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  • Name: Ivan Oganesyan ( Ivan Oganesyan )
  • Date of birth: 9 March 1973
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Saratov
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: divorced

    Ivan Oganesyan : biography

    Biography of actor Ivan’s similar to the script of an action movie. Ivan Oganesyan Corridoio destined to become a musician: his father was an Opera singer, mom was a pianist. Vanya almost since the childhood we went with parents on tour and grew up backstage at the Opera house. The Hovhannisyan family frequently moved and changed their place of residence. Mom and dad Ivan, as soon as they got a tempting offer, then Packed things and easily went to learn a new stage.

    Vanya was born on 9 March 1973 in Saratov, but went to school in Bishkek. Then my parents got an offer to work in Yerevan, but stayed there for long and moved to Batumi. Nationality Hovhannisyan – Armenian, but considers himself Russian.

    The house boy was constantly heard music — the classics of Schubert, Chopin, Tchaikovsky. It is not surprising that at some point Ivan was drawn to music. Especially in his house was a unique ancient instrument, the cello, a century where no one played. Once her mom gave a fan-cellist. It was a shame that the tool is idle gathering dust at home.

    Ivan Oganesyan decided to fix it and went to music school (class of violin). But in Batumi good teachers of the cello was not. Friends advised parents to take my son to Minsk. There for young talents in the local music school was a boarding school, which had nonresident children. There Ivan and moved in fourteen years. In 1989, he again moved to a new city, enrolling in the Moscow Central music school at the Moscow Conservatory. But there Hovhannisyan did not stay long: he soon joined the music faculty of GITIS Russian Academy of theatre arts.

    There Ivan finally realized that music is not what he needs. And therefore, the future artist moved to the acting Department in the same RATI. But learning Hovhannisyan is not finished, because have passed a difficult audition at the Jewish theater «Gesher» and went to Israel. It turned out that because of the problems with the documents necessary to return to Moscow, where all the bridges had been burned, back in RATI artist is not accepted. In that difficult period helped the cello. A good musician is willingly accepted by the Metropolitan orchestra of the operetta Theatre. In the orchestra pit, watching the scene on the stage, he wanted to move.

    The terrorist attack on Dubrovka

    Dream Hovhannisyan himself performing on stage came true when he was 29 years old. In the company popular in the capital of the musical «Nord-OST» has a vacant seat, which Ivan took. Performances were daily.

    23 October 2002, the artist came to work. He had no idea that the Theatrical center on Dubrovka will be the epicenter of events that horrified the entire country. Three days, the artists and the audience of the «Nord-OST» were taken hostage. So far, I said it’s hard to remember these tragic hours. Then he said that he could not believe in the reality of the ongoing horror.

    The first time after the incident, Ivan Oganesyan somehow believed that now with work everything will work out. But his phone was silent again, no proposals were received. Ivan knew that the new role will not appear if they do not look. And only when he realized this and began to attend auditions, the situation has changed.


    Debut in film career Hovhannisyan became a bit part player in the sitcom «Welcome». It was followed by more notable roles in television’s «Swan Paradise», «Only you», «Save and survive», «Persona non grata». In the last two series Ivan has played a fairly prominent characters. It is through these popular tapes, but also because of the tragic history of hostage-taking of artists «Nord-OST» actor received the first popularity. Now he began to appear regularly in various programs, was interviewed. Soon Ivan began to learn on the streets.

    In 2005, the year Hovhannisyan has played in the Ukrainian film «the Girlfriend of special function», and then appeared in Russian TV series «Gentleman detective Ivan Podushkin», «always say «Always» and «the snow Queen».

    In 2006-m year, Khoren plays one of the main characters in a detective serial of the tape «Law and order: Department of operative investigations». This series, the artist brought the greatest luck. Ivan played in the series for four years.

    In 2009, Ivan Oganesyan has played a major role in a TV tape «Sleeping area». A year ago, he was approved as a permanent actor in the youth series «Cream». Among other important works of Hovhannisyan it is possible to allocate the projects «the Equation with all known», «Protected persons» and collaboration with actress Olga Budina in the film «Necklace for snow woman».

    The last known work of the artist was the series «waiting list» and «popular» Ukrainian detective «Sniffer».

    Personal life

    With future wife Anna, the artist became acquainted in the early 2000’s. As he says Ivan, relations between them have not been easy. And if not pregnancy Ani, it is unknown what would have been fate. But when Hovhannisyan has learned that will soon become a father, decided to marry.

    After the birth of her daughter Olesya family boat still cracked, and finally crashing on a not established way of life. The divorce process was very rapid. Now with her daughter, Anna, lives in London. With Olesya, the actor is seen quite often and finds the daughter of his closest friend.

    According to some media reports, at present, the actor is civil marriage, and in 2015 became the father of two twin girls.


    • Save and survive
    • Always say «always»-3
    • The snow Queen
    • The sleeping area
    • Cream
    • The equation with all known
    • Protected persons
    • Necklaces for women snow
    • The waiting list
    • Sniffer


    Ivan Oganesyan

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