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  • Name: Ivan Pyrev ( Ivan Pyriev )
  • Date of birth: 17 November 1901
  • Age: 66 years
  • Date of death: 7 Feb 1968.
  • Place of birth: village of Stone, Altai Krai
  • Activities: Director, screenwriter, actor, founder of the Union of cinematographers of Ukraine, people’s artist of the USSR
  • Marital status: married

    Ivan pyrev: biography

    Ivan Aleksandrovich pyreva know absolutely all the fans of the old Soviet cinema. He wrote scripts and produced some of the most famous pre-war paintings, such as «pig and shepherd», «Rich bride,» and «Tractor». Also on account of his great adaptation of the works of F. M. Dostoevsky «the Brothers Karamazov», «White nights» and «Idiot». Incidentally, he was one of the originators of «Mosfilm», but also put a lot of effort to create the Union of cinematographers. For his great contribution to the cultural life of the country of Ivan Alexandrovich was awarded the title of people’s artist of the USSR.

    Ivan pyrev in his youth
    Young Ivan pyreva

    Biography of Ivan pyreva began in the village of Stone of the Tomsk province. Now this town is called the town of Kamen-na-Obi. Ivan’s parents were peasants. The boy was only three years old when his father was killed in the fight. Therefore, in early childhood, the film remained in the care of his grandfather Osip Komogorova and in eight years began working as a shepherd. Mother, who immediately after the death of her husband went to work, he saw the next time only when he finished elementary school.

    Ivan Pyrev
    Photo by Ivan pyreva | nostalgia for the Soviet

    When the first three of the class remained behind, the mother took Ivan with him to the small town of Mariinsk. There she had a new husband, a fruit vendor by the name of Amirov. With his stepfather the way a particular language is not found, as her husband was often drunk, and in this condition became aggressive and climbed into the fray. These relationships eventually ended in a fight: tired of beating 14-year-old Ivan grabbed the axe, Amirov was frightened and ran to complain to the police. The future Director has decided that it is better to leave the family, sat in the military train and went to the front.

    Ivan Pyrev
    Photo by Ivan pyreva | Museum of the actress Lyubov Orlova

    In the First world war Ivan pyrev distinguished by great courage, was awarded the George cross 3 and 4 degrees. During the Civil war, the young man moved to the side of the red army. He started as an ordinary, but then became a political leader and agitator. The life of Ivan pyreva scored in Yekaterinburg, where he is, continuing to perform regular duties, he began to attend drama school and even acted in a professional troupe under the pseudonym of Altai, paying tribute to his native land. In the summer of 1921, the film sees the first performance of the theatre Moscow art theatre, a troupe which has arrived to Ural tour. The skill level of these actors so impressed the guy that he immediately sent to Moscow to learn this art.

    Ivan Pyrev
    Photo By Ivan Pyreva | LiveInternet

    Ivan ends up acting, and then directing Department of the State experimental theatrical Studio of St. E. Meyerhold and immersed in a cinematic work. But in addition to movies, the theater will be glorified and as publisher and editor of the magazine «cinema Art» and also as the Director of «Mosfilm», Director of the Higher courses for Directors and as the founder of the Union of cinematographers of the USSR.


    He graduated from the acting faculty of the theatre Studio, the film debuted on the screen in the title role in kinofilmen «the Diary of glumova». But in the process, Ivan knew that to lead the shots more interesting for him and again sits at his Desk, having trained to be a Director. First was an assistant Director and wrote scripts for films such as «the Third youth» and «Detached sleeves».

    Four years later, he finally managed to debut as independent Director with the melodrama «the strange woman», which was followed by the satirical Comedy «the Government official». Pyrev started working on a new painting, «the last Village», but was dismissed from the Studio for making movies, «does not meet the interests of the state». Ivan was unemployed. He briefly worked in Yerevan, but then returned to the capital and agreed to make their own anti-capitalist drama of the grotesque «Conveyor of death».

    Ivan Pyrev
    Near the camera, on the set of the film «the Party ticket» | Movie-theater

    Was politically biased and the next work, «the Party ticket», the enemy of Soviet power, which penetrates into the ranks of the activists. However, the Director was able to in the adventure-the political form of the addition of the inherent drama and even a detective tensions. The film gives Purevu the first Union success, but the management of «Mosfilm» was happy, Ivan goes to the Kiev film Studio. That’s where he finds himself in the genre of musical Comedy, which becomes a legendary Director.

    Ivan Pyrev
    With the actors of the film «pig and shepherd» | Movie-theater

    It is interesting that around the Comedy «the Rich bride» became the first among the very popular paintings pyreva, erupted serious scandal. Because starring was involved the actors of the Moscow Marina Ladynina and Fedor Kurikhin, and the secondary was mostly Ukrainian artists, the Committee on censorship managed to see the film’s nationalistic bias. Comedy laid on the shelf and maybe the films of Ivan Pyr never would have seen the light, and his career would have ended, but in 1938 the «Rich bride» revised personally by Joseph Stalin and was ordered to immediately release it.

