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  • Name: Ivan Mulin ( Ivan Mulin )
  • Date of birth: 6 July 1992
  • Age: 24 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 187
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Ivan Moulin : biography

    Ivan Moulin – Muscovite. He was born July 6, 1992 into a family that had to the art of cinema and any other irrelevant. Father Vani – driver, mother’s a teacher. The guy was a regular boy, he loved the yard with their peers. He often fought, the result of which was multiple fractures of the nose and bruises. Besides Ivan chose «male» sports – Boxing, soccer, archery.

    At the elementary school Ivan Mulin accidentally visited the Studio theatre, which was organized for pupils of the teacher of rhetoric. Vanya was so pleased with the classes that he soon proved one of the most diligent and capable students of the Studio.

    The young actor made his stage debut in the role of a fabulous robber. The feeling of happiness and wonder that broke Ivan before going on stage, was so strong that when he realized that a stage will be linked to the whole of his life.

    After the 6th class Ivan Mulin changed the school but after a couple of years back to play-acting: he began to attend the Moscow theatrical Studio in Vernadsky. In 12 years, Ivan has played the page in the play «Cinderella.» In this role guy for a year come on the scene. At the age of 13, Moulin became a student of the theatre school No. 123. Her students not only studied the usual school subjects, but also singing, dancing, improved acting and stagecraft. Sometimes the classes lasted for 10 hours.

    After graduation Ivan Mulin without any problems enrolled in drama school Shchepkin. Here he studied at the acting faculty in the workshop Rimma Solntseva.


    As a student of «Sliver» Moulin has played in performances of «Times are changing», «Vigilant guardian» and «Zoyka’s apartment».

    A cinematic biography of Ivan Molina began with the painting «Elena». This sensational film by Andrey Zvyagintsev has become not only the first but very informative for a young artist. Moulin starred in this picture for the first course «Chips». It was a small but vivid role.

    For the 4th year Ivan Mulin received an offer to star in the series «Junior», with producer Fyodor Bondarchuk. The tape was released in 2013. Since its release, the young actor has fallen an incredible popularity. Ivan admits that he didn’t even expect such popularity and still can’t get used to it. The series included the four most popular Russian TV series.

    The hero of Ivan Molina bold and explosive. The actor said that he sympathized with this character, because it is very reminiscent of his «yard» childhood. This role demanded Ivan, and from his other colleagues on the series, a huge physical effort. After all, the guys have to play on this ice and to demonstrate good physical shape. Only in some scenes is replaced by understudies.

    Personal life

    Fell the fame and the crowds of enthusiastic fans, a very nice young artist. While the actor has no regular girl. As he says, to a serious novel that will end the marriage, not ready yet. Ivan lives with his parents and move to a separate apartment is not going to.

    The team brought Ivan Molina not only fame, but also new friends who became his colleagues on the series Ivan Zhvakin and Ilya Korobko.


    • Elena
    • Junior


    Ivan Mulin

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