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  • Name: Ivan Dubrovsky ( Ivan Dubrovskiy )
  • Date of birth: 26 July 1990
  • Age: 26 years
  • Place of birth: Smolensk
  • Height: 184
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Ivan Dubrovsky: biography

    Ivan Dubrovsky, a young Russian actor, sports star of the TV series «Junior». He was born in Smolensk, in a simple family, which has neither to business nor to the cinema in particular, is irrelevant. However, Ivan realized pretty early on that he wanted to connect his life with the scene.

    That’s just a dream of a young Dubrovsky was not acting, and music. He imagined himself a rock singer, reaches millions of listeners in the global arena. For the sake of realization of the crystal of dreams in the life of Ivan went to music school, piano class, and he learned to play the guitar. Looking ahead, we note that music lessons Ivan Dubrovsky left today. He regularly goes on stage in different clubs in the team and how the singer performs the hits of famous Western rock bands and also writes his own poems and songs.

    Besides music school, Ivan nearly gave 12 years of ballroom dancing, and was fond of various sports, but mostly volleyball and swimming. And with a father who tried so many time to spend with my son, he skied and skated. By the way, my father pushed the van to the idea of high school theater. Seeing as the guy turns, telling or showing something, Dubrovskiy is a senior exclaimed, «You killed it!» and this decided the fate of Ivan.

    Immediately after school Ivan Dubrovskiy travels to Moscow and entered the theatrical Institute named after Boris Shchukin. Artistic Director of all the years was Yuri Nifontov, who saw a young man of great potential. After the game in the educational performances of «the divine Comedy» and «On the busiest place» the master recommended that Ivan linked to the life of the theater, but Dubrovsky stage fettered, and he preferred to do a film career.


    Immediately after theatre Institute Ivan Dubrovsky begins to film. He first appears in episodes of the Comedy series «Real boys» and melodramatic films «the Gift», «Samara» and «Forest lake». Then he puts the bundles in the criminal detective, «Major of police» and the military drama «the Task of special importance: the Operation «Typhoon». Despite the fact that air time the actor was not so much, he managed to work and learn from such a valuable experience from such stars as Dmitry Kharatyan, Victoria Tolstoganova, Artur Smolyaninov, and many others.

    And in 2013 there was a breakthrough: Ivan was invited to the sports series, the Team that made him a household name. By the way, first actor the casting for the role of defender of Mikhail Ponomarev, but the project chose to take Ilya Korobko. But Ivan Dubrovsky them too much, so much so that the writers were given the task to enter in the story a new character – winger Vadim Nazarov, specifically for Ivan.

    The actor recalls that in preparation for pictures all the boys sapped the advanced workouts, but it’s Dubrovsky bring true joy. He himself has proven he can cope with any difficulties and even more showed the male character. The success of the «Youth» contributed to the fact that Director Sergei Arlanov took a few more sequels in which one of the constant participants became and Ivan Dubrovsky.

    Besides, the young actor can be seen in the naval drama «Goryunov», detective, «the Road home» and romantic Comedy «Teli and Toli», which, incidentally, was the favorite work of Ivan. The last project Dubrovsky today there is a detective drama story «the Hotel «Russia», which will appear on screens in 2016.

    Personal life

    Ivan Dubrovsky in his student years, married five and Cableway, which at that time was an aspiring actress, and in addition, is tried to be realized and as a Director. Young people have been together through difficulty and joy, was able to save warm feelings and moments of complete lack of money, and in a moment of great glory.

    Strengthened family birth of a little daughter, Aglaia. By the way, this event is celebrated along with the cast of the TV series «Junior». Went to the party and producer Fyodor Bondarchuk.

    In addition to acting, Ivan Dubrovsky has a promising business that plans to expand to the European level. Also, the actor loves to travel with his family, and recently began to play hockey not only in front of the camera. He got into the main part of the hockey team of artists of theatre and cinema «the mosquito», which already played a few games.


    • 2011 — Real boys
    • 2011 — Forest lake
    • 2012 — Samara
    • 2013 — special intelligence: «Operation Typhoon»
    • 2013 — the Major of police
    • 2013 — Search
    • 2013-2016 — Junior
    • 2014 — the Road home
    • 2015 — Teli and Toli
    • 2016 — The Hotel «Russia»


    Ivan Dubrovsky

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