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  • Name: Ivan Abramov ( Ivan Abramov )
  • Date of birth: 21 September 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Volgograd, Russia
  • Height: 180
  • Activity: comedian, presenter, kvnschik
  • Marital status: married to Elvira Gismatullina

    Ivan Abramov biography

    Comedian Ivan Abramov was born on 21 may 1986 in Volgograd. A year later, his family moved to Odintsovo.

    Parents of the future comedian was people emotional, but good. It brought the whole family: mom and dad taught good behavior, grandparents were recruited to work for the country, and the brother explained that to play chess you need with dignity, never grab the winner with his fists.

    Ivan Abramov studied at the gymnasium of the Odintsovo — by the standards of the criminal of the city, as he himself said, was «neoliberal». Overweight with pimples on the face and braces on your teeth — classmates teased him, but he sneered in response and never showed how much he was hurt. Abramov always joked gently and wittily, and without malice: later in life this quality helped him.

    In fifth grade, Ivan lost weight and became a school leader. After fifth grade, the boy entered music school in piano and successfully graduated.

    After high school Ivan Abramov met in GITIS, but his father insisted on enrolling in the University. He did as he did and got a degree of economist. For the graduate of the prestigious University had to open the door in any industry, but to work in the specialty he wanted.

    Ivan Abramov decided to make a living humor. Parents, perhaps, the decision of the son was not satisfied, but they did not rebel. Himself a humorist says that the rejection of the profession does not imply the rejection of knowledge. In his mind there were English and French languages, geography, Economics — this database became the Foundation of his world view.


    He first tried himself in the WHC in the tenth grade. The games of adolescence was not like a game in the Premier League and the Higher League, but taught to appreciate the little victories.

    In MGIMO the game captured guy’s head. Ivan Abramov headed the team of «Parapaparam», often made parodies. A team of talented students has loudly declared itself in 2009 they won the title of Champions of the Premier League KVN, as from next year «Parapaparam» became a permanent participant of the Higher League.

    In 2011, the team entered the final of the games, and the 2013 season has won «bronze». This was the last season of the team of Ivan Abramov in the WHC, but the guys continue to participate in the tournament games club.

    «Stand Up»

    After MGIMO friends invited Ivan Abramov in the show «Stand Up». He immediately agreed, because the work on stage more interesting than sitting in a comfortable office. The comedian admits that parents enjoy watching his performances on TV.

    Preparing for the filming of the program, according to Ivan, is difficult. Prepared monologue artists practicing a few times on the technical party with the invited audience, watching their reaction and then decide which jokes to keep and which to change.

    Leaving the scene, every time he feels the jitters. Coping with anxiety helps him a glass of water. Nicotine and alcohol Ivan Abramov does not perceive.

    The genre in which he was speaking colleagues characterize as a music-stand up — Sam Abramov calls himself intelligent comedian.

    In the coming years to leave the «Stand Up Ivan Abramov is not going to.

    Personal life

    Ivan Abramov says that in childhood and adolescence was not popular with the opposite sex, and today in relations with the girls he is humble. And yet, the comedian considers himself monogamous.

    With his future wife, Elvira Gismatullina they brought the WHC in 2008. Six years pair have met, and in April 2014 they got married — the wedding was celebrated in France. In late autumn of the same year, Ivan Abramov became a proud father of his daughter.

    The wife of comedian — Muslim, her family lives in Orenburg. Mother-in-law is a successful business lady. Ivan said that most of the jokes for son-in-law and mother-in-law is not about him.


    Ivan Abramov

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