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  • Name: Isolda Ishkhanishvili ( Izolda Ihanishvili )
  • Date of birth: 11 may 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Chernigov, Ukraine
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: Russian singer, former soloist of the Russian female pop group «Lyceum»
  • Marital status: married

    Isolda Ishkhanishvili: biography

    The popularity of Isolda Ishkhanishvili came along with the popularity of women’s musical trio «high school». The girl stood out of the three beauties a shock of long and lush hair, which today she is remembered fans.

    Isolde edvardovna ishkhanishvili was born in the Ukrainian Chernigov in may 1977. As is clear from its name, daddy’s girl has Georgian roots. He worked in the Chernigov flight school, and my mother Isolde worked in the regional Committee of Komsomol.

    Barely speak, Isolda Ishkhanishvili announced that there will be an artist. This was no surprise, after all the girl had. She visited the children’s exemplary ensemble «Polesie bells» organized by the school of music. Its head Yury Karpenko and today remembers this talented girl with a cloud of blond hair who sang «jingle Bells» from 4 to 12 years.

    But then the family moved to Moscow, deciding that it would be better for my daughter. The calculation was correct. After 2 years of 14-year-old Isolda Ishkhanishvili enrolled in the Children’s theater stage, where she met with Elena Perova and Anastasia Makarevich.


    Girls aren’t just friends, they began to sing together. Once the fruits of their joint creativity saw, or rather heard Nastia’s father. The trio sang at a concert theater stage. Alexey Makarevich, at that time worked as a decorative artist, remembered his stormy youth. In the 1980s he was one of the members of the popular rock band «Sunday».

    Alexey Makarevich decided to organize of the three young singers group. Asking the consent of the parents of Isolde Ishkhanishvili and Elena Perova, he implemented the idea. So in 1991 was born the trio «high school». Later, when the group left Perov, and then Ishkhanishvili, the company Nastya Makarevich made other soloist. But all the fans are United in the opinion that the first part of the «Lyceum» was «gold».

    Only a few months were needed in order to work out a few songs and make concert costumes. «The Lyceum» first appeared on television in «the Morning star» Yury Nikolaeva. 14-year-old girls singing the hit song from the repertoire of «ABBA». Success came immediately. Then in the repertoire of the trio had their own songs.

    In 1992 Isolda Ishkhanishvili shone with her on all TV channels. In the same year the debut album «Lyceum» called «house arrest». The whole country sang the main super hit girls called «Autumn» where were the ringing words «Autumn, fall, leaves well, let’s ask…».

    After 2 years there was a second album titled «Girlfriend night.» Then the new wheels went every year up to 2000, inclusive. «Litseistki» toured extensively, performed at various venues, from night clubs to national teams of the concerts, which were attended by national pop stars. But in 1997, the team left Elena Perova. It was replaced by another soloist.

    In 2000, Isolda Ishkhanishvili, despite significant concert activity, received higher education. She was awarded the prestigious diploma of the Institute of international law and Economics. Specialty Isolde — lawyer at international law.

    Biography of Isolde Ishkhanishvili was associated with «school» until 2001. But if the First was a loud and controversial, Ishkhanishvili gone quiet. She decided that the draft has outlived its usefulness and should go further.

    In 2003, the singer together with guitarist Siedem founded the team, which was named «Chocolate.» But the announced solo career of Isolde failed. The group never appeared in public. The singer will forever be remembered as one of the three «liteishik».

    Personal life

    Today the name Isolde Ishkhanishvili often POPs up in gossip columns. That is not surprising, because pinevalley ex-litseistki a real socialite. It appears that in the most Bohemian and star of the Metropolitan parties, in Paris, in Cannes or on the French Riviera. Former singer happens every year on the August flower Ball at Villa Rothschild.

    Personal life Isolde Ishkhanishvili formed perfectly. On one of secular parties in the capital, the girl met a successful businessman Dmitry Desyatnikov, should. After the wedding the couple settled in a private mansion on the ruble. Next to them lived a family of former Russian President Boris Yeltsin.

    In 2012, She gave birth to her son Edward.


    • «House arrest»
    • «Friend of the night»
    • «Outdoor curtain»
    • «Train-the cloud»
    • «For you»
    • «Living collection»
    • «Sky»
    • «You’ve changed»


    Isolda Ishkhanishvili

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