the moment, his channel has over 7 million subscribers, meaning it has overtaken the most popular blogger max golopolosov and his show «+100500». Moreover, the number of fans of Ivan is growing regularly.

    Personal life

    Acquaintance of Ivan Rudskoy and Maryana Rozhkova, also known blogers under the name of Mariana Ro, it turned out completely random. The girl saw a photo of Ivan, but was sure it was some kind of a Western teenager. On his page in the social network she has placed his portrait, and a fan Rudskoy has informed him about this here love girls from Japan.

    A while Ivan and Mariana communicated only through the Internet, and in April 2015 the young man went to the Japanese city of Sapporo, where his girlfriend lives with his parents 9 years. After a while they are together with Mariana moved to Moscow.

    Incidentally, among the fans of this couple one time was «reliable» rumor that bloggers got married. Actually it is not so: there was no wedding, and the joke was initiated by lovers. Later among fans was other information. If Ivan was to meet with Sasha Spielberg. But it was only gossip.

    By the way, Ivan rudskoy and has not received higher education. He left the second year of University, as it considered it more appropriate to concentrate on the channel in u-tube. It should be noted that Eeoneguy, unlike most of the other help, it is not advertise third-party products, although similar proposals he receives on a regular basis. Their failures, the young man argued that he didn’t want to praise the goods he is not thought to be proper.


    Ivan Rudskoy

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