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  • Name: Ivan Kolesnikov ( Ivan Kolesnikov )
  • Date of birth: 18 March 1983.
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 191
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status: married

    Ivan Kolesnikov: biography

    Ivan Kolesnikov was born in Moscow in a creative family, where my mother was an artist and her father a famous actor. Vanya’s mother, Maria Velikanova, not only draws, but also sews. In the 1990’s and it is her ability to perfectly replenish the family budget. Maria Sheila coats, and of the remaining flaps designed the unusual pattern, which had great demand. Today Velikanova – known in the capital, the fashion designer. Together with her friend she started a line of stylish clothes.

    Ivan Kolesnikov with his father, Sergei Kolesnikov
    With his father, Sergei Kolesnikov | Tele.ru

    Quite famous and his father Sergei Kolesnikov. In addition, he starred in many films and played countless roles in theater, Kolesnikov, Sr. is a great leader. Many people love and watch the show with his participation called «Fazenda». Sergei’s father and grandfather Vani for a long time worked as an architect. In his footsteps went the elder brother of Ivan Alexander.

    As a child, Joe, grew up backstage of the parent theater, already knew exactly what will happen. When in a cramped apartment on Belorusskaya guests came, Vanya became the main man, which they entertained. Seeing these tendencies of the son, the mother took him to one of the children’s theatre studios. Ivan gladly visited her, not yet switched to another object in the same building as the Studio, he found a shooting range. Ever since the boy came here, scoring classes. Another passion in the biography of Ivan Kolesnikov steel horse. Riding guy was doing exactly until, until he fell from the horse and into the manure. Vanya again switched», starting with the pleasure to go to the circle of tourism.

    Ivan Kolesnikov
    Began with participation in the «Jumble» | full Movie.RU

    The young actor began to appear on the screen, and at an early age. The debut role of a boy is working in the «Jumble». She starts the creative biography of Ivan Kolesnikov.


    After high school, guy became a student at the Shchukin school. He entered the first time. The Commission shall credit the talented entrant after the second round.

    In the second year Ivan Kolesnikov already being played on the stage of the Chekhov Moscow art theater. He was invited to play «Forever and a year.» The play was a great success at the theater, and Kolesnikov played it to the end of their training in the «Pike».

    Ivan Kolesnikov
    On the set | .

    After graduation Ivan was drafted into the army. He served his time in the troupe of the Theatre of the Russian army, having played in several performances. When Kolesnikov was enrolled in the Mossovet theatre. The most famous works in this stage were roles in productions of «Errors of one night» and «Cyrano de Bergerac».


    As you know, as an actor, Ivan was able to feel very early. In the 8 years he appeared in «Jumble». Later in small roles in several TV series and plays. During his studies at the Shchukin student was shot is a lot. The most notable work of those years is his role in the popular TV series «Poor Nastya». Two years of shooting Kolesnikov could witness the technique works by such famous actors as Anne Hathaway, Peter Krasilov, Ekaterina Klimova, Anna Tabanina and others. In this tape, Ivan dropped out to play negative character, which he was incredibly happy. After working in this role is always more interesting, and the hero is remembered better.

    Ivan Kolesnikov
    A photo of actor | Lifeactor.ru

    In 2008, the viewers, especially lovers of serial melodramas, with pleasure watched the movie «wedding ring», where the actor played the Malachite. The romance lasted 4 years and was quite popular.

    Ivan Kolesnikov can be considered more than a soap actor, as in serial tapes he appears often. Of the most famous projects of the film «the Bodyguard,» «the White guard», «Eclipse», «remember», «Institute of noble maidens».

    Ivan Kolesnkiov in FLM
    With Svetlana Khodchenkova in the film «the End of a great era» | kultuur Cosmetique

    In 2015 came the legendary film Stanislav Govorukhin «the End of a great era». This full-length feature film. In it Ivan Kolesnikov plays a major role, a brave and honest reporter Andrew Lentulov, and help to create the atmosphere of the time actors Fedor Dobronravov, Sergey Garmash, Svetlana Khodchenkova and others.

    2016 joined the film biography of Ivan Kolesnikov’s work in the historical series «Sofia». It should be noted that the films with Ivan Kolesnikov becoming more popular, and the game talented actor all the more vivid and memorable.

    Personal life of Ivan Kolesnikov

    Personal life of Ivan Kolesnikov has developed quite early. Even in the second year of the Shchukin school, he was met by freshman Lina Ramanauskaite. Broke novel quickly ended with the wedding, against which parents Ivan didn’t mind.

    Ivan Kolesnikov with his wife
    With his wife Lina Ramanauskaite | Livejournal

    A young couple had a hard time. Staying separately from their parents, they needed a lot of money to live in the capital. Ivan had to earn money in your spare time as a waiter and bartender. There was a time when Ivan and Lina briefly parted to have a rest from each other. But perhaps the feeling existing between them was real, and the couple reunited.

    In 2006, the couple Kolesnikov had a daughter, whom they called a beautiful Russian name Avdotya. Lina Kolesnikova at the end of the theatre chosen for himself the work of the costume designer decided that for one family just one artist.


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    Ivan Kolesnikov

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