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  • Name: Isla Fisher ( Isla Fisher )
  • Date of birth: 3 February 1976
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Muscat, Oman
  • Height: 160
  • Activities: actress, writer
  • Marital status: married Sacha Baron Cohen

    Isla Fisher: biography

    Isla lang Fisher is an Australian actress of Scottish descent, was remembered to fans of world cinema to participate in such films as «I’ll Marry the first counter», «Illusion of deception» «the Great Gatsby» and «Uninvited guests». In addition, in her youth, she has published several children’s books.

    Isla Fisher
    Photo Isla Fisher | VK Group

    The girl was born in an Arab country Oman and raised in Australia. The fact that the father of the future actress, Brian Fisher, was a financier to the United Nations and just at the moment was engaged in the banking structure in Muscat, the capital of this Asian country. After a few months the Family returned to Scotland, in the town of Bathgate. By the way, the actress was named in honor of one of the British Isles. And later in the biography of Isla Fisher appears Australian city of Perth, where the family moved to permanent residence.

    Isla Fisher
    Photo Isla Fisher | VK Group

    At that time Riley was about six years old and she now recalls with pleasure his childhood outdoors. The girl with four older brothers used to go for long hikes, studied and absorbed the beauty of nature. When Fisher was 9 years old, she was invited on local TV to try their hand at filming. She began appearing in commercials, and later in children’s TV productions.

    Isla Lang Fisher
    Photo Isla Fisher | VK Group

    At the end of the women’s Methodist College, which she paid more attention to school theatres, and Ayla goes to Paris and enters the International theatre school Jacques Lecoq. There she is studying MIME, clowning and Comedy art. The following paragraph in the biography of Isla Fisher is getting London. The actress plays the theatre Royal in the play, così fan tutte and toured with the musical «Summer holiday».

    Isla Fisher
    Not only an actress, but also writer | VK Group

    Incidentally, when Fisher was still a young 18-year-old girl, she, together with her mother Elspeth Reid has written and published two novels for teenagers: «Bewitched» and «Seduced by fame». In Australian children, these books enjoyed some success. Now Isla Fisher and her family scattered across the world: the father of Ayla alternately lives in Germany, then in Nicaragua, mother and brothers in Athens, and the actress had long been settled in Los Angeles, close to Hollywood film companies.


    Even at the tender age of Ayla appeared in the Australian teen television pictures «Bay city» and «Paradise beach» and later played Shannon reed in the family Saga «House and road». For his work on this series young actress was awarded the «Logie» in the nomination «Miss popularity». First known in Europe came to Fisher after the release of the German horror film «swimming Pool» and the Comedy adventure «Scooby-Doo». The last of them, the girl played is allergic to dogs, Mary Jane. Since the character of Ayla was supposed to be blonde, she is on the set wearing a wig.

    Isla Fisher in the movie
    Isla Fisher in «confessions of a Shopaholic» Is a movie

    A breakthrough in the career of Fisher occurred after the MTV award for participation in easy melodrama «Uninvited guests». By the way, thanks to this film, Isla Fisher received another unusual award: she was invited to talk about the filming of the talk show «the Journey», where she was the thousandth anniversary guest and was crowned right in the air. After that, the actress given the lead role in the romantic Comedy «Marry the first counter», the melodrama «Yes, no, maybe», the comic series the Bachelorette and ironic picture of «confessions of a Shopaholic». Interestingly, critics first adopted the «Shopaholic» emphasized cool, but the audience gladly went to the cinema and the tape took fourth place at the box office and the Aila has received for the role of Rebecca Bloomwood the award «Teen Choice».

    Isla Fisher in the movie
    Isla Fisher in the film «Illusion of deception» | a Real movie

    Great success was the Thriller «the Illusion of deception», where Fischer worked together with Jesse Eisenberg, as well as the horror film «Visions.» Of the last projects of the actress stand out the psychological drama «Under cover of night» and the action Comedy «the Spy next door».

    Personal life

    In his youth, the actress met with Australian counterpart Shane Amanom, and later a little more than two years and was in a romantic relationship with the British stage actor Darren Day.

    Shane Ammann
    Actor Shane Ammann first boyfriend Ayla | Showbiz Geek

    But in 2002, at the party the girl met one of the best comedians in the UK, Sasha Baron Cohen, and since then personal life Isla Fisher has changed radically. They dated for 8 years, and in March 2010 they were married. The wedding ceremony took place in the most romantic city in the world — in the French capital and was held according to Jewish traditions.

    Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen
    With her husband Sacha Baron Cohen | Joy Indonesia

    Although the Islay to the Jewish people has nothing to do, it was at the insistence of the family of the groom long before the wedding, she converted to Judaism. By the way, at that moment, she changed her name on more traditional to her new culture name Ayala, the Hebrew word «LAN».

    Isla Fisher with children
    With son and daughters

    Very hard to imagine, but this elegant and attractive woman – a mother of three children. First daughter Isla Fisher and her husband, named olive, was born another three years before the wedding, and the second Elul Lottie Miriam – five months after the marriage ceremony. The youngest kid, the son of Moses Montgomery was born in March of 2015. And if you look at the filmography Isla Fisher, it becomes clear that none of the pregnancies were not an obstacle for her film career.


    • 2002 — Scooby-Doo
    • 2005 — wedding Crashers
    • 2007 — Marry the first counter
    • 2008 — Yes, no, maybe
    • 2009 — confessions of a Shopaholic
    • 2012 — the Bachelorette
    • 2013 — The Great Gatsby
    • 2013 — the Illusion of deception
    • 2015 — Vision
    • 2016 Spy next door


    Isla Fisher

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