    Ivan Pyrev
    With the actors of the film «Kubanskie Cossacks» | Movie-theater

    It was a resounding success, and Ivan, one after the other produces a musical romantic film «pig and shepherd», «Kuban Cossacks», «Tractor», «At six PM after the war», «Legend of the Siberian land». The audience loved this Comedy, although a lot of people in the family circle noted that in real life these cheerful and tireless workers are irrelevant. Interestingly, the Soviet audience were the most successful movies pyreva «Kuban Cossacks» and «swineherd and shepherd», and among foreigners spectacular success was the musical melodrama «the Legend of the Siberian land». It purchased for the show from 86 countries, and the Japanese in General thought the picture of the cult.

    Ivan Pyrev
    On set | Official website of Altai Krai

    After the war, the film creates a strong melodrama «loyalty Test», and processing the painting «Our mutual friend» and military drama «light of a distant star». But of special significance for the Director in his last years is the rethinking of creativity Fyodor Dostoevsky. Ivan takes a Grand film «the Idiot» and as lyrical in its dramatic cinematographic novel «White nights». The latest work pyreva was the film version of «the Brothers Karamazov», which, interestingly, is the latest work in Dostoevsky. The Director had to shoot two of the series, but the final part of the painting being finished already his friends, Mikhail Ulyanov and Kirill Lavrov, who themselves acted in the mini-series.

    Personal life

    In 1933, in the film «Conveyor of death», the Director meets with actress Ada Wojcik, which changed the status of the personal life of Ivan pyreva and became his first wife. He was born the son of Eric, but the child was unable to prevent Hell to leave her husband when he started having problems with the management of «Mosfilm». In addition, Ivan is torn between his feelings for his first wife and obvious sympathy for the star of his comedies, Marina Ladynina, who was the only person who supported pyreva in difficult times. As a result, the man opted for the Marina.

    Hell Wojcik I sin
    First wife Ada Wojcik and son

    Ladynina was with him for more than 20 years and all these years, remained consistently the main actress of his paintings. The couple had a son Andrew Ladynin, who later became a Director. Interestingly, pyrev and Ladynina got married officially only in 1955, and a year later they celebrated 20-year anniversary of living together. Soon, however, the family was ruptured. In the last joint film «loyalty Test» Marina played a woman who takes husband, and that role turned out to be prophetic. The fact that Ivan was fond of the young student, Lyudmila Marchenko, which was shot in «White nights». He left his wife for this girl, despite almost 40 years difference in age.

    Ivan pyrev and Ladynina Marina
    With his second wife Marina Ladynina and son Andrew | Facts and comments

    Ladynina, which at one time supported pyreva in his moments of collapse, could not forgive the betrayal and the end of life not supported him no relationship. Apparently, the woman said her ex-husband a lot of unpleasant words, as Ivan with the help of his authority, forbade the Directors to remove the Marina, and she was no longer in demand. However, the Director did not build happiness with Lyudmila Marchenko: her family was against this relationship, and she decided to accept the courtship of a young contender for her heart.

    Ivan Pyryev and Lyudmila Marchenko
    With a third sweetheart Lyudmila Marchenko | New fact

    The last Muse of the great Director has become a young actress Lionella Skirda. She became his legal wife, played in the movie pyreva «light of a distant star» and «the Brothers Karamazov» to the end of the days of Ivan Alexandrovich was devoted to him. Lionella later married the famous actor Oleg Strizhenova, with whom he still lives.

    Ivan Pyryev and Lionella Skirda
    With last wife Lionello Skirdow Puriefoy in the film «the Brothers Karamazov» | Movie-theater

    All the people who worked with old friend, noted that he was a man of intense temperament and emotion, but it is characterized by charm and attract people. However, on the set the Director was very strict, for which he received the nickname «Ivan the terrible».


    In recent years the Director has worked literally wear. The death of Ivan pyreva caught up on 7 February 1968, when he returned from filming «the Brothers Karamazov». Died Ivan in her sleep from another stroke. Further autopsy revealed that the man had in recent time, six heart attacks, and all six – feet, not stopping work on the film. Pyr was buried at the Novodevichy cemetery.

    Ivan pyrev monument
    Bust a Director in the city of Kamen-na-Obi, Altai Krai.

    His name was named one of the streets in Moscow, and the house Director, and kitchenware have established a memorial Board. But the greatest tribute to this glorious man had on his homeland, in the city of Kamen-na-Obi. There are street pyreva, and plaque in addition, the cinema «Star» bears his name, as well as on the embankment of the river residents of the city have established a bust of the great countryman.


    • 1936 — the Party ticket
    • 1937 — a Rich bride
    • 1939 — Tractor
    • 1941 the swineherd and the shepherd
    • 1944 — At 6 PM after the war
    • 1947 — the Legend of the Siberian land
    • 1949 — the Kuban Cossacks
    • 1954 — the Test of loyalty
    • 1964 — the Light of distant stars
    • 1968 — The Brothers Karamazov


    Ivan pyrev in his youth

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