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  • Name: Ivan Okhlobystin ( Ivan Okhlobystin )
  • Date of birth: 22 July 1966
  • Age: 50 years
  • Place of birth: Polenovo, Tula oblast, Russia
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: actor, Director, writer, satirist, playwright, journalist
  • Marital status: married Oksana Arbuzova

    Ivan Okhlobystin: biography

    Ivan Okhlobystin is a popular Russian actor, script writer, writer, journalist, playwright, and clergyman of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC). Now Ivan Okhlobystin extremely well-known not only in Russia but also abroad — such popularity due to the multifaceted creativity, and political statements Okhlobystin. Despite their deep religiosity, Ivan asked the ROC to temporarily restrict service for him, because now he is actively involved in writing and filming.

    Ivan Okhlobystin
    A photo of actor | Movie-Theater.RU

    The future of the super popular character of Russian show-business Ivan Okhlobystin was born on 22 July 1966-year in the Tula region — official sources as field Office point holiday house «Polenovo». The parents of the future actor was a huge age difference — nearly half a century. Ivan’s mother was a student, had just reached the age of majority. The children of her husband from a previous marriage, was much older. Perhaps that is why the marriage quickly disintegrated. When Ivan was young, his father left the family, finally confessing to his son that is afraid, because otherwise the wife would kill him one day. Boy self-educated young, but strict mother.

    Biography of Ivan Okhlobystin childhood is not different from other stories of his peers — he lacked the stars from the sky» and was an ordinary kid in love with science and creativity.

    Ivan Okhlobystin in childhood
    Baby photo

    His childhood «sharp tongue,» the writer and the actor spent Maloyaroslavets, but later his family moved to the Russian capital later in Moscow Okhlobystin graduated from high school and enrolled in VGIK. Himself in an interview and the stories described his childhood as unremarkable period, it was brought up mainly mother and father, though he was kind, funny» man, made an attempt to educate the offspring only once because «two» in the Russian language. Okhlobystin told that the father then brought a Russian language textbook and soy sauce:

    «He made me eat the whole thing. I am a student of the 4th class the whole day eating it and cried.»

    After school, Ivan joined the film Institute. In admissions sat Igor Talankin, which is almost a textbook asked the applicant to surprise him. Okhlobystin replied sharply that he had come to say a new word in cinema, not entertain the Commission. The boy was immediately expelled from the exam, but quickly returned – this trick really surprised the Director.

    Ivan Okhlobystin did not have time to finish my studies in cinematography, as he was drafted into the army, but after the compulsory service, he was reinstated at the Institute. In the army the young man three months spent in the brig, but he said it was much better than life in the barracks, and the loneliness made and gave time to think about many important things.

    Ivan Okhlobystin in his youth

    Already as a student of VGIK, Okhlobystin was able to meet with many famous figures of culture, art and cinema of the present. He studied at one time with Renata Litvinova, Tigran Keosayan, Fedor Bondarchuk and others.

    First short student films have earned numerous international awards at the International film festival in USA and Potsdam youth film festival. After the restoration of the film Institute TV star got engaged in public activities, and after graduating in 1992-m to year of VGIK he fully plunged into the work, became Secretary of the Union of cinematographers of the USSR.

    Ivan Okhlobystin in his youth
    Actor in his youth | Funsuslik

    Of religiosity in the childhood years of Ivan out of the question because his parents were Communists. At school the boy realized that he must do something eternal and real, seeing themselves in film. Specialized education and University friendship with many actors and Directors have practically determined the future of the actor.


    In his youth Ivan was a rebel, joined the bikers. Echoes of the biker subculture has forever remained in the image of Okhlobystin: even after becoming a priest, he continued to walk in a leather jacket. The folly of youth has left other traces in the expressions of the actor tattoo. Hands and torso Ohlobystina covered with various images. The actor says that tattoos represent a certain milestone in his life, but in the figures, it makes no sense, they are made drunk, and for the sake of coolness.

    Ivan Okhlobystin
    The image of the biker | Russian House

    The only really meaningful tattoo Okhlobystin made after the meeting with his wife. On the chest of the actor embossed skull full of flowers. Ivan calls it a sign of a dead biker. Okhlobystin became an exemplary husband and father. In the circles of extreme family people are considered dead to the community: will people who have children, drive fast and risk their life.

