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  • Name: Irina Yusupova ( Irina Romanova )
  • Date of birth: 15 Jul 1895
  • Age: 74 years
  • Date of death: 26 Feb 1970
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activity: the Princess of the Imperial blood
  • Marital status: was the widow of

    Irina Yusupov: biography

    Irina Romanova – Princess of the Imperial blood, marriage became a Princess Yusupova Countess and Sumarokova-Elston, was born in the summer of 1895 in Peterhof, the Imperial summer residence of St. Petersburg.

    Irina Yusupov in childhood
    In childhood |

    The girl was the only child of the Grand Prince Alexander Mikhailovich and Xenia Alexandrovna. Mother she was the granddaughter of Emperor Alexander III and the father of the great — granddaughter of Nicholas I. Baptized Irina in the Palace Church of the Tsar Nicholas II and the Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna.

    Irina Yusupova
    Princess of Imperial blood |

    With 1906 the girl’s parents often spent time in France, so the daughter was called in the French manner – Irene. Of course, the young girl belonged to the Golden youth of Russia, and was one of the most enviable bride.

    Personal life

    Marriage 18-year-old Irina Romanova with a rich suitor of Russia Felix Yusupov many of his contemporaries considered impossible and incredibly scandalous. Felix Yusupov, count Sumarokov-Elston, was more than doubtful reputation. The young man was what is called, startling the boys. But unusually bright, angelically beautiful and charismatic.

    Irina Yusupov Felix Yusupov
    Husband |

    In the light whispered about his Affairs with members of their own sex. Most gossip Yusupov connected with the Grand Duke Dmitry Pavlovich, who was a relative of Irina. When these rumors finally reached the Royal grandmother and the bride’s parents, they are shocked by the news, wanted to cancel the wedding. But Irina insisted she was in love with Felix.

    The groom was not only beautiful, but also received an excellent education. After the tragic and mysterious death of the eldest son of Nicholas parents sent Felix to Oxford. He returned home a few years later and conquered all of his subtle mind and deep knowledge in various branches of science. He was a connoisseur of art and sang beautifully.

    Irina Yusupova with her husband

    Irina Yusupova are unable to resist the romantic and mysterious guy with great languid eyes and plump lips. When he sang, the girl’s heart seemed to fail somewhere.

    However, to hear the singing of the «Golden boy» Yusupova, his fans came in the fashionable and the notorious St. Petersburg cafe. Here a handsome man appeared on the scene in very eccentric attire: women’s dress of the finest blue silk and tulle, embroidered with sequins, and the incredible ostrich feather boa blue feather.

    Many were whispering that in his Palace there was a secret room, furnished in Oriental style, where the sweet, handsome, indulged in the forbidden and impossible for the Russian pleasures.

    Felix Yusupov
    Outrageous groom |

    It is for such a person married a granddaughter of the Empress and niece of the current Emperor. Everyone thought that it is unheard of mesalliance and an incredible scandal. But she got married and became Irina Yusupova. Of course, she didn’t know about everything, then what the biography of a loved one. But he repented in front of her many sins and promised to stop with past relationships, because he realized that his only love is Irene.

    She believed. The wedding is beautiful heiress of the Royal family of Irina Yusupova was held in the Anichkov Palace in February 1914. The celebration was attended by about a thousand guests. Among them – Nicholas II with Alexandra Feodorovna and Grand duchesses. From them the bride was given a marriage blessing.

    Irina Yusupova
    Scandalous marriage |

    Irina Yusupova-Romanova the ceremony was wonderful. Simple cut dress emphasized the fragility and lightness of its silhouette, on her head a precious tiara by Cartier made of rock crystal, decorated with diamonds. But the main thing – a lace veil the most Marie-Antoinette. A lot of people thought bad about signs, because the veil had once adorned the head severed by the sword of the executioner.

    Detractors, and they are among the wedding guests were many, were whispering that the groom did not miss. After all, the excellent reputation of the bride now to bleach the reputation in which «nowhere to put the sample».

    Irina Yusupova with her daughter
    Daughter |

    After a year Irina Yusupova gave birth to a daughter, also called Irina. The man seemed to settle down. Anyway, now on his adventures spoke much less. And began in the country in a revolutionary fermentation distracted society from gossiping about a young man.

