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  • Name: Irina Vilkova ( Irina Vilkova )
  • Date of birth: 1 may 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow, Russia
  • Height: 174
  • Activities: theater and film actress, playwright
  • Marital status: not married

    Irina Vilkova: biography

    Irina Vilkova — Russian theater and film actress, was known for shooting the television series «the rook».

    11 years old girl took part in performances of the local drama theatre. Her first roles were Marie in «the Nutcracker» and Anya in «the Cherry orchard». In school he had realized that he wanted to only be associated with a creative profession, after completing his matriculation and has submitted documents to the Higher theater school Shchepkin. After successful completion of all entrance exams, she became a student of this University.

    Vilkova studied in the course of acting Yury Mefodevich and Olga Nikolaevna Solominy. While studying at the Schepkin drama school, she participated in several student productions, for example, played a Wall in the drama of Valentine Rasputina «Live and remember» Katusha Maslova in the play Tolstoy’s novel «Resurrection», depicting the image of Vasilisa’s classic drama a play by Ostrovsky’s «Vasilisa Melentieva».

    After graduating from theatre school in 2007, she became an actress of the troupe teatra.doc. There on her account 6 number of roles in various performances, of which stand out for their unusual production of «TH. Tale about love and drugs.» This play Irina Vilkova co-wrote with Alexsam Litvenenko. Later she became an actress of the center of drama and directing under the leadership of Mikhail Roshchin and Kazantsev Alexei.

    In 2014 he collaborated with the Bolshoi drama theater named after George Tovstonogov in St. Petersburg, which played the role of Vera in the play based on the novel Chernyshevsky «What to do» and Ka in the drama of Igmar Bergman’s «From the life of puppets».


    Despite the fact that Irina Vilkova is positioning itself primarily as a stage actress, she managed to star in more than 30 TV films and serials.

    Her on-screen debut in 2004 was the drama «the Rider named Death», which is an adaptation of the novel by Boris Savinkov’s «pale Horse». In this picture, the actress starred in gardens of Tivoli, appeared in one of the episodes.

    She then starred in a large number of TV series, from which stands out the role of Veronica, a Secretary in the office of Margaret Karetnikova in the romance 2008 «Take me out» and its sequel, which followed a year later. It has also turned a bright image of glamour girl Katie in a sitcom-the musical «Two Anton», which is the brainchild of Comedy club production.

    In December 2012, the Ukrainian channel «inter», and in February on the Russian First channel came out of the mystical detective series «the rook», which tells about the major of Ministry of internal Affairs Sergey Grachev. Irina Vilkova starred in this series as Raikovoi Masha, daughter of the chief physician of Nicholas. Most actress appears on the screen in the 4th of a series called «Madonna and child».

    In 2016 on the TNT channel goes Comedy-adventure television series «the Island», in which Irina Vilkova got the role of Mila, one of the participants of the reality show on a tropical island. The plot is based around the fact that actually there is no show there, and the heroes need earnestly to survive on a desert island with no civilization, and any connection with the outside world.

    Personal life

    For a while Irina Vilkova met with a politician Ilya Yashin. But all about their romantic relationship, the actress prefers not to extend, in an interview, she openly talks to the press on the subject of their own creativity.

    In 2013, Irina Vilkova tried himself as a rap singer. She filmed a video for the song «White marsh», lyrics and music composed by myself. The clip was posted on the Internet on YouTube. The performers were listed Irian may day and the band «Kaizer Suze».

    Another alias actress has a name Nelli Blinova, under which she sometimes performs with a recitation of his own poems, e.g. ode «Revolutionary Pulp Fiction».


    • 2008 — Take me with you
    • 2009 — Petrovka, 38. Team Semenov
    • 2009 — big city Lights
    • 2009 – Two Anton
    • 2010 — Dr. Tyrsa
    • 2011 — Dusty work
    • 2012 — rook
    • 2013 — Rehearsal
    • 2015 — Security
    • 2016 — the Island


    Irina Vilkova

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