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  • Name: Irina Shadrina ( Irina Shadrina )
  • Date of birth: 27 February 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Kazan
  • Height: 180
  • Activity: TV presenter
  • Marital status: married

    Irina Shadrina : biography

    Charming TV presenter Irina Shadrin viewers love after her appearance in sports programs «header» and «All inclusive». The girl with model looks and a sweet smile immediately formed the army of fans who are interested in the biography of Irina Shadrina and the details of her personal life.

    Irina was born in September 1985 in Kazan. In its development and upbringing had a huge impact dad. High and sports a handsome officer with a military bearing and motto «Faster. Above. More!» to raise children in the same spirit. The Ira under his command engaged in cross-country skiing, figure skating, swimming and tennis. All these sports plus athletics not only made the girl’s figure is perfect, but also discipline and determination.

    His contribution to the development of children (Irina has a brother) has made mother a University lecturer. It was she who insisted that the children studied English. However, they needed to get to English school on three types of transport, but the mother did not stop. Later Irina and his brother were very grateful to mother for her perseverance.

    Irina Shadrina grew versatile developed girl. In addition to sports and studying English, she managed to visit the art and theatre schools, as well as take vocal lessons.

    At the age of 14 Irina, the girl is tall (180 cm) and with model looks, has taken the first steps in the modeling business. Apparently, these steps proved to be very successful, because Shadrina earned his first money and become financially independent. And still photo shoots and on the catwalk helped Irina to overcome the complex and become a sociable person.

    After finishing school with an English bias Shadrina improved knowledge of the language at the University of Roehampton». Then went to the University in his native Kazan, where he chose the faculty of romance and Germanic Philology. But Ira did not put an end to their education. She went to the capital and has finished UNIVERSITY (the Institute of television and radio broadcasting Ostankino).


    The infotainment program «All inclusive» was released on the channel «Russia 2» in 2010. Shadrin as a co-host Michael Gendelev appeared on the screen in 2011. In the program talked not only about sport but also about the lives of athletes outside of it.

    The debut was successful and soon Irina Shadrin was invited to a football talk show «Blow your head». The main drive of the project was Nikita Belogolovtsev, and Ira acted as his assistant a true embellishment of the ether. In the program they talked not only about professional victories and failures of the players: here, football fans learned a lot of interesting details about personal life, work and leisure well-known athletes.

    In 2012 he released a new project about hockey, which was called «Basic». Irina was proposed to transmit on a couple of already-familiar journalist Mikhail Gendelev.

    Irina Shadrina due to the excellent appearance, the ability to win the attention of the audience and relaxed to stay in the frame for a short time has become one of the most famous TV presenters. Its a pleasure to be invited in various TV projects and shows. So, in 2013, the Ira took part in the popular show «Dancing with the stars.» She danced together with professional dancer Alexander Loginov.

    Personal life

    Than rapidly growing popularity of beauty of the presenter, the more her fans interested in the details of the private life of a girl. Viewers who love sports, especially football, was intrigued by the news that Irina has a son Dimitri, whose father is football player of the Kazan command «the ruby». Who is he and what’s his name – Shadrin says.

    Apparently, the TV presenter does the right thing from the point of view of marketing. After all this intrigue it stirs great interest to the person. Viewers and fans of «Rubin» we can only guess who Papa Dima – Bystrov or Alexey Karyagin? Mystery fans Irina scratching their head for a long time.

    Personal life Irina Shadrina is not in place. In beauty that from time to time appears in bold photo shoots, a lot of fans. 4 years after the birth of Dmitri presenter appeared daughter Arina. And in 2015 she was born another girl called Vera. But the name of the parents of the girls, Irina does not open. She believes that each person should have private life, beyond which trespassing.

    Irina Shadrina very mobile people. It is a lot and enjoy traveling the world. Happily collects a huge picture puzzle with the children. Collects contemporary painting and butterflies. And she loves skiing. But the great love of Irene, of course, her children and family.


    Irina Shadrina

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