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  • Name: Ivan Yankovskiy ( Ivan Yankovskiy )
  • Date of birth: 30 October 1990
  • Age: 26 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 178
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Ivan Yankovsky: biography

    Ivan is a young Russian actor, dynasty successor Jankowski. His grandfather Oleg Yankovsky – the legendary Soviet actor, starred in the films «Munchhausen», «two comrades were Serving», «Flights in dream and reality» and many others. The other grandfather Oleg Fandera played on the stage of the Odessa Russian drama theatre. Grandmother Lyudmila Zorina, Honored artist of Russia shone on the stage. Father Philip Jankowski – Director, author of the picture «the State Counsellor». Ivan’s mother also an actress, star of the film «brothel Lights» and «Nightingale the Robber». Ivan is the younger sister Elizabeth, who was also mechtatel on the scene and is now studying in GITIS.

    Raised in a creative family and received an education that Ivan saw its future solely in the world of cinema. And the parents didn’t mind – since 8th grade, they translated the son in a secondary Moscow international film school, after which youth enters GITIS. Jankowski Jr. wanted to focus on directing, because I thought that to create images more interesting than to play them, but my mother’s advice and chose the acting and directing Department and ended up in the workshop of Sergey Zhenovach.

    After the first serious roles in movies young man realized that nothing underrated art of acting. Now the game he is interested in much more through the prism of occurrence in the image Ivan Jankowski plans to understand cinema and the profession of artist.


    For the first time to work on the set of Ivan Jankowski had in the melodrama «Come see me», where the main role played by his grandfather. At the time of filming Vani was only 10 years old, yet, it has professionally coped with the role of the angel, giving the film extra warmth and childlike.

    8 years student, high school student Jankowski played his first adult role. In the science fiction Thriller «Indigo,» which was filmed the best friend of his father’s novel Jumpers, he got the image of Andrew kalyaeva, one of the Teens, endowed with sverhestestvennoe abilities. For example, the hero Ivan is able to anticipate danger and foresee events. Helped the young actor to appear on the screen of course the big stars of Russian cinema, Mikhail Efremov, Gosha Kutsenko. By the way, appeared in the frame and another descendant of an acting dynasty — Nicholas Efremov.

    In addition, the young actor was involved in such films as the romantic Comedy «Without borders», the second title is «Love with and without accent: Once in Armenia», as well as in the documentary film «hits» about his own grandfather.

    In 2016 one of the most anticipated new fantasy Thriller «Night watch» (working title «Wings») in which Yankovsky very interesting role of a simple courier, the will of fate turns into a fighter against the vampires.

    Personal life

    Ivan Yankovsky does not apply to those young people who after the first date I hasten to tell you about it in social networks. About romantic relations actor the public finds out only after his interest in girls goes into the category of serious.

    It is no secret that he was Dating Camilla Biserovo, the daughter of a prominent businessman and former civil husband of Christina Aguilera. After breaking up with him girlfriend married another one. Then the fans Jankowski attributed to the relationship with the partner in the film «Without borders» Anya Chipovskaya, but he denied these rumors, saying that with Anya they are only friends.

    Recently a young man is often seen in company with another girl, which turned out to be Vera Panfilova, daughter of the famous rock musician, the frontman of the band «Alisa» Konstantin Kintchev.


    • 2000 — Come see me
    • 2008 — Indigo
    • 2014 — Jankowski
    • 2015 — Without borders
    • 2016 — Rag Union
    • 2016 — the Night guard
    • 2016 — The Queen Of Spades


    Ivan Yankovsky

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