Irina Shayk

photo Irina Shayk

  • Name: Irina Shayk ( Irina Shaykhlislamova )
  • Date of birth: 6 January 1986
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: yemanzhelinsk, Chelyabinsk oblast, Russia
  • Height: 178
  • Activity: the Russian supermodel
  • Marital status: Dating Bradley Cooper

    Irina Shayk: biography

    Name Irina Shayk – beautiful Russian top model – now known to all who are interested in fashion and show-business. You have to admit the green-eyed beauty with hair can create news hooks, through which is constantly in the top world news. Despite the star trek model, you wonder how the managed ordinary Tatar girl from the deep province to reach the height at which is now.

    Irina Shayk
    Photos Russian top model | People

    Irina Shaykhlislamova is the real name of the beauty – was born in January 1986 in Bashkiria. But soon after birth the family moved to the small town of yemanzhelinsk, which is located near the industrial city of Chelyabinsk.

    Ira grew up in a simple family, where my mother taught music and her father Valery Shaykhlislamov worked in the mine. In addition to Irina in the family growing up her older sister Tatiana.

    Irina Shayk childhood
    Baby photo

    When the girl was 14, the family was in sorrow from severe lung disease died, the head of the family. Taking care of the younger girls lay on the fragile shoulders of the mothers and grandmothers who are the future stars a true example of hard work and dedication.

    Irina Shaykhlislamova in the childhood years different from the majority of peers: she was a beautiful child who grew up and turned into a real beauty with a great figure. In the 14 years of the Ira, which would not have appeared and attracted attention. However, in interviews she talks about the fact that not everyone thought she was beautiful: too thin, long and dark it seemed to many. For haggard appearance some called it Plywood, and for dark skin – Chung-Changey. However, the Ira has always been the center of attention.

    Irina Shayk in his youth
    In his youth

    But, apart from exceptional external data of the girl had many other benefits. It is well studied, showed a tendency in the Humanities and graduated from music school, piano class.

    Irina Shayk learned early on that she has all the necessary qualities to make a brilliant career. So after high school, she and her sister left town and traveled to Chelyabinsk. Already in the first years of the economic College beauty with model looks and growth drew the attention of the employees of Chelyabinsk image-club «Svetlana». Meeting, radically changed the biography of Irina Shayk, happened right on the street. The girl offered to look into the Agency, where it would find interesting offers of cooperation.


    Irina Shayk was not long in coming. She realized that fate had sent her a wonderful chance to change your life for the better and get on the Olympus. In the image club young beauty taught the basics of the modeling business. Now she knew how to properly apply makeup, highlighting her beauty to walk the «model» gait, pick up clothes, found his own style. Soon she began to participate in beauty contests and win. The first altitude was taken, when Ira was 18 years old. She won regional beauty contest «Beauty».

    Irina Shayk
    Model photo | News kleinburd

    The win had brought her not only the first and at that time a lot of money (the winner have handed over 60 thousand roubles), but also the ultimate prize: the Agency undertook to pay to visit Irina in Moscow, where she was to participate in the Federal contest of beauty and to make first professional photo shoot.

    Irina Shayk already demonstrated business acumen, which coupled with her appearance, in the end, brought her to the pinnacle of success. She broke a contract with the «Svetlana», but at the Federal competition in Moscow went. And not one, but with influential and wealthy.

    In the capital model biography Irina Shayk began to develop rapidly. The girl won the competition «Supermodel of Russia», made a few photo shoots and began to make acquaintances. More to the province she comes back.

    Irina Shayk
    Made a career | Bublik Delfi

    Since 2005, Irina Shayk living abroad. Starting to work in Europe, she decided to conquer the vastness and the United States. There she changed her name Shaykhlislamova on a catchy pseudonym Shake. With every passing day the popularity of the model growing, she was invited to the shooting, with her contract.

    In 2007 he held the key in the life of a model meeting with President of the international modeling Agency «Grace models», by Gia, Jikiza, which opened the road to the Olympus of fashion Natalia Vodianova. Thanks to him, the image of the Russian beauty with Tatar roots appeared on the covers of the famous magazines «Elle Spain», «Spain Glamour», «Annabelle», «GQ Spain», «GQ South Africa», «Jalouse» and «Bolero». But the main event of 2007 was the Irina Shayk Intimissimi brand that represents luxury lingerie. The girl became the face of the company.

    Irina Shayk in lingerie
    Photo shoot in luxury lingerie

    Another significant victory of 2007 – after a severe contest with many rivals Irina Shayk was the first Russian models photographed for the publication Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. The photo shoot with the model worked the world’s best photographers Pamela Hanson, Steve Earle and Rennie, Maifredi. Working with these craftsmen is an incredibly valuable experience for any model.

    Three years later, the beauty represented the company Intimissimi already as an Ambassador, demonstrating excellent business acumen and enviable grip.

    Photo Irina Shayk has appeared on the covers of catalogs from the most famous brands of lingerie: El Corte Ingles, Armani, Intimissimi, Guess, Oceano by La Perla, Triumph. But the Russian beauty refused to cooperate with simpler, more affordable brands.

