Irina Viner

(biography, photo, video) Irina Viner-Usmanova

photo Irina Viner

  • Name: Irina Viner ( Irina Viner-Usmanova )
  • Date of birth: 30 July 1948
  • Age: 68 years
  • Place of birth: Samarkand, Uzbekistan
  • Activities: coach, athlete, teacher
  • Marital status: married Alisher Usmanov

    Irina Wiener: biography

    Irina Viner – famous gymnastics coach, doctor of pedagogical Sciences, the President of the Russian rhythmic gymnastics Federation, honored worker of physical culture of the Russian Federation. Her work has been successful not only Uzbek and Russian athletes, but also gymnasts from the UK. 2016 is a key member of the jury of the reality show «Without a net».

    Irene was born in Samarkand, but soon, with the family moved to the Uzbek capital Tashkent. Her father E. Alexander — member of the Academy of arts of Uzbekistan. He instilled daughter’s artistic taste, which has a positive impact on her future performances. Mother Irina Zoya Zinovievna worked as a doctor. Also in the family was brought up the second child – a son Boris.

    The girl from early childhood was artistic, wanted to go to the theater, but parents were against it. In order to realize creative potential, Irina began to engage in artistic gymnastics. In Tashkent, the coaches were able to improve her skills and soon she became three times champion of Uzbekistan.

    In 1965, the Wiener graduated from secondary school with a silver medal and on the advice of his father filed papers in medical school. But the first test has been delivered poorly, it became clear that the girl can not go to a big competition. Irina takes documents from the medical and entered the Uzbek Institute of physical culture.

    After the end of the physical Institute and upon completion of the sports career, Irina Viner began his coaching career in the sports school of the Olympic reserve of Republican significance.


    Exactly 20 years, until 1992, she was the coach of the national team of Uzbekistan in rhythmic gymnastics. During this period, brought up to the national team of the USSR, five-time champion Venus Zaripov, a winner of the Cup Intervision Faith Satalino, world champion Marina Nikolaev and the champion of the USSR Elena Kholodova. For these achievements she was awarded the title of Honored coach of Uzbekistan.

    In the early 90-ies in parallel with the Uzbek team is coached by Viner and British gymnasts. Thanks Irina for the first time in the history of the Olympic podium in Barcelona was able to rise athletes from Britain Debi Souslik and Viva Seifert.

    From under the wing Wiener published a world and European champion Amina Zaripova, the Olympic medalist Yanina Batyrshina, the absolute world and European champion Alina Kabaeva, the winner of the Olympic games in Sydney, Yulia Barsukova and many other famous athletes.

    Social life

    After a long coach Irina Viner returned to the question of education and in 2003 he defended his thesis on «the Training of highly qualified athletes in rhythmic gymnastics». After 10 years, she has defended the doctoral dissertation at St. Petersburg University of physical culture, sport and health Lesgaft and became a doctor of pedagogical Sciences.

    For great services to the sport in 2008, Irina Viner was the President of the Russian Federation of rhythmic gymnastics.

    Don’t shy away from the deserved trainer and public life of the country. She is a confidant of Vladimir Putin since the time when he was Prime Minister of the Russian Federation. And from February 2016 elected to the High Council of party «United Russia».

    Dream Irina Viner was to create a separate territorial complex for the training of professional gymnasts. In 2013, she was able to implement this idea and build a unique residential complex «Olympic village Novogorsk».

    On the basis of this complex is open, «the international Academy of sports Irina Viner», which is a sports school, giving both physical training and in cooperation with the secondary school, integrated education. Irina is sure that this project will improve quality of training for professional athletes of the highest class, as well as a sports reserve.


    In February 2016 on the First channel began showing the exciting reality show «Without a net» where the stars of show business show balancing act miracles.

    The Chairman of the jury of the program was Irina Viner, whose task is to assess aspects of sports performances. Also at the judges ‘ table are gymnast Larissa Latynina and humorist Vladimir Vinokur. The fourth official is changing in each round, which adds a touch of objectivity.

    Personal life

    The first marriage Irina Viner concluded in 23 years. In General, the life experience she believes unsuccessful and even refuses to remember the name of her husband. Born from this man in 1973, the son of Anton bears her name.

    Second Irina’s husband — a billionaire Alisher Usmanov, the owner of holding «metalloinvest». They first met in Tashkent, as they train in the same sports complex. She was a talented gymnast, and Alisher gave hope in fencing.

    A new meeting took place many years later in Moscow. She already was a successful coach and led their wards in the final stage of the most prestigious competitions. Getting to know one another, Usmanov and Viner began to chat and soon they started an affair. Though the meeting was overshadowed by the terrible news – Alisher was embroiled in a huge scandal and was sentenced to imprisonment. From prison he sent his beloved handkerchief, which meant the Uzbek traditions offer hands and hearts. And the woman agreed to this marriage.

    The husband strongly supports all the initiatives of his wife and as she tries to help in the implementation of its plans.


    Irina Viner

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