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  • Name: Ivan Bortnik ( Ivan Bortnik )
  • Date of birth: 16 April 1939
  • Age: 77 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 174
  • Activities: actor, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Ivan Bortnik biography

    16 APR 1939 in intelligent Moscow family, was born the famous Blotter of the cult TV series «the meeting Place cannot be changed». Therefore, the role of the audience remember and love Ivan Bortnik.

    His mother worked at the Institute of world literature, defended his doctoral dissertation on Philology. Father was Deputy editor of the State literary publishing house. Nothing surprising in the fact that their son Ivan exact Sciences at school were hard, but in Russian language and literature has always been five.

    Theatre, he became interested in childhood, so the choice of profession was not a surprise to parents. Since the childhood years of Ivan were in the yard, yard of the laws and was his primary caregiver. Many of the residents managed to pass through the «zone», and once took «on business» and the future of the actor. He stood «lookout», while the boys were robbing the stall: it was the first and last time in the biography of Ivan Bortnik.

    Strange, but domestic life did not prevent the boy to read and write poems, go to the city house of pioneers, and after the Amateur movie maker. In 1957, he enrolled in GITIS, however, changed his mind and decided to study at the Shchukin theater school. Ivan Bortnik acted on the policy of Vladimir Etush and successfully graduated from it in 1961.


    In the movie he debuted in 1962, it was the role of the artist Vasily in the drama «the Confession». His character is a Seminary student that he was disappointed in religion and left the Church. The actor did not like myself in this role, because on screen it looked like a sufferer. His film career was an 8-year break. Following the work of Ivan Bortnik began shooting in the drama «Ahead of the day.»

    Then he appeared on screen in the tale «Ivan Yes Marja», filmed in 1974. The actor played the soldier Ivan. After this role Directors began to invite him to the movies, offered mostly supporting roles.

    National popularity came after multiseries film «the meeting Place cannot be changed», where he brilliantly played the gangster named Blotter. Vladimir Vysotsky, who was friends with the beekeeper wanted, that he played Sharapova, but the Director Stanislav Govorukhin proposed to actor Blotter. In the script it was a small role with almost no words – Ivan Bortnik came up with the whole text itself. It has long been called «the Blotter». Ivan Bortnik is recognized that for a long time do not watch this movie – tired of the comparisons with the television hero.

    His first major role, the actor received only in 1987. He played Andrew in the movie «mirror for a hero». Then was the role of a watcher-investigator in the novel «Death in cinema» and the title role in a detective «Murder on Zhdanovsky». In recent years, the actor removed a little, although it receives input from the Directors on a regular basis. He says that the drama is weak, the characters uninteresting.

    Among his last works we can distinguish the shooting of «the Antikiller» and «beyond the wolves». In 2000, Ivan Bortnik was awarded the title people’s artist of Russia.

    Personal life

    The actor had two big love in life. His first love – actress Inna Gulaya. Ivan Bortnik recalls that it was some sort of teenage madness, the nerve, the categorization, the passion. They were people with the same character and temperament, so are unlikely to be able to get along with. And then she snapped – she could call in the morning and ask the beekeeper to arrive. It seemed to her that loved ones want to poison her or stab. The actor believes that the lack of demand in the profession broke Inna. In the end she committed suicide – poisoned pills.

    The second great love of the actor – a graduate of the theatrical art College Tatiana. To the acting profession, he has nothing to do – teaching in the native school. Tatiana was the only wife of actor suffered his explosive temper and whims, forgive grievances and conflicts, binges of her husband. They are now together. In 1969 Ivan and Tatiana had a son Theodore. He never followed his father’s footsteps – became an engineer, worked as a lighting designer.


    • «Relatives»
    • «Muslim»
    • «Beyond the wolves»
    • «The vein-was one woman»
    • «Mom, do not worry»
    • «Mirror for the hero»
    • «Three percent of risk»
    • «Sergeant,»
    • «Foreign letters»
    • «Confession»


    Ivan Bortnik

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