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  • Name: Ivan Krylov ( Krylov, Ivan )
  • Date of birth: 2 February 1769
  • Age: 75 years
  • Date of death: 9 Nov 1844.
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: Russian writer, poet, fabulist, publisher of the satirical-educational magazines
  • Marital status: not married

    Ivan Krylov biography

    Ivan Andreevich Krylov was born in Feb 1769 in Moscow in the family of a poor army officer. Showing the heroism and bravery during the suppression of the Pugachev rebellion, Andrei Krylov has not received any awards and ranks. After retirement, he entered civil service and moved with his wife and two sons in Tver. As Chairman of the city Council was not brought tangible income, the family lived in poverty. Died Krylov Sr. in 1778 with the rank of captain. The life of a widow and children (the eldest son Ivan was only 9 years old) became even poorer.

    Ivan Andreevich Krylov was not able to get a good education. From his father he inherited a great love of reading, having inherited a huge chest of books. Wealthy neighbors Krylova allowed Ivan to attend the French lessons that were given to their children. Thus Ivan Krylov nice to learn French.

    Future fabulist very early began to work and learned the weight of life in poverty. After the death of his father Ivan took as Junior office clerk in the provincial magistrate of Tver, which had previously worked Krylov-senior. Penny content is allowed except not to die of hunger. After 5 years, the mother of Ivan Krylov, taking the children, went to St. Petersburg to petition for pensions and arrangement of the eldest son to work. So Ivan Krylov got a new position, sitting clerks servant in the Treasury chamber.

    Young wings, not having received any system of education, persistently engaged in self-education. He read a lot, taught himself how to play various instruments. At the age of 15, Ivan even wrote a small comic Opera, inventing for her the verses and calling it «Kofeynitsa». It was his first, albeit unsuccessful, but still a debut in the literature. Language of writing was very rich, why do the wings owe my love to jostle among the common people at various fairs and folksy entertainment. «Thanks,» poverty, Ivan A. was perfectly familiar with the life and customs of ordinary people, in the future it very useful.


    Moving Ivan Krylov in St. Petersburg coincided with the emergence of the city’s public theatre. The young man that ran to art, immediately visited the open theater. There, he met some artists and since then been engaged in this temple of art. To seriously pursue a career in a new public service Krylov did not want all of his interests were directed in the opposite direction. So 18-year-old young man resigned and engaged in literary pursuits.

    At first she was unsuccessful. Ivan Krylov wrote a tragedy «Philomela», imitating the classics. Here were some glimpses of talent and freedom of the writer, but in terms of literary «Philomela» was very mediocre.

    But to stop the young writer did not intend. The tragedy was followed by several comedies. «Crazy family,» «Pranksters,» «Writer in the hallway» and none of the others have struck readers and critics talent. But the growth of the skills compared to «Philomela» was still visible.

    The first fables of Ivan Krylov was printed without a signature. They appeared in the magazine «Morning» in 1788. Three works, called the «Shy player», «Destiny players», «Novoorlovsky donkey», was hardly noticed by readers and has not received the approval of critics. They had a lot of sarcasm, causticity, but not skill.

    In 1789 Ivan Krylov, together with Romanini begins to publish the magazine «Mail of spirits». He seeks to restore the strong satire, which was previously demonstrated novikovskie magazines. But the publication is not a success and in the same year stops its output. But that’s not stopping Krylov. After 3 years, he creates a group of others, another magazine, calling it a «Spectator». A year later appears the magazine «St. Petersburg mercury». In these journals published some of the prose works of Krylov, the most striking of which was the story «Kaib» and quite bold for its time, the article «a Commendable speech to my grandpa», revealing the landlord’s tyranny.

    It is not known what caused the temporary care of Ivan Krylov from literary activities, and why he left Saint Petersburg. Might have started some kind of harassment by the authorities, and perhaps literary failure has pushed the writer to leave town, but before 1806 wings almost gave up writing.

