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(biography, photo, video) Irina Nusinova

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  • Name: Irson Kudikova ( Irina Nusinova )
  • Date of birth: 17 September 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Growth: 182
  • Activities: Russian singer, saxophonist, record producer, actress
  • Marital status: divorced

    Irson Kudikova : biography

    Irina Kudikova, familiar to most of us as Irson Kudikova, was born in the capital in September 1982. She grew up in an ordinary Moscow family. In early childhood her mother took Irina to a music school where she studied violin.

    In addition to music Irina Kudikova fond of sports. High growth and excellent physique allowed her to succeed in basketball: she is master of sports, also a graduate of the school of Olympic reserve.

    After graduation Kudikova got two higher educations. She is a certified journalist and financier. In perfection knows English.

    Star Factory

    Musical biography Irson Kudikova started in 15 years. Bright and talented girl, was chosen soloist of the group «Children», which was produced by Alexander Tsekalo.

    The first popularity to Irson came after one of the concerts she sang in a Duo with Eugene Wasp. It was then that the young singer was heard applause and realized that the stage is her dream. Irson began to develop their music abilities, learned to play piano and saxophone, he attended vocal lessons.

    In 2004, Irson Kudikova auditioned and became a member of the 5th season of «American idol Alla Pugacheva». At that time the singer was 22 years old. The first song in her performance called «Why» brought the «star factory» participant popularity.

    Soon there were 2 new hit, performed in the framework of the project: «Long evenings» and «Forgive me.» In a duet with Alla Pugacheva Irson sang the song, «I will put everything in its place». She then performed with several stars such as Alexander Malinin, Verka Serduchka, Vladimir Presnyakov, Pierre Nartsiss, Anastasia Stotsky and.

    A young «star factory» participant remembered by many fans of the TV show that she sympathized with and patronized herself a diva. She helped the girl to shoot her first music video «September rain» and make the first successful steps in show business.

    After the finale of the TV show Irson Kudikova continued to develop his musical career. It was signed a contract with the producer Igor Matvienko. Soon, fans of the singer saw the fruits of their cooperation. In the spring of 2007 a successful ex- «star factory» participant gave his first solo concert «Irson Jazz Show», where she played the saxophone and sang their hits. Between performances Irson in public appearances, the resident «Comedy club» and a guest star.

    In 2012 Kudikova founded his own production company.

    Business and scandals

    Irson Kudikova extremely versatile and energetic person. I think she manages everywhere. In addition to his artistic career woman has managed to achieve success in business. In addition to the production company she founded her own jewelry firm, and also became the co-owner of security company.

    But with one of based Irson Kudikova the projects was a scandal. Until 2014, the singer and entrepreneur was the owner of the children’s family club, which opened on Novy Arbat. For this purpose, the woman borrowed patronizing diva more than 7 million rubles. Later Irson together with Alla Pugacheva inaugurated the children’s school of creative development.

    But in 2015 scandal. As it turned out, Irson Kudikova didn’t return to Alla Borisovne money that she lent. Pugacheva went to court, who stood on her side. Kulikovoj had to give in compensation to the Moscow apartment. But she couldn’t cover the whole amount of debt.

    Personal life

    First, the singer’s marriage did not take place. Some time Irson met with Alexander Krasnopolsky. The couple looked quite happy as at 31 December 2015, the planned wedding. But on the eve of the wedding of businessman suddenly disappeared.

    Personal life Irson Kudikova improved after 2 years. She met other successful entrepreneur Alexei Nusinova. Although the beauty didn’t plan on having a big family and many children because he was focused on his career, after meeting with Nasirovym her plans changed. In 2010, Irson married and within 5 years had three children.

    In an interview, published in this period, singer and business-woman told me about a happy marriage and his wonderful family. But in 2015, it became known that the couple broke up.


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    Irson Kudikova

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