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  • Name: Ivan Kokorin ( Ivan Kokorin )
  • Date of birth: 3 August 1979
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: Sergiev Posad, Moscow oblast
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Ivan Kokorin: biography

    Ivan Kokorin is a Russian actor, best known to fans of the national cinema in the main roles in such films as «9th company», «At the intersection of joy and sorrow» and «Packed». He was born in the small suburban town of Zagorsk, which now is called Sergiev Posad. The boy’s parents to the art had no relationship: father a soldier, mother is a teacher. In the children’s biography of Ivan Kokorin was a normal high school, playing sports, socializing with friends. In General, the standard Russian childhood. For a long time a teenager thought it would be to study at the biological faculty of MSU, as it was his favorite subject in school.

    Ivan Kokorin
    Photo By Ivan Kokorin | Kinodir

    But having played several roles in school plays, Ivan suddenly cherished dream, which was told only the closest people – he wanted to become an actor. While still in high school, Kokorin began to attend preparatory courses at the art theatre School-Studio. And when it was his time, the young man managed to convince the strict examiners and the first time entered the Studio of Dmitry Brusnikina and Yevgeny Lazarev. He graduated from the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre Ivan in 2000, and then began to play on the stage, and debuted on the set.

    Ivan Kokorin
    Kokorin is a beautiful reciter | Pskov information Agency

    In addition, the artist participated in the television reality show «king of the ring» and «the Great race». A couple of years ago, he created an unusual theatre project: on the forehead of children’s choreographic team Ivan reads the story. It turned out that Kokorin is a great reciter, so now he thinks about the possibility of recording have become very popular audio books.

    Movies with Ivan Kokorin

    Debut role actor Ivan Kokorin came in the famous action movie by Alexei Balabanov and Sergei Bodrov’s «Brother 2». Then there were a lot of paintings, including the melodrama «do Not leave me, love» social drama «Chic», Comedy «the Boys from our town» and the historical-adventure film «Wealth». But nationwide fame actor brought the role of ordinary complete list of military film «9 Rota».

    Ivan Kokorin in the film
    The role of Iron in the film «9 Rota» | BoomBob

    Interestingly, Ivan the first was claimed by another character, who then portrayed Alexei Chadov, but the Directors asked him Cast iron. The actor almost refused: he did not want to transform into such a narrow-minded and too unlike him. But in the end Kokorin has created for his hero’s fate, understood why he became so, and made an interesting memorable way.

    Ivan Kokorin in the film
    In the role of Basil in «On the intersection of joy and sorrow» | Cineradiography

    Then in the filmography of Ivan Kokorin there was a military drama «the Last train», the epic «My Prechistenka», the family drama «I’ll wait», a biographical TV series «Chkalov», the Comedy «Packed», a film about the war «the final frontier». Latest released movie Ivan Kokorin is romance «At the intersection of joy and sorrow», and soon the audience will get acquainted with a new adaptation of the novel of Alexey Tolstoy «purgatory». It is noteworthy that often the Directors propose to Ivan negative or dishonorable characters. According to the artist, this is due to the fact that he is able to play any role. Although he Kokorin dreams of children’s films, most desirable his role is a fabulous Baba Yaga.

    Personal life

    With his wife Svetlana Dvoskina the actor met before became popular. He is very pleased with this circumstance, since following the film «9 Rota» many people began to seek communion with him, not as a person, but as with the image from the film. Personal life Ivan Kokorin is connected not only with his beloved wife and two children: Ivan is the son Michael and daughter Arina.

    Ivan Kokorin with his son
    With his son Michael | portal of the City of Zelenograd

    The arrival of children changed the relationship of the actor to himself and the norms of behavior. He has developed responsibility, our priorities shifted. Free time Kokorin tries to spend with his family. In addition, he loves sports: he plays tennis and goes to ski resorts, preferring the Elbrus region.


    • 2005 — 9 Rota
    • 2006 — the Last train
    • 2008 — He who extinguishes the light
    • 2011 — I will wait
    • 2012 — Chkalov
    • 2013 — Packed
    • 2015 — Fighters. The last battle
    • 2015 — the Last frontier
    • 2016 — At the intersection of joy and sorrow
    • 2017 — the road to Calvary


    Ivan Kokorin

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