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  • Name: Ivan Parshin ( Ivan Parshin )
  • Date of birth: 1 June 1973.
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status: married

    Ivan Parshin : the biography

    Ivan Parshin was born in June 1973 in the family of a famous actor, who later became the people’s artist of Russia Sergey Parshin. The mother of Ivan, also an actress. We can say, the son grew up backstage, breathing in the festive atmosphere of the theatre from the earliest years.

    In the childhood years of Ivan Parshin began to show acting talents and a lively interest in the theatre, cinema. Not to say that the parents welcomed these tendencies. But to let Ivan, they could not.

    Probably a crucial role in the formation of dreams Parshin, Jr. played his debut in one of the films which starred the father. Little Vanya had appeared in a tiny episode, but it was enough to feel special and attractive atmosphere that reigned on the set. Ivan ever fell in love with the profession of an actor and since then no other were nothing to him.

    Mom and dad never hid from the boy opposite sides of the acting profession, but these revelations are not as scared of Ivan Parshin to give up the dream. Knowing that parents don’t want to see him on the thorny path of the artist, Parshin, Jr., showed remarkable persistence. After school, he took the documents to the St. Petersburg state Academy of theatre arts have done just that. Parents had only to accept and make the choice Ivan.

    A few years Ivan Parshin learned the basics of the acting profession in the course of Dmitry Astrakhan. In 1996 he received a diploma of higher education.


    A year before graduating from Spbgati Ivan Parshin was accepted into the troupe of the Alexandrinsky theater in his native St. Petersburg. In this theatre once played by his parents. Debut role, the actor played in the plays «Winter’s tale» and «my Lady.» In the first production, he appeared in the form of Prince Florizel in the second played a romantic and mysterious Athos.

    Noticing the growing skill of the actor, a theater Director started to trust him a major role. «Hamlet», «Boris Godunov», «Inspector», «Flowers for Charlie» — in these performances, which took place on the famous stage of the theater, Ivan Parshin showed theatergoers a diversity of talent and a great ability to transform into different images.

    At the Alexandrinsky theater Ivan Parshin continues to work today, showing enviable constancy. The artist himself considers the theatre a priority, although it has become widely popular thanks to the cinema.


    A cinematic biography of Ivan Parshin began in his student years. For the first time viewers saw the young actor in the great melodrama Dmitry Astrakhan «You at me one». University mentor Parshin took his student to the role of each main character. Recall that the star roles in the film are played by Alexander Zbruev and Marina Neyolova. The film was released in 1993.

    The next film role went to Parshin only 6 years after the first. In 1999, Ivan Sergeevich Parshin very convincingly played a lover boy in the Comedy film «Love is evil…». His hero Kostya Semenov loved and remembered by the audience.

    I was in the break when Ivan Parshin has worked exclusively in the theatre. Again appear on the screen, he began in the 2000s. In the historical drama «poor, Poor Paul» Parshin played Valerian Zubov, while in the film «Era of Sagittarius» appeared in the image of Vladimir Zaslavsky. In the popular crime film «killing power» and «Streets of broken lights» actor played the role of the second plan. But that all changed in 2005 when he released the acclaimed TV series «Sea devils».

    Starring role of Lieutenant commander of special troops, nicknamed «Buffalo» made of Ivan Parshin really famous. In this project, the actor was involved in all seasons and starred until 2013.

    Recent works by Ivan S. Parshina in the film, which noted the increased attention of the audience, began romance «One you love», where he played the electricity of Eugene, the film «Lucky Pasha» (superintendent Simon), the historical drama «the Passion according to Chapa» (red commander Nikolay Zhukov, the TV shows «Load» and «single Again at all.»

    Great place in the career of Ivan Parshin took a job with the dubbing of films and cartoons, both domestic and foreign. Voice of the St. Petersburg artist is told the heroes of a popular cartoon «the Penguins of Madagascar», «hunting Season 2» and «Aladdin.» Parshin voiced picture «salt», «Teleport», «Men in black 3,» «Armageddon,» «pearl Harbor» and many others. The total number of announced projects exceeds one hundred.

    In 2002, Ivan Parshin took part in two films from the DVD project «the Legend of p. P. Bazhov», «Stone flower» and «malachite box».

    Personal life

    A long time actor looking for his soul mate, and dreamed about true love and strong family. In the late 1990s, that dream has finally come true, and fate gave the artist meeting Venus. That was the name of the girl that Ivan fell in love at first sight. Their passionate affair soon ended with a wedding, which the couple invited only the closest relatives and friends.

    In 1998 was born the long-awaited baby son Nicholas. Ivan Parshin proved to be a surprisingly good father. He was swaddled Kohl and tried to spend as much time as possible with my son.

    And in 2001, the family of the artist there was a new joyful event – born daughter Eugenia. Now Parshin considers itself to be the happiest person who has achieved all dreamed about: he has a job where he was able to realize themselves, and a family favorite.

    Personal life of Ivan Parshin is his children and beautiful wife Venus. The spouses do not exclude the birth of a third child, which is a long time dream.


    • «You have only one»
    • «Love is evil…»
    • «Deadly force»
    • «Poor, poor Paul»
    • «Sea devils»
    • «Foundry, 4»
    • «The passion according to Chapa»
    • «A trap for the General»
    • «The plague»
    • «Beaver»


    Ivan Parshin

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