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  • Name: Irina Shevchuk ( Irina Shevchuk )
  • Date of birth: 6 October 1951
  • Age: 65 years
  • Place of birth: Murmansk
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, Honored artist of the Ukrainian SSR
  • Marital status: married

    Irina Shevchuk: biography

    Her brilliant film career began with the role of Rita Osenini in the film Stanislav Rostotsky «the dawns here are quiet». But few people know that Irina Shevchuk had no intention of becoming an actress.

    She was born in October 1951 in Murmansk. Her childhood was spent on the Northern outskirts of the city, in the village Growth. These were years filled with happiness and romance. Coast of the Barents sea, reindeer sledding, Northern lights and polar night – actress and today calls this time a fabulous.

    Irina Shevchuk
    Irina Shevchuk |

    In addition to Irina in the family of a sailor of the Northern fleet and the teacher of the evening school has grown by another two daughters.

    When Shevchuk Irina was 11 years old, the family moved to Kiev. Some time not only mom, but dad taught at the school. The daughter grew up the «right» girl – Komsomol, activist and student. She «pulled up» losers and spent with them «educational work». It seems that with the future Irina it was very clear that her path lay in the teachers.

    But, as often happens, all decided the case. In 10th grade the girl happened to be on set. She starred in the film Rezo Chkheidze «so young». Irina Shevchuk is so fond of cinema that is more about any other profession could not even think. She began actively preparing to enter the Kiev theatrical Institute. But a month before joining I heard that in Moscow VGIK people’s artist Vladimir Belokurov is gaining national rate. The girl went to the capital and entered.


    The coach was against that students starred in the movie. But Irina Shevchuk incredibly wanted to get back to the set. «Secretly», she starred in the film «the adventures of the yellow suitcase».

    Following, the star, also came to Shevchuk in his student years. For the screen adaptation of the novel «the dawns here are quiet» came from a famous film Director Stanislav Rostotsky. To work with him was tantamount to winning the jackpot. Rostotsky decided to choose for your paintings unknown actors. Irina Shevchuk, like many of her classmates came to try out for the image of Eugene. But the Director is quite crudely rejected her candidacy. The young artist was offended to tears. But soon she was offered a different role – Rita Oseniny.

    Irina Shevchuk in the film
    Irina Shevchuk in the movie «the dawns here are quiet» |

    He received the diploma of the Institute of Cinematography, Irina went to Kiev. He took her to the Studio name A. Dovzhenko. She soon appeared on the screen in the films «the Entrant», «Marina», «Second breath», «Right to love» and «Effekt Romashkina». All of these films were warmly received by the audience and critics. But Irina Shevchuk emphasizes for yourself a piercing drama «White BIM – Black ear». She got the image of Dasha. And work side by side with Vyacheslav Tikhonov has brought invaluable experience.

    In 1983 Irina Shevchuk returned to Moscow. She was invited to the Studio of a name of N. Gorky. Here her career continued with films «Copper angel» and «Detachment». In the latest project, the actress starred together with her little daughter Aleksandra Afanasyeva-Shevchuk.

    Irina Shevchuk in the series
    Irina Shevchuk in the TV series «take me Back» |

    The next stage in the life of the artist can be called organizational. Irina Borisovna took active part in the creation of two film festivals – first «Constellation», and later «Kinoshock». Thanks to her enthusiasm and excellent organizational skills both the festival and are now developing and regularly.

    Recently, the actress appears on the screen quite often. It can be seen in the popular TV series «Healing love», «a woman without a past», «Expert» and «House of surprise».

    Personal life

    From beauty Irina Shevchuk has never been short of admirers. Bright, confident, knows his worth, the girl, and then woman was always the center of attention. However only one novel, happened before her marriage, remained at the hearing. In student’s years the young actress had a romantic relationship with Talgat Nigmatulin. He was older than Irina on the course and he was in love with all students.

    But after 2 years, Irina has put an end in this beautiful novel. She realized that the two leaders in the same family do not get along. When Talgat she was supposed to be just a wife and mother of his children, about his career in film would have to forget. But ambitious girl, where the boiling energy, such fate was not satisfied.

    Irina Shevchuk with her daughter Sasha
    Irina Shevchuk with daughter Sasha |

    Personal life of Irina Shevchuk’s settled with arranger, composer and musician Alexander Afanasyev. It’s a happy marriage of two creative people, where today there is equality and respect. The couple has a daughter Sasha. Today she’s already a famous actress of Russian cinema and punches its way into movie.


    • «The dawns here are quiet»
    • «White BIM, Black ear»
    • «The entrant»
    • «The Gulf stream»
    • «The story of a woman»
    • «Yonder, beyond the river»
    • «Right to love»
    • «State border»
    • «She-wolf»
    • «Crossroads of destiny»


    Irina Shevchuk

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