    Numerous tattoos do not interfere with her acting career Okhlobystin. For example, in the «Intern» that peculiarity of the appearance of Dr. Bykov has explained almost biographically — the stormy youth of a doctor in the marginal subcultures. The only disadvantage, which, however, does not upset the actor for him is closed most of the sex scenes. The whole half-naked tattooed man of medium height and age does not fit into the desired romantic images. For Ohlobystina Directors even ruled out Nude scenes from the story.

    Ivan Okhlobystin
    Tattoos on body artist

    To reduce the image from the body of the actor is not going to. He claims that tattoo done a long time ago, in the old, so the paint under the skin introduced much deeper than in modern works – will leave deep scars. This refusal brought down on Okhlobystin a wave of criticism due to the fact that Ivan has a direct relationship to the Church, but it is on the body of pagan runes and obscene images.

    The actor still built one tattoo that didn’t like his wife, it was a picture of a naked woman. The actor later told journalists that the feeling was terrible, and he himself now knows how it smells when it burns.


    In the Treasury of the infamous actor’s many roles, scripts and books. Okhlobystin was a talented newcomer in all spheres of cinema. Ivan started his career as an actor in the film Nikita Tjagunova «Foot» and got him the victory in the nomination «the Best role» at the festival «Youth-1991».

    The first scenario Okhlobystin – the film «Freak» in the genre of absurd Comedy — also received recognition, he was nominated for the award «Green Apple-Golden leaf». The prestigious award was received and the first full-length, which Okhlobystin acted as a Director. His «Arbitrator» was presented at the «Kinotavr» and was awarded in the category «Films for the elite». This film Director and screenwriter broke cineastas post-Soviet period.

    Ivan Okhlobystin
    Talented debutant | Movie-Theater.RU

    Ivan Okhlobystin is writing not only screenplays, but also theatrical plays. In 1996 at the Moscow art Theater Mikhail Efremov staged a performance «a Villain, or Creek Dolphin» on the play Okhlobystin. Later the Mat and put his second play «Maximilian-Stylites» on the soothsayer. This story has been so successful that in 1999, the year Kachanov ekraniziroval «Maximilian». For a long time, Ivan worked only as a writer, having left the acting business because of his status in the Church.

    In 2000, the year the first film was called «DMB», which will bring a series of sequels. In the film, the party played only a minor role, but the film is based on army stories of the writer. The film received many critics called it too simple, and the work of the actors and operators is insufficient. But the characters are liked by the audience, and the dialogue of the paintings are dispersed on the aphorisms. In the «DMR» was released many sequels, there was a considerable number of imitators, we can say that this film spawned a whole genre of modern military Comedy.

    Ivan Okhlobystin
    Playwright | People

    In 2001, the year they released the experimental film «Down house». The basis of the picture formed adapted the plot of «the Idiot» by Dostoevsky, which has developed in 90-ies of the last century.

    Okhlobystin dabbled as a journalist. In the 90s he worked in the magazine «Capital», told the stories, but quickly left the publication is calling «the brothel». Later got a job in a weekly newspaper «Vesti».

    In 2005, the year Ivan Okhlobystin has shown himself more as a writer, he published his book in the genre of science fiction «XIV principle», which talks about virtual reality.

    Ivan Okhlobystin in the film
    In the movie «Supermenedzher or Hoe fate» | Filmz.ru

    2005-year career Okhlobystin in the key of cinematography has received a powerful push, he finished a Church service, and I got wrapped up in the movie. Okhlobystin said he went to the movies because of the lack of money in his family. He starred in films of various genres — from dramas and comedies to thrillers and militants.

    The actor, despite his piety, did not refuse negative roles played skillfully and outright scoundrels. Okhlobystin believes that promiscuity or insult their ecclesiastical status. He always encouraged people to distinguish the actor from his character. When the actor plays the antagonist, he has a goal: he tries to show negative characters maximum nasty and ugly, to remove any hint of romantic allure to evil. According to the artist, he makes an important case for the moral and ethical upbringing of people.