    In 1806, Krylov returns to active literary work. He writes pretty talented transfers Lofotensky fables «Oak and cane», «Choosy bride» and «the old Man and the three young». Translation from approving the recommendation of Ivan Dmitriev prints Metropolitan magazine «Moscow audience.»

    In the same 1806 Ivan Krylov returned to St. Petersburg and performed the sitcom «the Fashion shop». Next year one more «Lesson to daughters». Society, in connection with the Napoleonic wars experienced a rise in Patriotic feelings, with great enthusiasm meets performance. After all, they ridiculed francesmarie.

    In 1809, begins a creative flight of Ivan Krylov. The first edition of his fables, consists of 23 pieces (including the well-known «Elephant and Moska»), is very popular. Since then the wing becomes a known fabulist, whose new works are eagerly waiting for the audience.

    Ivan Andreevich returns to state service. First he goes to a prominent position in the Coin Department and 2 years in the Imperial public library, where he worked from 1812 to 1841, the first years.

    During this period, changed the wings and internally. Now he is complacent and calm. Does not like to quarrel, very calm, ironic and all the more lazy. In 1836 Ivan Krylov have nothing to write. In 1838 the literary community celebrated the 50th anniversary of creative activity of the fabulist. The writer died in November 1844.

    From the pen of Ivan Andreevich Krylov left more than 200 fables. In one, he denounced the Russian reality, in other human vices, others simply poetic anecdotes. Many apt Krylov expressions over time, became the spoken language and has enriched the Russian language. His fables are very popular and widely understood. They focused on everyone, not just for the highly educated intellectuals. If the author has sold almost 80 thousand copies published collections of fables. At that time – an unprecedented phenomenon. The popularity of Ivan Andreevich Krylov can be compared with the known lifetime of Pushkin and Gogol.

    Personal life

    On negligence, negligent carelessness and incredible appetite of Ivan Krylov was legendary and was jokes. It is in his spirit was put in the pocket of his coat a nightcap instead of a handkerchief, pull it out while staying in society and to blow his nose. Ivan Andreevich absolutely indifferent to their appearance. It would seem that such a person could not receive the attention from the ladies. Nonetheless preserved the attention of his contemporaries, who argued that the personal life of Ivan Krylov although it was not stormy, but certainly was not.

    At 22, he fell in love with the daughter of the priest of the Bryansk district, Anna. The girl replied to him in return. But when young people decided to get married, Anna’s family was against this marriage. They were distant relatives through the arch and, besides, is able. So to give her daughter to marry a poor rhymer, they refused. But Anna was so sad that the parents finally agreed to marry her off to Ivan Krylov’s what he telegraphed to St. Petersburg. But Krylov said that he had no money to come to Bryansk, and asked him to bring Anna to him. Native girls were offended by the response, and the marriage did not take place.

    Contemporaries of Ivan Krylov wrote that sloppy and unhinged fabulist was concerned eminent ladies. Supposedly he was in love with the ballerina, was the mistress of Grand Duke Konstantin Pavlovich. But the fabulist joked that marriage the.

    They say that charismatic fat man very sympathetic to the Empress Maria Feodorovna. This is despite the fact that Ivan Andreevich dared to appear in front of her holey boots, from which protruded a finger, and even sneeze when you kissed the hand of the Empress.

    Ivan Krylov never married. Officially he has no children. But contemporaries argued fabulist, Ivan Andreevich still have a civilian wife. It was his housekeeper Fenya. To marry her wings could not, as the society would have condemned him. However, Fenya had a baby girl Sasha, which is considered to be the illegitimate daughter of Krylov. That this may be true, is the fact that after death give a damn About Sasha remained at Krylov. And after her marriage Krylov gladly nursed children and rewrote all his property in the husband’s name Alexandra. While the death of Ivan Krylov by his side were Sasha, her husband and two children.


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    Ivan Krylov

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