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  • Name: Ivan Reon ( Iwan Rheon )
  • Date of birth: 13 may 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Carmarthen, Wales, UK
  • Height: 173
  • Activity: British actor, singer and songwriter
  • Marital status: not married

    Ivan Reon: biography

    The Brit with the Russian name Ivan and surname Reon was born in the English port town of Carmarthen in the County of Wales. His parents were ordinary office workers. Ivan was the second child at the time of his birth the couple Reon grew up the son Aled.

    In 1990-m to year the family moved to Cardiff – capital of Wales, to empower adolescent children. In Cardiff he went to school, which was theatre. The boy gladly took part in Amateur theatricals.

    Ivan Reon
    Ivan Reon | VK

    In addition, he had another passion – music. In 16 years of Reon not only was accepted to the music group The Convictions, but also began to write and perform own songs.

    After the participation of Ivan in prestigious national literary and music festival, the scales are finally bent in the direction of the acting profession. Reon went to London and entered the Academy of music and dramatic art.


    After graduation, the young actor was adopted at the Liverpool theatre Royal. Soon he was entrusted with a significant role in the play «Eight miles high». A year later, Ivan Reon was celebrated in the popular musical «Spring awakening», a game in which he was awarded a prestigious theatre award, Laurence Olivier.

    A cinematic biography of Ivan Reon started in 2004 with an episode of Wales in the old melodrama, «the People of the valley» which leaves on screens since 1974.

    The popularity of talented British came only in 2009, when fellow, and then foreign viewers saw the series of «Bad» (another name – «the Dregs»). Reon appeared here together with famous actors Robert Sheehan, Lauren Juice, Antonia Thomas and Nathan Caretta. He was entrusted to play one of the key characters – Simon.

    Ivan Reon in the series
    Ivan Reon in the TV series «misfits» | Nibler.ru

    The story of six young criminals that was after a lightning supernatural powers, captivated millions of viewers. The hero, Ivan – Simon Bellamy – in the beginning of the series was the most quiet and inexpressive character, and a final project was perhaps the Central figure of the narrative.

    In 2012, the Briton played the main character in the feature film «Wasteland». Critics argue that this crime drama with a very modest budget has gathered a huge box office solely thanks to the talented artist. Immediately after the «Void» left another successful project – the film «Wild bill». And again, Reon appeared in the center of the plot.

    Despite some great projects, which starred Brit after «Waste», he was firmly associated with his hero Simon Bellamy. To ensure that the audience had other associations, he was able after participation in the famous TV series «Game of thrones». Since the release of the project, looking at Ivan, I remember now one of the main characters of the blockbuster – Ramsay Bolton. Reon brilliantly reincarnated into a cruel sadist who slaughters his victims with a smile.

    Ivan Reon in the series
    Ivan Reon in the TV series «Game of thrones» | full Movie.Ru

    Despite the negative connotation, the way Ramsey was the most vivid and memorable. Ivan Reon woke up resounding famous.

    After completion of the work in «Game of thrones» the British had stopped the great deals. He was involved in the acclaimed English TV series «the Sinners», as well as the films «Our girl» and «Sediment.» In 2016 released the 6 season of «Game of thrones», where again there was Ivan.

    It is noteworthy that the huge employment on the set did not prevent the Reon recording 5 albums which are very popular among music lovers.

    Personal life

    The British star has already over 30 but still single. Personal life Ivan Reon under the close supervision of the paparazzi, but to get something substantial they failed even once. There was talk of an alleged affair with actress Antonia Thomas at which Reon was shot in the Mess. But confirmation that there is no connection.

    Ivan Reon and Anthony Thomas
    Ivan Reon and Anthony Thomas | Usnisa

    Met Ivan at different social events with a charming colleague Sophie Turner. Later he was seen in the company Zoe Grisdale. But in addition to the appearance on the red carpet and tender glances of the other novels confirm not found.

    Perhaps this lack of compromising has pushed some fans to the conclusion that Ivan is gay. But Reon and here holds intrigue: says nothing, not denying and not confirming rumors.


    • «Misfits»
    • «Wasteland»
    • «Wild Bill»
    • «Rise»
    • «Grandma’s house»
    • «Resistance»
    • «In the suburbs»
    • «The secret life of a call girl»
    • «Game of thrones»
    • «Sinners»
    • «Sediment»


    • 2010 – «Tongue Tied»
    • 2011 – «Changing Times»
    • 2013 – «Bang! Bang!»
    • 2015 – «Dinard»


    Ivan Reon

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