    Ivan Okhlobystin in the series
    In the TV series «Interns» | MADmap ¾

    The wide audience of the artist became known after the start of the series «Interns» (doctor Bykov) — work on Russian comic TV series Okhlobystin started in 2010 and continued for six years. When Ivan received this offer for a long time he doubted, but then I read the script the first few episodes and realized that this sitcom can change public opinion about the Russian serials and Russian cinema, to become the most radical solution that is needed in the modern film industry and agreed. Ohlabystin was right.

    Series about the lives of young doctors have opened a new page in the history of domestic comedies, and the Bulls became a symbol of the qualitative humor.

    Ivan Okhlobystin
    Photo Director | shariy.net

    The actor has completed and fully opened the image caustic and sarcastic Dr. Bykov and even shared with his character some facts of own biography. Andrey Bykov – dimensional character with severe, prickly character. This ohlobystin is safe to say that he is a goodie. According to the actor, the Goodies and must be such as holistic personalities with their flaws and mistakes, and bast not cartoons, however, they are often trying to portray.

    Ivan Okhlobystin in the role of Rasputin
    In the role of Rasputin | vlogspot

    Among the most well-known roles of Ivan Ivanovich also provide:

    • the role of Grigori Rasputin in the film «Conspiracy» by S. Libin;
    • the role of the jester Vassian in the historical drama «King»;
    • the role in the movie «Bullet fool».


    These works activities in the media is not completed: he worked in the «Russian news service», where he taught the radio program «Gang», wrote a column in the community «Snob», from January to June 2014 year, led the program «First class» to «First channel».

    The actor started a Facebook account of his character from «Interns» Andrey Bykov. The bulls talked with fans, shared the facts of his biography, which was as completely fictitious events, and tracing the life of Ivan.

    Ivan Okhlobystin in advertising
    In advertising «Euroset» | YouTube

    Okhlobystin worked in advertising. He became the face of «Euroset» appeared on television in commercials of the company until 2014, the year was listed as creative Director. In 2014, the actor has moved to a similar position in the company, «Baon», producing clothes.

    Despite the fact that in the movie, the name of the Office much more often appears in lists of actors than in the listing has not got to a shot of the workers on the painting, Ivan considers himself a writer, not an actor.

    Ivan Okhlobystin
    Writer | Ivona

    For his merits in the Russian film industry, the talented artist was awarded numerous awards, including «Kinotavr». Just a «piggy Bank» the active worker policies of the Church and the cinema 7 has voiced the roles 23 of the script and about 50 roles in movies.

    Also the person is an active user of social networks, it is often invited to various talk shows where he does not hesitate to Express themselves and to Express their political point of view.


    In childhood Okhlobystin was not close to the faith, affected the atheistic Soviet environment. The boy was baptized only in high school, in ninth grade. Close to the Church, Ivan was only in the 90s, he was actually the Church cleaner: watched the altar, wore a candle. In 1997, the year the actor became a leading religious programs Canon.

    In 2001 year, Okhlobystin was ordained a priest in Tashkent. This event was unexpected and the Ivan, and to his environment. As was later admitted, at the time of acceptance of a dignity in addition to «our father» he did not really know any prayers. Seven months Okhlobystin family lived in Asia but was forced to return to Moscow because his wife did not come to Tashkent climate, a woman can not stand the southern heat.

    Ivan Okhlobystin in a cassock of the priest
    In the robe of the priest | mib2.ru

    In the capital, Ivan, or have father John, continued his service. Until 2005, he held service in the Church of Saint Nicholas (of Transfiguration). Moreover, he managed to combine the service in the Church with the work of the actor. This caused a wave of indignation and criticism Okhlobystin. It criticized the fact that he is a disgrace to the image of the father.

    Ivan Okhlobystin in the Church
    In the Church | RIA Novosti

    In 2010, the year the actor on its own initiative, proposed to carry out the procedure of release from service. Ohlobystin did not understand this reaction from the public, but decided that if you can afford a scandal around his name, does not want to jeopardize the Church. The Patriarch released John from his duties as a priest and was forbidden to wear priestly cross, and the priestly clothes.

    2015-the year actor expressed a desire to return to the Church field.

