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  • Name: Ivan Rudakov ( Ivan Rudakov )
  • Date of birth: 19 October 1978.
  • Age: 38 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Growth: 182
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: divorced

    Ivan Rudakov: biography

    Actor Ivan Rudakov increasingly appearing on the national screen. The audience he is known primarily for the popular TV series «TSyganochka with an exit» and «Yasmine».

    Ivan Rudakov, a native Muscovite. He was born in October 1978 in a family of actors Alexei Rudakov and Elena Nikolaeva. Accordingly, his childhood and teenage years were marked by movies». At home parents talk about filming and new roles. And the studios kinopavilonah from childhood turned the boy into something familiar and everyday. Here he felt at home.

    After receiving a high school diploma, Ivan Rudakov became a student of VGIK. Did the first attempt and was accepted to the talented artist and teacher, Vsevolod Nikolaevich Shilovsky, opened more than a dozen young talents.

    Besides cinema Ivan was interested in music, which today remains one of his strongest passions. In his student years Rudakov even formed an underground rock band named «Seven». He now is a soloist.


    A cinematic biography of Ivan Rudakov started in 2005 when the actor was 27 years old. It debuted with a rather large and memorable role in the musical drama film «Pop», playing a rock singer and sex symbol of Power Boytsova. To transform into this character Ivan was not difficult, because he knew that such a scene, and rock music.

    After 2 years career actor continued with a film «Vanechka», the filming of which Ivan Rudakova had to make efforts to become a priest. And in 2008, the actor appeared in the drama «the Girl» and the TV series «TSyganochka with an exit». The latest project has received particularly high ratings. Rudakova has got a key role – the Gypsy Sandor. This work brought him enormous popularity and the love of the audience. And his army of fans has doubled, so magnetically attractive was his character Sandor.

    After this career of Ivan Rudakov began to develop rapidly. 4-serial melodrama «do Not deny loving» he played a key role.

    Was successful and the project «Faith. Hope. Love», «Only male», «Twenty years without love» and «I’ll never forget.» It is noteworthy that in all these tapes Rudakova managed brilliantly to transform into various heroes, among whom were both negative and positive.

    The growing skill of the actor said domestic Directors. The main roles in the filmography of Ivan Rudakov becoming more and more. Among the most memorable projects in recent years, in which the key characters played Rudakov, the audience emit ribbon «Search for mother» and «Yasmine».

    In 2016 fans of the talent of Ivan Rudakov will see a favorite artist in the dramatic film «the Commissar».

    Personal life

    With his wife, a wonderful actress Laura Keosayan, Ivan Rudakov met on the set of the melodrama «TSyganochka with an exit». Laura played the main character, hand and heart which sought the character of Ivan.

    Love at first sight does not arise. The feeling came when the young people during filming in Kaluga looked to each other carefully. After returning to Moscow, the couple got married. Initially, their family life was happy. On the set of the TV series «Sklifosovsky» Laura learned of her pregnancy. As the heroine of the tape, she had a girl whom happy parents named Seraphim.

    But the feelings passed, and to live by inertia couple didn’t want. Rudakov and Keosayan broke up, but managed to maintain friendly relations.

    Today the personal life of Ivan Rudakov, it seems, is getting better. The artist has a girlfriend, but the name has not yet calls.

    In his spare time the actor engaged in music and loved diving.


    • «Pop»
    • «Ivanko»
    • «TSyganochka with an exit»
    • «Do not deny loving»
    • «Faith. Hope. Love»
    • «Twenty years without love»
    • «Search for mother»
    • Yasmine
    • The «kitchen»
    • «Commissar»


    Ivan Rudakov

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