    Irina Shayk in
    In the computer game «Need for Speed» |

    Beauty does not miss any opportunity that gives her fate. For example, it has consented to the reproduction of her image in computer games. In the 18th part of the game «Need for Speed» Irina Shayk can be seen in the role of Mila Belova. Especially for fans of its beauty was released film about the working time of the game.

    According to the website Irina Shaykhlislamova is on the 14th place in the list of the sexiest models on the planet. As the stars according to some measured amount of 4 million dollars.

    Irina Shayk grandmother
    With grandma Today.ia

    Irina Shayk though and left a provincial town, but the Motherland never forgets. The media often appear her picture with grandma, mom and sister. In Yemanzhelinsk famous countrywoman love and respect for the city. Shaykhlislamova is a generous philanthropist. She’s sponsoring a hospital, gives money for the city’s orphans and for the treatment of sick kids.

    Irina Shayk has accepted the invitation to represent the country at the opening of the Olympic games in Sochi in 2014. With a beautiful woman in suit snow maiden was the Russian team.

    Irina Shayk at the Olympics in Sochi in 2014
    At the Olympics in Sochi-2014 |

    In the summer of 2014, the Russian top model debuted in cinema. Irina Shayk starred in Brett Ratner’s «Hercules.» She got the role of the wife of the hero – shrew. Her co-star in this picture is Dwayne «the Rock» Johnson.

    The debut was quite successful, and in 2016 the actress once again appeared on the big screen in the film «Inside Amy Schumer».

    The Russian star, as a world, likes to shock the audience. It is no secret that celebrities often find themselves looking for a reason to attract attention and gossip. The actuator Irina Shayk gave in 2015, appearing on the red carpet of the award «Oscar» in this revealing dress from the last collection of the fashion house Versace, all are talking about his absence.

    Irina Shayk on the red carpet Oscars-2015
    On the red carpet Oscars-2015 | SAPO

    In 2016, Irina Shayk effectively drew a line under the end of the year. She first took part in the underwear show of the famous brand Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The show took place in December in the capital of fashion – Paris. And she visited Moscow, where he took part in the popular comic show «Evening Urgant», where he presented Ivan Urgant and viewers favorite martial welcome and a great sense of humor.

    There are Ira and the experience of the presenter. Shake led season 4 of the popular TV show «Top model in Russian», which was broadcast channel «Yu». But for unknown reasons, the channel broke the contract.

    Irina Shayk and Miranda Shelia
    With Miranda Shelia

    Irina Shayk is so popular in the fashion world that she is trying to emulate. Not so long ago everyone was talking about the young beauty Miranda Shelia, who makes the first successful steps on the podium. A girl remarkably similar to Irina Shayk. Rumor has it that it is the similarity to the star appeared after a successful plastic surgery Miranda.

    Personal life

    The first high-profile occasion to talk about yourself Irina Shayk gave, when you started Dating Portuguese football player and well-known macho Cristiano Ronaldo. They met in spring 2010 at a photo shoot «Armani Exchange». The affair began in earnest. The pair met five years that show business and star couples – a huge period of time.

    Irina Shayk and Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano Ronaldo | Spletnik

    Favorite relationship was so serious that Cristiano introduced the girl’s mom. Many then talked about the forthcoming wedding and the status of the bride that appeared in the Shake. But before the wedding ceremony, it never came. The athlete, as many expected, did not become the husband of top model. There was a scandal with the Ronaldo affair with the waitress. However, this change Irina forgiven. But later there was a new problem: Ira is one important event Cristiano took the mother, the girl is very upset.

    The decision to leave the couple adopted after the tabloids are running photos of the star athlete with Lucia Villalon. To forgive the betrayal of a proud model with a world name is not wanted.

    Irina Shayk with bangs
    The image of the model with bangs | popkornnews

    Personal life Irina Shayk is constantly under scrutiny. The army of her fans discusses not only the slightest change in appearance of the model, her outfit, figure and hair (stormy discussion in social networks happened when the girl made the master and appeared in public with charming bangs), but every guy that appears next to it.

    In 2015, talking about the novel, 29-year-old model with a 21-year-old Justin Bieber. But this novel, like romance with Hollywood actor Dwayne Johnson and famous racer Lewis Hamilton, was more fiction than truth.

    Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper
    With Bradley Cooper | Cosmopolitan

    But the relationship with another Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper – the truth. The couple started Dating in late 2015. In 2016, not just the tabloids were full of headlines about their quarrels, breakups and reconciliation. It seems this pair has repeatedly bounced from each other, then reunited.

    Under the final 2016 Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper gave his fans the main sensation: there were confirmed news of the pregnancy of the stars. The attentive fans found compelling evidence in the photo of the model posted on her page in Instagram. There Irina is clearly visible rounded tummy.

    Irina Shayk is pregnant
    The supermodel is pregnant

    In December 2016 one of her friends the stars of «secret» reported that Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper expecting first child in late spring or early summer of 2017. Moreover, they even invented a name for the baby. If a son, he will be called Charles if Charlie’s daughter. Wanted Cooper to bring a tribute to his beloved father.


    Irina Shayk in childhood with the mother

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