    The social and political life

    Now Dr. Bykov from «Interns» are booming in the media due to his political beliefs and political activities that the party does not hesitate to Express in interviews and opinion articles. In political convictions he is a monarchist, and in 2011-m to year even said that he wished to nominate his candidacy for the post of President of the Russian Federation. Okhlobystin was a candidate for the green party «the Cedar» in the state Duma, but later admitted it was a mistake.

    Ivan Okhlobystin and One Byron
    With Odin Byron | Days.Ru

    The star categorically relates to sexual minorities, homophobic attitudes it has been repeatedly emphasized in the media — Okhlobystin suggested to burn people of different sexual orientation «alive in the ovens», but called «blue fascism» any tolerance towards someone else’s sex life. Same-sex marriage the party sees as «necrophilia and relations with Guinea pigs», he demanded that the sexual minorities, at least deprived of electoral rights.

    He announced «the Doctrine of 77», which includes his homophobic statements, as part of preparations for the presidential elections, but later refused to nominate his candidacy.

    There were rumors that the party will lead the party «just cause» but instead the actor has created party «the Coalition the sky». In 2012, the year he was Chairman of the Supreme Council of the party «Right cause». In fact, the actor has been its Chairman, but after a short time was forced to leave his post. The Holy Synod forbade priests to belong to political parties. Father John remains a consultant and spiritual mentor of the party.

    Ivan Okhlobystin
    Interested in politics | pravda-TV.ru

    In 2014, the year Ivan Okhlobystin wrote a letter to Vladimir Putin asking the Russian leader to back an article in the criminal code for sodomy, because in his understanding, a man can’t marry a man. Putin ignored this letter.

    Is public organization «Right to arms» and is its Honorary member. Ohlobystin not only fighting for the rights of civilian gun owners, he has at the house a collection of rifles.

    The actor favours the creation of ideological Patriotic program, which will focus on the education of youth.

    In 2014 year (August) Ukrainian officials put on Okhlobystin sanctions that prohibit the famous actor and playwright, not only to enter the country, but also appearing on TV screens. These sanctions affected not only his person, but of the entire bundle of movies with Okhlobystin.

    Ivan Okhlobystin
    Director | Pravmir.ru

    Presentation of the new film «Priest-San» in the NPT, which fell on 30 November 2014 year, and that he personally held in Donetsk, Ukraine has strengthened sanctions against Okhlobystin. Now all movies with the actor: it is prohibited in Ukraine for his political position — in the «black list» of the SBU was 71, the picture with the definitive artist. The reason for this was the active support of the DND and LNB, rude remarks about Ukraine and scandalous statements in support of the militia of Donbass.

    In the same year, Okhlobystin made the list of persons banned to enter the territory of Latvia and Estonia. The leaders of these countries commented on its decision, explaining that his statements Okhlobystin incite ethnic hatred and hatred on grounds of sexual orientation.

    Personal life

    Since 1995, the year Ivan Okhlobystin is married to his wife, the actress Oksana Arbuzova, which after the wedding became Ohlobystina. Offer the actor did, in the first week of Dating. In the family Office and Arbuzova six children were born: two sons Savva and Vasily and daughter Evdokia, Barbara, Naomi and John. Now Okhlobystin with his wife do not hide the fact that it is not against the seventh child.

    Ivan Okhlobystin with his wife and children
    With his wife and children | 7days.Gee

    In free movies and politics while Ivan Okhlobystin likes to spend fishing, hunting and chess. It is a known fact that actor likes the jewelry. The dream was fond of karate, Aikido and other types of combat, including knife combat.

    Until 3 October 2012, the year Ivan was half-brother Stanislaw stawicki, who killed.


    As an actor:

    • Interns
    • The bullet-fool
    • Conspiracy
    • King
    • Fig.Ro / Crazy day or Figaro surgery
    • Freud’s Method
    • Generation P

    As writer:

    • Priest-San. Confessions of a samurai (was also the producer of the film and played it one key role)
    • The arbitrator (acted as the Director of the film and played a role in it)
    • Nightingale the robber (played a major role)
    • Publican
    • DMB
    • Paragraph 78


    Ivan Okhlobystin

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