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  • Name: Islam Karimov ( Islom Karimov )
  • Date of birth: 30 January 1938
  • Age: 78 years
  • Date of death: 2 September 2016
  • Place of birth: Samarkand, Uzbek SSR
  • Activities: President Of Uzbekistan
  • Marital status: married

    Islam Karimov biography

    Islam Karimov is a Soviet and Uzbek political figure, leader of Uzbekistan since 1989. Next to Nursultan Nazarbayev, it is one of two irremovable presidents of post-Soviet States.

    Islam was born in the end of January 1938 in the family of an employee Abdugani Karimov. The boy was not easy. When he was three years old, the parents put the baby for a few months in an orphanage. But in 1945, Karimov again return to the shelter. Apparently, parents have become difficult to support a large family that had many children: Islam had six brothers and one sister.

    After the maturity the young man comes into the Central Asian Polytechnic Institute, located in Tashkent, where becoming an engineer-mechanic.

    In 1960, future President of the country for the posts of assistant master begins to work on the «Tashselmash». Gradually, he was promoted to chief engineer in the USSR aviation Association named after Valery Chkalov, and later entered into the Ministry of water economy of the Uzbek SSR.

    In order for education to fit the position, Islam Karimov received the second highest in the Tashkent Institute of national economy. Ordinary diploma this time he did not stop and he defended his low, becoming a candidate of economic Sciences.

    Gradually Karimov promoted. After the Ministry’s water transport Minister as he was engaged in the Finance of Uzbekistan, and later became the first Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist party of the Republic. The post after the collapse of the Soviet Union allowed the ambitious man to become head of the newly formed state.


    First, Islam Karimov urged the population to vote in a referendum for preserving the Soviet Union. And the people of Uzbekistan listened to their leader over 93% of people did not want to part with the Soviet Union. However, 10 days after the coup, Karimov first of the Central Asian politicians declared the independence of their Republic.

    Board President Karimov cannot be called calm. During the 90-ies intensified the opposition, there were many attacks. The President has had to take tough measures to restore order in the country. Many opponents of Karimov’s claim that the life of the population during his leadership has not changed for the better.

    However, in every election campaign, the incumbent President retained his post, and never scored less than 90% of the votes. The last time he was re-elected at the end of March 2015.

    Personal life

    Islam Karimov was married twice. His first wife Natalia Kuchma, he met right after graduation. Their marriage was short-lived, though, and gave Islam Karimov heir. First son was given the name of Rustam, but after the divorce, the mother changed the documents and renamed the child Peter, in honor of his father.

    Soon Karimov married for the second time. This time his choice was a graduate of the economic faculty of Akbarovna. In this family was born the two daughters – Gulnara and Lola. Both received education in the field of international relations, worked in diplomatic posts. Thanks to the daughters of Islam Karimov has five grandchildren.

    However, the sisters do not communicate among themselves for 15 years because, according to Lola, they are completely different people looking at the same things at opposite angles, and they just have nothing to talk about. By the way, according to some Uzbek media father in 2014 took Gulnara with a prestigious position, as she was involved in corruption and placed under house arrest.


    Recently the President of Uzbekistan leaves much to be desired. At the end of August 2016 Karimov, suffered a number of chronic ailments, suffered a stroke and was hospitalized in the best hospital of the country. On the severity of the attack is not reported, and it is still unknown whether Islam Karimov is to take part in the anniversary celebration of the Independence Day on 1 September.


    2 Aug at 18:15 Moscow time the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov died of a cardiac arrest. In the official medical report about the death of Karimov stated that the permanent 27, the Uzbek leader suffered a stroke which fell into atonic coma and connected to a ventilator.

    After cardiac arrest Karimov doctors urgently held him intense therapy, but she did not give result — the biological death of the Uzbek’s head was fixed at 20:55 local time (18:55 Kyiv time).

    It is known that during the life of Karimov fought not only leading physicians of Tashkent, but also specialists-neurosurgeons from Monaco, Finland and Germany. Also in the treatment of the President of Uzbekistan was attended by Russian neurosurgeons.

    The funeral of Islam Karimov were held in the homeland politics in Samarkand on 3 September. The policy was buried beside his mother and brothers near the architectural monument of Shahi Zinda in the historic cemetery of the country.

    At the farewell ceremony with Karimov delegations from 17 countries. The streets of the city left tens of thousands of citizens, who, without hiding tears, crying about the death of the leader of the country.


    Islam Karimov

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