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  • Name: Irina Yarovaya ( Irina Yarovaya )
  • Date of birth: 17 October 1966
  • Age: 50 years
  • Place of birth: Makiivka, Donetsk oblast, Ukraine
  • Height: 172
  • Activities: Russian politician, state Duma Deputy, Chairman of the anticorruption Committee of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: Married to Viktor Alekseenko

    Irina Yarovaya: biography

    Irina Yarovaya, one of the most prominent and popular members of the State Duma, known for its activity in the field of legislation of the Russian Federation. Just five years parliamentary career was the initiator of more than 100 high-profile bills, among which were the return of criminal liability for defamation and tightening immigration laws. Colleagues and the public have an ambiguous attitude towards Irina. Some consider it the bills and sharp remarks about the «victims» of political persecution «draconian», while others see it as a principled Democrat and vivid anti-corruption.

    Born Yarovaya Irina on October 17, 1966 in the Ukrainian city of Makeyevka, located in the Donetsk region. The childhood of the future legislators of passed without much outstanding facts in his native town, little Irina grew and developed as all children do. He studied at the local school, was diligent and inquisitive child. In just a few months before graduation family Chernyakhovsky (nee Spring) moved to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, where she graduated from high school № 33.

    After secondary school she decided to become a lawyer and enrolled at a relevant Department of the local branch of all-Union legal correspondence Institute. In parallel, Irina got a job in the far East Trest inzhenerno-stroitelnykh IZYSKANIJJ, where she took first as a typist, but was soon promoted to engineer on labor protection.

    After graduating from far Eastern state University (in 1988 renamed vuzi), future Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation entered the service of the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Prosecutor’s office, where he first worked as a trainee, and later held the position of investigator and then assistant and Deputy Prosecutor of the local Prosecutor’s office. Perseverance, determination and his dream to become a Prosecutor allowed the Spring to rise to the rank of head of investigation Department, and after becoming a senior assistant Prosecutor of the Kamchatka region.

    Irina Yarovaya: politics

    Political career was launched in Spring 1997, when she was an independent candidate elected to the Council of people’s deputies of the Kamchatka region of the second convocation. The Deputy of the regional Council Irina immediately led the constitutional-legal Committee and was appointed Chairman of the regional faction «Yabloko».

    Almost ten years Irina Yarovaya dedicated «Apple», during which 5 times he ran in the Duma elections, but failed by a vote to enter into the parliamentary Board. In those days, the activities of Spring in Kamchatka and its election campaign was financed by the company «YUKOS» and the Foundation «Open Russia», founded by Mikhail Khodorkovsky. In the 2000’s, Irina became an active member of the opposition bloc «For Kamchatka,» in order to achieve its goal, namely, the overthrow of the then Governor of the region Michael mashkovtseva.

    In 2007, and did not achieve any parliamentary mandate in the state Duma, Irina came out of the «Apple» to join the «United Russia», where she was repeatedly invited colleagues. According to his colleagues on the «Apple», the decision was taken after the refusal of the Chairman of the party Grigory Yavlinsky put it in Moscow and to provide housing and a car.

    Already in the party «United Russia» Spring has received a long-awaited mandate, which it handed over to the Governor of the Kamchatka edge Alexey Kuzmitsky. From 2007 to 2009, Irina held the position of Deputy Chairman of the parliamentary Committee on Federation Affairs and regional policy, while in 2008 she became part of the General Council «United Russia», and from 2009 to 2011 served as Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on constitutional legislation and state building.

    In 2011, the party «United Russia» Yara was elected to the state Duma, where the «Golden» mandate it was given by Dmitry Medvedev. Then she was also appointed Chairman of the Committee for security and combating corruption, in parallel with what Irina Yarovaya has held the position of co-chair of the Commission on consideration of Federal budget expenditures provides for the development of nacobre and security as well as law enforcement.

    2012 Spring became part of the Presidium of the General Council of the party and the Central auditing Commission, was the coordinator of the intra-party Patriotic political platform.

    Irina Yarovaya: bills

    In the field of law Irina Yarovaya known as the author of many controversial laws. Due to her socio-political views and active participation in the development of laws in Russia was adopted «

  • The law on foreign agents», providing for stricter control over NGOs (non profit organization) sponsored by foreign investors and carry out political activities in Russia. Spring also was the co-author of the law «
  • On state regulation of trade activities in the Russian Federation», which have been subject to harsh criticism of experts, deputies, officials, representatives of businesses and economists. The bill included many restrict free trade rules that completely contradict the Constitution. Against the background of sharp criticism and negative evaluations of the authors of the law decided to withdraw the bill from the state Duma. In 2012, together with his colleagues-United Russia Spring again developed the controversial bill, which proposes to return to the criminal Code
  • liability for libel. Human rights defenders, journalists, opposition leaders reacted sharply to the bill, but Yarovaya stressed that they feel threatened by this law for himself only those for whom the slander is a way of life, style of behavior and means of subsistence. After an active five-year activities in this area Spring has authored and coauthored more than 115 bills. One of our recent laws were amendments to the law «On education in the Russian Federation» and the criminal Code, envisaging to introduce criminal responsibility for propaganda of drugs, namely, for the publication of the leaflet cannabis Irina offers to jail for up to two years.

    Irina Yarovaya: scandals

    In Spring 2013, Irina was involved in a high-profile corruption scandal, when in society and the media have been actively discussing undeclared housing of the MP cost of almost $ 3 million. Outrage was the fact that the apartment was not listed in any Declaration Irina anatolevny, which could hardly afford such a purchase, at a salary of $ 500 000, as indicated in the income Declaration of the Deputy.

    Then the reporters found that Spring is a member of the luxury condominiums in «Tverskaya Plaza». Later it became known that the owner of 4-room flats is a 17-year-old daughter Irina Yarovaya, Catherine, which at the time of acquisition of housing was still in school and had no personal income.

    In response to allegations of violation of the law Spring retorted that in his Declaration on income and property, it is required to pay only the property and income of his spouse and minor children, and this apartment belongs to her adult daughter, so of reasons to excuse and similar charges not.

    In the same 2013 Irina Yarovaya has also become a colourful figure in another scandal published in «Izvestia» article George Jansa called «Political prostitution replaced the floor», which the journalist wrote on the background of the scandal with the flat Spring. In his publication Jans called Irina Anatolievna unscrupulous traitor, tight and aggressive is to their selfish purposes.

    In addition to the resonant debate of the housing problem of Spring, the Deputy repeatedly «light in the press because of his loud and offensive remarks about the opposition, calling its leaders «a bunch of people that do not differ from terrorists and criminals.»

    Irina Yarovaya: personal life

    Personal life Irina Spring is not as vivid and interesting as her political activity and lawmaking. It is known that the first husband of Irina Spring, Alexander, whose name it bears until today, was the usual Makiivka mechanic. From his first marriage, the Chairman of the Duma Committee on combating corruption has two children – daughter Kateryna and son Sergei.

    Second husband of Irina Spring

  • Victor Alekseenko is an entrepreneur and co-owner of the Kamchatka fish factory, as well as the founder of the company «Kamakfes». This is a parliamentary structure of the Kamchatka region, the meeting which the future spouses met. In the media, despite careful concealment of personal life Spring from prying eyes, there is information that at the time of meeting Viktor Alekseenko allegedly married.

    Irina Yarovaya

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