Iryna Bilyk

(biography, photo, video) Irina Bilik

photograph Iryna Bilyk

  • Name: Iryna Bilyk ( Irina Bilik )
  • Date of birth: 6 April 1970
  • Age: 46 years
  • Place of birth: Kiev
  • Height: 170
  • Activity: singer, people’s artist of Ukraine
  • Marital status: not married

    Iryna Bilyk: biography

    Iryna Bilyk — a popular Ukrainian singer, who achieved recognition at home and in Russia, where there are millions of her fans. In 2008, she received the title of people’s artist of Ukraine, and in 2013 residents of the Russian Federation has personally declared the performer of «popular» artist.

    Irina was born in an ordinary Soviet family of 6 APR 1970 in Kiev. Her parents were far from art, but from an early age instilled in her a love of music, though not believed in her artistic career. On family holidays, the girl was put on a stool and announced the presentation of people’s artist Iryna Bilyk», that incredibly inspired future singer. For five years she performed folk songs.

    When she was 5 years old, her parents sent her to dancing school, and then a children’s choir. So Bilyk became the lead singer of his first band «the Sun». The talents of the future stars is not over, she enrolled in a drama club, where he impressed teachers with his artistry. They excitedly predicted her acting future, but the movies Irina did not happen.

    In 1998 Bilyk independently entered the State musical College named. Glier, that girl from an ordinary family was a real feat. In parallel with studies began to develop her pop career. She graduated from College, as a promising and famous singer of Ukraine.

    Iryna Bilyk: music

    The first step to Irina music hall of fame was the participation in the Ukrainian festival «Chervona Ruta» was held in 1989 in the city of Chernivtsi. At the time singer for a long time did not speak, and the festival became a real breath of fresh air. Then the singer continued to ride on big concerts. There she met talented musicians from the band Ajax, which invited Irina in his new project «This rain is for long». This was the band did Bilyk pop star.

    In 1991, the band signed a contract with the Agency «Rostyslav-Show» and proceeded to the active recording material. A year later, the singer debuted his first video for the song «Only you.» The fame of the band grew exponentially, primarily due to the image and voice of Irene. Amid the growth of its popularity, the group decided to continue the band as musicians solo project Bilyk.

    After the tour of 1994, the singer became the most famous star of Ukraine and entrusted the honour to meet with U.S. President bill Clinton, a true recognition of talent and popularity of a pop singer. That is the year 1995 was one of the most successful in the career of Irina.

    In 1996 Bilyk invited to open the festival «Tavria games». Has not done without incidents. When the singer started to sing, the whole room began to laugh, which caused considerable confusion in the artist, who could not find the source of the humor, the concert was broadcast live. After she said that during her performances on stage ran huge dog sitting there until the end of the song. This story pleases Irina to this day, as well as two awards «Golden Firebird», to get her in the nominations «female Singer of the year» and «song of the year». In the same year she became an Honored artist of Ukraine.

    Every year the popularity of Irina grew. The singer received several prestigious awards, she was invited on television, where they had to appear in numerous commercials. Tour artist partially took place on the territory of Russia, and one of the concerts she gave in London. In 2002 Bilyk has released a Polish album with the modest name «Bilyk», and even pondered the prospects of moving to Poland.

    In 2003 Irina released the album «Country» and went on a major concert tour in the cities of Ukraine. Her first album in the career of the actress called «Love. Poison» seriously affected the singer’s popularity in Russia, making it one of the most popular artists.

    In 2014, the artist released the album «Dawn», which was presented on the roof of the Kiev hotel «Intercontinental».

    Iryna Bilyk: scandal

    Hard times for the singer came in 2013, due to strained relations between Russia and Ukraine. Unlike some of their Ukrainian colleagues, Irina Bilyk continued his concert activity in Russia, which seriously affected the popularity of the singer at home.

    And recently, Bilyk visited the Crimea, and thereby brought upon himself a storm of criticism with Ukraine. This became known thanks to her shared photo with Philip Kirkov, who at that time was in Yalta at the festival «New wave». The artist said that he had visited the Crimea in connection with the wedding of a close friend and not performed at the festival.

    Iryna Bilyk: personal life

    Personal life Irina is no less intense than her professional activities. Her first boyfriend was a musician and producer Yuri Nikitin. Their relationship lasted seven years, and during that time the producer did a lot for popularizing the name of his wife. Even after they broke up, Yuri left the music producer Irina and to this day is her work.

    In 1998, Irina had an affair with male model Andrew A. Overchuk, which resulted in the first official marriage of the actress. Even the lovers were married, and in 1999, played a modest wedding. After some time, they had a son Gleb, the godfather of which was the previous lover Bilyk Nikitin. But that relationship is over, Irina filed for divorce and has an affair with choreographer Dmitry Kolyadenko. Their affair and the breakup was accompanied by numerous scandalous details of family life, which is willingly shared ex-boyfriend of the singer.

    In 2007, the artist married again. Then her choice was a choreographer Dmitry Dikusar, who was younger than pop stars almost 15 years. Their marriage lasted three years, after which the young are divorced.

    In 2014, Irina admitted that he is in a relationship, but the name of her lover to call did not want, citing the fact that excessive publicity only hurts your personal life. A year later, the singer said that her boyfriend is a sought-after guitarist, who is quite famous in the field of show business. Now that a couple does not live together.

    Iryna Bilyk: discography

    • I’ll tell
    • Nova
    • Oma
    • Paint
    • Biłyk
    • Country
    • Love. Poison
    • Encore
    • Dawn

    Iryna Bilyk: photo

    Iryna Bilyk

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