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  • Name: Irina Saltykova ( Irina Saltykova )
  • Date of birth: 2 may 1966
  • Age: 50 years
  • Place of birth: Novomoskovsk, Russia
  • Growth: 159
  • Activity: singer, actress, entrepreneur, designer, writer
  • Marital status: divorced

    Irina Saltykova biography

    Irina Saltykova (née Sapronov) was born in Tula region, city of Novomoskovsk. She grew up in an ordinary poor family: her father was a machinist and her mother is in kindergarten.

    At the age of 12, Irina was seriously engaged in artistic gymnastics, she even managed to pass on the candidate master of sports. In the competition the girl has repeatedly received prizes. In addition to sports she was fond of needlework and attended courses of sewing and knitting.

    After school, the future singer was admitted to the civil engineering, where he was a student from 1981 to 1985. After College the girl had to leave distribution to Tula, but decided to try his luck in the capital. Purposeful Irina continued her studies at the Moscow state University of Economics, statistics and Informatics, graduated from in 1990. The exact Sciences were given to Irina with ease, she defended the diploma on «perfectly» in spite of this, the fate prepared for her is a different scenario.


    In 1989, Irina Saltykova became a soloist of the popular at the time of the «Mirage». In the team she stayed for a few months, after which a short time he worked in vaudeville «Delhi». Until that moment, the aspiring singer was already married and had a daughter.

    In 1993, Irina tried to do business, which acquired the stalls. The business failed, and troubles in family life led her solo singing career. Saltykova had to sell the tents, and the money was spent to launch the first song.

    Full singing debut Saltykova was held in 1994 at the concert, which was held in the capital on the stage of the cinema «Warsaw». Then Irina has performed the song «Let me go» which was later included in his first album.

    After a few months, the singer recorded her debut song «Grey eyes», composer and author of which were made by Oleg Molchanov and Arkady Slavorosov. This hit became the hallmark of Saltykova. Inexpressive vocal more than offset good looks and seductive behavior of the singer. At that time the video for the song «Gray eyes» was a provocative, filled with erotic content.

    In 1995 was released the first album of the same name, which sold in large numbers, second only to the collection of Alla Pugacheva. Hits also become the song «Yes and No», «the clear Falcon».

    A great success was fixed by the release of the next album of Irina «Blue eyes» (1996). A year later, Saltykov was touring the country with solo concerts. In 1998 he released the next album artist «Alice», dedicated to his daughter.

    Only Irina

  • Saltykov has released six albums, the latest of which was «was was not…» (2008).


    Subdued singing Olympus, Irina Saltykova decided to try himself in the movie. First chance to star in the film singer had in 2000, when Director Alexei Balabanov invited her in his film «Brother-2». Despite the fact that then she got a secondary role, her work praised by the audience and critics.

    In 2001 Saltykov again starred as herself, but in the picture of Igor Korobeinikova «Wings». The film combines fiction, reportage and documentary photography.

    In 2002 the singer appeared in the blockbuster Stanislaus Mareeva «Russian special forces». This time she got one of the main roles – she played a KGB agent. In the same year came the picture of the «Hicks» in which the singer played herself. Then in an acting career Saltykova was a break.

    From 2005 to 2011, the singer starred in the TV series «Kulagin and partners» in 2009, participated in the project «Give the youth!». In 2011 with her participation came the series «the Pilot of the international airlines».

    Personal life

    With her future husband, Victor Saltykov, Irina met on vacation in Sochi. At that time (1985) Saltykov was a very popular performer, soloist of group «Forum». The whole country knew the songs of the band «we’ll call you», «Island», «White night». The meeting happened by chance, as in a fairy tale. Irina together with a friend went for a walk in the evening along the promenade, they walked towards the young men, one of which gave the girl several bouquets of flowers. This charming stranger was the Victor.

    The wedding ceremony of Irina and Viktor took place in 1987, she took her husband’s name. In the same year the couple had a daughter Alice. The couples marriage lasted only 8 years old. The crisis in relations of the spouses has coincided with a creative crisis Viktor Saltykov. The popularity of the singer turned out to be fleeting, perhaps that is what pushed him to the winds. Irene had to worry about drunken fights husband, and even assault. However, the singer a lot learned from my relationship with Saltykov. The marriage gave her a daughter and life experience. In addition, she has built a singing career in spite of his wife.

    In the future, Irina Saltykova did not lack attention from men, but none of her novels ended in marriage.


    • «Alice»
    • «I’m yours»
    • «Blue eyes»
    • «Grey eyes»
    • «Destiny»
    • «I can do this…»


    • Hicks
    • «Wings»
    • «Russian special forces»
    • «The pilot of the international airlines»
    • «Kulagin and partners»


    Irina Saltykova

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