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  • Name: Ivan Krasko ( Ivan Krasko )
  • Date of birth: 23 September 1930
  • Age: 86 years
  • Place of birth: village of Vartemyagi
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married to Natalia Shevel

    Ivan Krasko : biography

    Ivan Ivanovich Krasko was born in September 1930 in the village of Vartemyagi, in the Leningrad region. His childhood was difficult. Poverty and half-starved pre-war years, and then all the horrors of war and the revival of the country after the war – all this remained in the memory of Ivan Krasko. But he from a young age wanted to succeed in life and went hard to the goal.

    In 1953 paint with honors graduated from the naval College in Leningrad and received the title of an artillery officer. In the same year, Ivan starts the service on the landing ship that belongs to the Danube flotilla.

    A few years later he becomes the captain of the ship that serves. But soon the flotilla starts reducing, and Lieutenant Krasko makes a decision to leave military service. He had long dreamed of a civilian profession. Young soldier became a student of the evening Department of the Leningrad state University, choosing philosophy. But this is only the first step to the target. Within two years Ivan Krasko preparing for the implementation of the main dreams that you cherished for a long time: he dreams of acting.

    Future artist attending drama Studio, where, together with Sergei Yursky and Igor Gorbachev is currently applying to drama school. And soon his dream comes true: 27-year-old paint is supplied in drama school.

    After his graduation Ivan – actor of the Bolshoi drama theatre of Leningrad, who at that time was headed by the famous Tovstonogov.

    Ivan Krasko: theatre

    Not to say that biography of actor Ivan Krasko immediately had a brilliant. Big drama, after graduation has arrived aspiring actor, during the 4 years he played only a minor role. Krasko understands that it does not break and goes to the theatre on Liteiny.

    In this theatre of Ivan Krasko, too, could not stay long: only played in one setting and went to the drama theater named komissarjevskaya. Here the actor plays for 45 years. Here paint becomes famous and popular.

    Now people’s artist of Russia Ivan Krasko – the leading actor of the theater. His best works critics call theater production of «the Prince and the pauper,» «the Lady with camellias», «Jester Balakirev» and «kin IV».

    Today Krasko plays the main roles in productions of «assuage my sorrows», «Profitable» and «Conversations with Socrates».

    Ivan Krasko movies

    The debut film of the artist becomes the painting «the Accident». And although here he plays a small role, but it was with this film began a cinematic biography of the artist. After the «Accident» Ivan began to regularly receive from the Directors the offer to star in their movies. Although, we must admit that all these proposals is also a subordinate role. But the paint says that the main thing in the film for him is not the magnitude of the work, and a great atmosphere set and meeting new artists.

    One of the most prominent roles of Ivan Krasko movie – Ivan Solovyov in «the End of the Emperor taiga». Later came the movie «the Death of 31 division», «Gospodin oformitel», «young Russia», «Those who remain» and «calendula Flowers».

    Came an actor in the TV series «police Sergeant», «Streets of broken lamps», «stopping power» and «Agent of national security». In this last tape, the actor played together with his elder son Andrey Krasko.

    And now Ivan, despite his advanced age, active in films and continues to work in the theater. In 70 years, he starred in the film «Hello, baby!».

    Paint is often voiced of the heroes of animated films. Voice of Ivan Ivanovich says Svyatogor in «Alyosha Popovich and Tugarin Snake», king in «the Dwarf the Nose», the narrator in «Hercules». And he writes his memoirs. In 2009 he published a book «My friend Peter Shelokhonov». After a year of «Fables. And not only» where many unknown facts and interesting stories about the lives of famous artists with whom I had to work.

    Ivan Krasko: personal life

    Personal life of Ivan Krasko was always busy and eventful. In his life there have been four formal marriage. First wife of Ivan Ivanovich was Ekaterina Ivanova. She gave birth to daughter Galina.

    The second wife of the artist – Kira Petrov, gave him two children – son Andrew and daughter Julia. Andrei Krasko as the father, decided to become an actor. In the last years of his life he was very popular, but in 2006 it did not.

    Third wife Krasko, Natalya Val. This marriage surprised many, as the girl was younger than 50 years. In this short-lived Union was born two children, sons Ivan and Fedor. The marriage broke up 3 years ago. Natalia married her same age. The actor left his wife and sons apartment. Now they maintain a cordial relationship, Ivan was keenly interested in the lives of children and helps them.

    September 9, 2015 Ivan Ivanovich Krasko again surprised his fans: he married 24-year-old student theatre of the University Natalia Shevel. The difference in age of spouses is 60 years. While society wonders what is the basis of this marriage, the couple expect the birth of her daughter.

    Natalia Shevel’s second marriage. She first married at age 19. The reason for the divorce, according to rumors, become his wife’s infidelity.

    Ivan Krasko: filmography

    • Crash
    • Police Sergeant
    • The end of the Emperor taiga
    • The death of 31 division
    • Those who remain to live
    • Gospodin oformitel
    • The wheel of love
    • Young Russia
    • Calendula flowers
    • Streets of broken lamps
    • Lethal force

    Ivan Krasko: photo

    Ivan Krasko

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