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  • Name: Ivan Dorn ( Ivan Dorn )
  • Date of birth: 17 October 1988
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Chelyabinsk
  • Activity: Singer
  • Marital status: married to Anastasia Novikova

    Ivan Dorn: biography

    Ivan Dorn for several years is the darling of the pop scene of Ukraine and the near abroad. Critics and the media called the young star performer, person, retail sales trends Slavic music market, and for good reason: Ivan is really very different from their colleagues in the genre.

    Ivan was born in Chelyabinsk on 17 October 1988, in the family of a nuclear scientist Alexander Eremina and Lydia Dorn. When the boy was two, the family moved to Slavutich: there the head of the family offered the job. Two years later, in the home recharge occurred: the mother gave birth to her second son, who was named Paul.

    When Ivan was in the second grade, there was an unpleasant event: his father fell in love with another woman and left the family. However, his relationship with his sons interrupted. After a while the boys Eremin changed her last name to the parent mandrel. After a short period of time Lydia married a second time, and in a future pop star had two half-brothers, and also John and Paul.

    Boy from childhood had an inexhaustible supply of energy and was involved in many activities. At school Ivan was a leader and activist, played in the WHC, created a festive program and even created to exhaust a film about the school, quite ironic and caustic. He was an excellent student and a good student, but was still a teacher’s pet due to their sharp wit and amazing charm.

    In addition, Ivan actively involved in sports, not limiting themselves in the areas of: football, tennis, athletics, swimming, sport ballroom dances. And, of course, Ivan was in the school of music, where he studied singing and learned to play the piano.

    Future star of the pop scene wasn’t planning to actively associate with music. He gladly took the opportunity to showcase their talents in the vocal area, but with all this came on the cinema faculty of the University named after Karpenko-Kary. It happened in 2006.

    Ivan Dorn: «star Factory»

    In the eleventh grade, Ivan tried to get the project «

  • Factory Of Stars-6″. It tells the singer, and his mother, which today is its reputation in the music world, attracted by the fact that the TV show was produced by Victor Drobysh, an influential and respected artist. For the sake of the project, Ivan Dorn and his mother went to Moscow, and talented young man got in the top twenty contestants. However, with the «Factory» Ivan did not work: when the twenty participants chose 16, Konstantin Ernst rejected the mandrel. According to Wani, one of the reasons could be the deliberate negligence of appearance and independence of conduct.

    However, in the future, Ivan still take part in the concert of the project «

  • Factory Of Stars. Return» and will be named later musical discovery. It will happen only a few years.

    Ivan Dorn: «Normal Couple»

    During my first year of University, Ivan Dorn met

  • Anya Dobrydneva. The young people quickly found a common language, and in 2007 he founded his own musical project «Pair of Normal». Ambitious musicians strived to make a quality product, surpassing the quality of even Western counterparts. The children are actively promoted performances exclusively with live sound. We can say that the project of these ambitious young men was destined for success. Each of the participants came together with a rather big Luggage behind: Ivan, Anya a lot and successfully performed on festivals, in addition, Anya Dobrydneva has managed to participate in several music groups, had experience of team work. Also, the team included producer and Director Andrey Gulyk, later wrote the book «a Guide «How to become a star»: «Pair of Normal» — the truth, myths and legends».

    «Normal couple» managed to release several songs, the audience accepted graciously, but without enthusiasm, while in 2008 the Ukrainian charts literally blew up composition «

  • Happy End». From Ivan and Anya woke up famous. Song for months kept on the tops of Ukrainian and Russian hit-parades, twisted clip on music channels. Among the critics were opinion that «Pair of Normal» — a group of one song, but this idea was incorrect: in 2008, the Duo released several songs instantly became hits, in particular «come Back» and «Scandal.» In early October 2008 the Duo released their debut album, «I’ll think of happy end», which gathered many positive reviews. In 2009, the group was invited to the contest «New Wave», and the talented pair received the award «MUZ-TV».

    In the same year 2009, the guys went in the first round of the 29 cities of Ukraine. Not wanting to remain a part of pop culture, the guys have created a distinctive mix of pop, funk, soul, rock and several other areas.

    A big shock for the fans was the fact that in 2010, Ivan Dorn left the Duo and decided to start a solo career. This turn of events was not the result of differences in the group, with the old team of the mandrel is left in a warm relationship, just a young singer wanted to discover more of their own talents.

    Ivan Dorn: solo career

    Activity as one of the soloists of the project was close to him. All their savings Ivan put in the work on new material, he also needed financial help mother. Ivan Dorn was not going to resort to the help of producers, not wanting someone to dictate his terms. In the work on the promotion of the songs he did bet on the Internet and not lost.

    In 2010 and 2011 on the grounds of the trendy clubs appear four little-known songs performer. They are a virus differ from club to club, music from one portal to another. Ivan also sings on these songs and runs them in the Network and on TV channels, using the experience in the world of show business. About the young singer begins to say, as an original creative force, and gradually he comes to his glory.

    In 2012, the young man released their first album, and in 2014 — the second, in the promotion focusing primarily again on the Internet.

    Ivan Dorn: TV

    In 2008, Ivan becomes the host of the program «Guten Morgen» on M1 music channel. This appointment was a pleasant surprise for the singer, who had no experience of television work.

    Since Ivan had visited both as a member and as lead in many projects: he won the project «star+Star» on channel 1+1, taking part in the show along with Vasilisa Frolova, in 2011, was a leading Ukrainian «Star Factory-4» and in 2014 was replaced by rapper Seryoga at the judges ‘ table in the project «X-Factor».

    Ivan Dorn: personal life

    For years there were rumors about the gay singer, which Ivan himself confirmed, refuted, depending on their mood. Many were misled by the shocking view of the mandrel and the specific behavior: the young man did not disdain to appear on stage in women’s sandals and so on in the same spirit.

    In fact, Ivan Dorn for eight years (two years married) is in a relationship with a former classmate of Anastasia Novikova. In June 2014, the couple had a daughter.

    Ivan Dorn: discography

    • I will think up happy end
    • Co’ ‘ Dorn
    • Randorn

    Ivan Dorn: photography

    Ivan Dorn

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