    Particularly interested in and annoyed by high society Grigory Rasputin. Irina Yusupova was familiar with the Siberian elder person. Moreover, the gossip of high society whisper about the alleged connection Princess with Rasputin. Others said that Irina is pure and innocent, as if the elder was not indifferent to her unearthly beauty and was called a girl angel.

    Irina Yusupova-Romanov
    Princess with an impeccable reputation

    And in the winter of 1916 there was a terrible: Rasputin was killed. The murder was involved in Felix Yusupov, Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich and Vladimir Purishkevich.

    Irina Yusupova was immediately sent to my daughter in the Crimea. Purishkevich was sent to the front, Prince of Persia, and Felix in the parent’s estate in Kursk province.

    Irina Yusupova
    This girl was in love with Grigory Rasputin |

    This bloody drama and today shrouded in mystery. Rumor has it that lured Rasputin to the Palace a young man Irina, supposedly promising the elder Gregory her favorable response to his love. There is a second version: it was said that the old man was partial to handsome. Well, the third version – Irina Yusupova she lured the old man into the Palace, allegedly wanting to talk to him about homosexual relationships of the husband, which he never finished after the marriage.

    Irina Yusupova with her husband
    Notoriety Yusupov |

    Unfortunately, the truth now no one will know. What happened is what happened. Probably not on their own Irina Yusupova was drawn into this mysterious and sordid history. The story that gave rise to the February and then October revolutions and put an end to the great Russian Empire and monarchy.

    Felix from execution saved only by the fact that the murder involved Great Prince Dmitry.


    Yusupov managed to avoid the terrible fate of the monarchs and Great princes. In the spring of 1919 on a British battleship «Marlboro», specially sent for the salvation of the members of the Royal family, which at that time were in the Crimea, the couple left the country.

    Irina Yusupova with her husband left Russia untold wealth: the 4 Palace, 6 apartment houses in St. Petersburg, the Palace and the 8 houses in Moscow, 3 dozen estates scattered throughout Russia, and two plants – sugar and meat. From the famous collection of jewelry usupovsky managed to take only a small part and a few pictures.

    Irina and Felix Yusupov
    In exile |

    From London Irina Yusupov and his family moved to Paris. Here Princess, in whose veins flowed the blood of the Romanovs, I learned what poverty is. She had to wash and mend linen, and for nothing to sell the remains of jewels and paintings, brought from Russia. Any money brought home a husband who was making memoirs and stories about the murder of Rasputin. Irina Yusupova was strongly against this «glory», but because of the miserable existence had to endure this.

    Hardly a family that was considered in Russia one of the richest, have managed to gather up money for a modest house in the Bois de Boulogne.

    Irina and Felix Yusupov
    Wife Yusupov |

    For some time Yusupov was involved in the fashion business. They created their fashion house, calling it the initial letters of their names – «IrFe». Models and embroiderers in «IrFe» was entirely in the Countess and Duchess, impoverished and willing to work for little money. Neither Irina Yusupova, nor her husband knew nothing about business and was not engaged in advertising. They only had great taste and knowledge of fashion trends. However, Irina managed to show its models, aristocratic ladies and a collection of clothes in the Ritz. The show was a resounding success.

    Up to the 1930-ies «IrFe» was on a par with the great fashion houses. Clothing from Yusupova praised for his refined taste and some innovations (for example, Irina came up with a silk painting of their models).

    Fashion house Irina Yusupova
    Fashion house «IrFe» |

    Meanwhile, the man was up to his old tricks: novels, games, casinos and restaurants are back in his life.

    But the rise ended with the fall. Most customers were Americans. The great depression made them bankrupt and about fashion they forgot. In addition, the change of luxurious and aristocratic style Irina Yusupova came affordable brands of Coco Chanel and Christian Dior. Fashion house «IrFe» went bankrupt.

    Irina Yusupova with her husband
    Husband |

    The ending of the life of Irina Yusupova and her husband was unenviable. Due to lack of funds they were buried in one grave at the famous cemetery of Sainte-Genevieve-des-Bois. The first mother Felix, Zinaida Yusupov, then in the same grave her husband, and 3 years after it itself and Irina Yusupov.

    She died in February 1970.

    Biography Irina Yusupova, mysterious and amazing Duchess Romanova, and today many people are interested in. A new surge of popularity occurred after the release in 2014 of the TV series «Gregory R.».


    Irina Yusupova

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