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  • Name: Isabelle Huppert ( Isabelle Huppert )
  • Date of birth: 16 March 1953
  • Age: 63 years
  • Place of birth: Ville-Avre, France
  • Height: 160
  • Activities: French actress
  • Marital status: married

    Isabelle Huppert: biography

    This wonderful actress is often called an icon of French and European cinema. Isabelle Huppert is embodied on the screen a number of masterpieces. Most of her roles – is a fusion of acting, aristocratic refinement and deep drama. Movies with her participation – for the real gourmets movie.

    Isabelle Huppert was born in the spring of 1953 in the suburbs of Paris. In this ancient town called Ville-Avre passed her childhood and youth. The future actress grew up in a wealthy family. He owned a firm that manufactured safes. Mom taught English at a private school. It was she who had the greatest influence on the future daughter.

    Thanks to my mother Isabelle Huppert not only fell in love with foreign languages, she joined the rich world of foreign literature and cinema.

    After high school she went to continue her education at the famous Sorbonne. Here she enthusiastically studied Slavic languages. In addition, Huppert continued in school music education. She took lessons in piano at the legendary Versailles Conservatory.

    At the Sorbonne Isabelle are more interested in theater and started acting.


    A cinematic biography of Isabelle Huppert started when the girl was 19. The aspiring actress made her debut in the melodrama of Nina Kompaneets «Faustina hot summer». In the same 1972 came another picture where there was French. This tape is Claude Sautet’s «Cesar and Rosalie».

    After the release of the mentioned films Huppert realized that she needed to seriously work on his game. Isabel started to attend acting classes and improve.

    In the first half of the 1970s, the actress removed a lot. But almost all of the roles it played during this period, you can «invest» in the role of a ditzy teenage girl. Perhaps the exception to the rule can be called a drama of «DuPont, Law», after which Huppert looked like an actress, able to bring deep psychological images.

    Star cinematic biography Isabelle Huppert began in 1975, when the screens released film «the judge and the assassin» directed by Bertrand Tavernier. Young actress starred in it with such masters of cinema as Philippe noiret and Michel Bahrain. Huppert has managed to embody the image of the heroine of the fragility and strength of character that immediately noted by the critics and the audience.

    Following the work of talented French women in the film «Violetta Nozer», where she got the main role, brought the first prestigious award in Cannes. Collaboration with Claude Chabrol proved to be very fruitful. The Director called Huppert in key roles in his films «for Women», «Madame Bovary», «Ceremony» and «Bets». All of these movies released in the 1990s and immediately became a cult. They brought Isabelle prizes of the Venice and Moscow film festivals, Cesar and many others.

    In the early 2000s, fans of French film stars saw real masterpieces of cinema, including the painting «the Pianist», «8 women», «Thanks for the chocolate», «the Lacemaker» and more. All of these projects went with the triumph in many countries and brought Isabelle Huppert new prestigious awards, among them BAFTA awards, prizes Berlinale and Cannes.

    Today, the great artist continues to delight his fans with new masterpieces. Of her new works released in the last decade, it should be noted the project of «Body art», «Louder than bombs» and «the Folies Bergere».

    Personal life

    French and European movie star does not like the noise, bustle and congestion of the public. Personal life Isabelle Huppert has always been in the shadows and silence.

    Since 1982, the actress married to French actor, writer and Director Ronald Shammai. Never in the press there were even rumors about the problems of this couple. Huppert never carried in public details of private life and was not seen in the novels with other men.

    The couple had three children, Lolita, Lorenzo and Angelo. The older daughter Lolita and son Lorenzo walked in the footsteps of their parents and become actors.


    • «DuPont, Lagua»
    • «Violetta Nozer»
    • «Women’s business»
    • «Madame Bovary»
    • «The ceremony»
    • Betting
    • «The pianist»
    • «8 women»
    • «Thanks for the chocolate»
    • «The Lacemaker»


    Isabelle Huppert

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