Irina Rudminsky

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  • Name: Irina Rudminsky ( Irina Rudominskaya )
  • Date of birth: 24 October 1987
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: Married

    Irina Rudminsky: biography

    Rudminsky Irina is a young Russian actress who has already managed to charm the audience and on the stage and focus his attention with the help of cinema. She was born in Moscow, and from childhood knew, firsthand, what is a creative profession. Mom Irene is an Opera singer, dad is an architect, a beloved grandfather Peter Sergeev was a writer and a graduate of the first ever set of VGIK directing faculty in 1933.

    And indeed Irinka little began to emerge on the scene. She had to fight theme nights and concerts in the culture house, singing in a choir with a musical band and even perform a duet with her mother. However, after school Irina Rudminsky chooses another direction. She decides to follow in his father’s footsteps and entered the Moscow Architectural Academy, and in parallel works for a large construction company.

    By the way, in this field, she, too, met with success, and a young specialist was assigned a personal task – to design the complex of the Moscow Electromechanical College.

    But despite their achievements in architecture, Irina decides to radically change his life. It comes to the acting Department GITIS in which learning to 2014. However, to get a diploma the aspiring actress did not and still during his studies, joined the troupe of the theater «Nikitsky gate», which was led by mark Rozovsky. Then in her life there was the Moscow art theatre named after Maxim Gorky, where artistic Director Radominski became a famous actress Tatyana Doronin. With this theater Irina cooperating so far.


    The cinematic career of Irina Radominski also began in his student days. In 2010, she participated in the filming of the Comedy «Zaitsev, burn! History of a showman,» depicting on the screen the mayor’s wife. However, in the credits of this picture Irina did not specify, but it gained such a valuable experience on set.

    A year later, the actress starred in the biographical drama «the Accused», based on real tragic events. Crime detective «Vanak», one of the seasons of the Comedy series «Traffic light», the action-Thriller «Brothers-4» and a documentary telelista «Saints» added to the filmography of Irina Radominski, and by the time we graduate from high school theater her portfolio looked more than convincing.

    This, of course, the young actress is not going to stop. In 2015 Rudminsky appeared in light comic series «Concern, or Love of evil», and in 2016 the audience eagerly awaiting the release of the new fantasy adventure «Adalbert Oaks», where Irina plays a German woman Clara Gelhar.

    Personal life

    Irina Rudminsky married to businessman Sergei Radominski with which they are familiar from school. The couple has two daughters — 9-year-old Pauline and Arseny, which is only 1.5 years old.

    Moreover, the older, like my mother, acted as a model for magazines and catalogs children’s clothing.

    Along with theatrical and cinematic activities Rudminsky actively removed as a model for catalogs of clothes of different brands.

    In her spare time she prefers horseback riding. In addition, the actress has a lovely voice, which she probably inherited from her mother, and almost on a professional level paints art oil paintings. And the question of what it means happiness, Irina Rudminsky with a smile replied «Freedom of creativity».


    • 2010 – Zaitsev, burn! History of a showman
    • 2011 – the Accused
    • 2012 – Vanak
    • 2013 – Traffic light
    • 2014 – Saints
    • 2014 – Bros-4
    • 2015 – Horny, or Love evil
    • 2016 – Adalbert Oaks


    Irina Rudminsky

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