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  • Name: Ivan Nikolaev ( Ivan Nikolaev )
  • Date of birth: 23 February 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Growth: 182
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Ivan Nikolaev: biography

    Ivan Nikolaev – a native of an educated Moscow family. His parents are engineers. From an early age, Ivan was fond of sports, preferring athletics and acrobatics. And another boy took lessons of ballroom dancing. About the actor’s future in his Teens, Ivan was not even dreamed of. All predicted him the profession of a vet, because a favorite pastime of Vani was to find homeless animals and to treat them.

    All agreed the case. Once in the Metropolitan school, where he studied Ivan Nikolaev, a team of ORT held a casting looking for new faces for the project «100 percent.» The choice fell on the van. The guy had a bright appearance, huge green eyes, good growth and the ability to skillfully communicate with people. Thus began a television biography of Ivan Nikolaev.

    The guy is not intimidated, interviewed stars and quickly became recognizable. He received bags of letters from fans and earned their first fees. This work is very like van, and he seriously thought about continuing television career. The future artist went to one of the theater schools of Moscow, where he received the basics of acting.

    After graduation, Ivan joined the film Institute. He was in the workshop of Anatoly Romashina, who gladly attended. But after the tragic death of the teacher, the group moved to another mentor, Vitaly Solomin. Here in Nikolaev the school at once is not specified. After a disastrous exam in acting the guy was expelled. But in the following year he went back to school, but this time in GITIS, where I got to the Studio Chomsky and Teplyakov.


    In the beginning of the study in GITIS luck returned again to the young artist face. Ivan Nikolaev was cast in a new project by Fyodor Bondarchuk «9 Rota». The movie immediately after the release became a cult classic, can be called the first successful step of the actor on the career ladder. The second step soon becomes a popular youth series «Tea, coffee, dance».

    But the real popularity came down on the actor after the release of the famous film «the Club». This show was broadcast on MTV 3 years, starting in 2003. Ivan Nikolaev appeared in the form of major wick, boys, to burn lives for the money of the father-the oligarch who strongly encouraged this way of life son. In the tape, a lot of humor, music and brilliant actors. The series was destined for success as all the participants.

    During the filming of «the Club» actor are somewhat distracted from the «light» genre of youth cinema in the a serious. Nikolaev was involved in the project «end of the world». This film is dedicated to the energy crisis of 2005. Because of the ambiguity of the plot and disrupted the economic problems this 3-hour project never got to the screens. But managed to collect numerous awards at various festivals and shows.

    But the next project, which was attended by Ivan Nikolaev, was broadcast on «the First channel». This painting «Cinderella.Ki». Success was waiting for the movie «Time of happiness», where the actor played a star role. In the feature film «mermaid,» Anna Melikyan, Ivan got a small but powerful role. And the painting itself has won many awards, of which the most notable is the prize of the film critics of the 58th Berlin festival.

    The project is called «SDD» in which Ivan Nikolaev appeared in the form of a guard, called the first Russian film in the horror genre. The shooting took place in very difficult conditions and took the actor a lot of effort, because had to play for 16 hours a day. But the tape was a great success with audiences and critics. The role of Nikolaev was quite unusual and new for the artist. Viewers were able to witness the versatility of the actor’s talent and ability to play in different roles.

    After a short break taken by Nikolaev for rest from the exhausting work in the «SDD», he appeared in 3 new projects, released almost simultaneously. 48-a serial film «City of temptations», removed by request of NTV channel and «Moon-Moon» and «Merry».

    In the film «Moon-Moon» Ivan Nikolaev starred Konstantin Kryukov, Elizabeth Boyarskaya and other famous young stars of Russian cinema. This film is about the fate of the children of the political elite of the USSR during the events of 1991, the rapid changes in the country, against which there is personal drama in the relationships of the characters.

    But the greatest success with audiences and critics received the film «Merry fellows» Felix Mihajlova. This project, although it received a very modest budget, but gave considerable fees in the rental. The plot tells the story of 5-year-actors-travesti. The tape was awarded at the Berlin festival and has been translated into French language.

    Among the most striking projects in recent years, with the participation of Ivan Nikolaev, a black Comedy by Roman Karimov «Shattered». This art-house project, very unusual perception. He filmed in the style of the movie «Fear and loathing in Las Vegas» and consists of 3 short stories. One of them starred Ivan Nikolaev, ravshana Kurkova and Artyom Tkachenko. The tape was released in 2011.

    Personal life

    Personal life Ivan Nikolaev shrouded in numerous rumors, comment which never tires of the yellow press. In the handsome actor a lot of fans and a lot of friends among the stars. Among them is Milla Jovovich herself. Ivan met an actress of Russian-Montenegrin roots in 2006. Since they maintain a cordial relationship, and their fans make various assumptions about their affair. Throws more wood to the fire and the actor himself, spreading in social networks joint photo with Mill.

    But Ivan Nikolaev intimately acquainted not only with Jovoich, but other stars who have made a career in the West. This is a Russian actress Ekaterina Rednikova and Yuliya Snigir.

    It is known only that at the moment Ivan is not married.


    • «9 Rota»
    • «Tea, coffee, dance»
    • Club
    • «Cinderella.Gee»
    • Mermaid
    • «S. S. D.»
    • «The city of temptations»
    • «Moon-Moon»
    • «Veselchaki»
    • «Shattered»
    • «My brother is Batman»


    Ivan Nikolaev

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