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  • Name: Irina Rozanova ( Irina Rozanova Service )
  • Date of birth: 22 July 1961.
  • Age: 55 years
  • Place of birth: Penza, Russia
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: actress, people’s artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: divorced

    Irina Rozanova biography

    Irina Rozanova, popular film and television actress, thirty years ago, could go either way. The provincial girl who came to do in Moscow, very close to my heart took the words of the Metropolitan of the teacher that she doesn’t need to be an artist. Nevertheless, Ryazan girl found the strength and have achieved recognition in their chosen profession.

    Irina Rozanova
    Irina Rozanova | Intercfax

    Irina Rozanova was born in the summer of 1961 in the city of Penza. Most of the time family Rozanov held in Ryazan, where they moved when she was six month. Her mother and father were actors of drama theatre, and a little Rozanov has actually been on the stage before his birth. Mama Zoya Vasilievna Belova played in the play «children of the sun», being the eighth month of pregnancy.

    As soon as Irina is a little older, the mother returned to work and often took the daughter with him. Like the children of many actors, the young actress literally grew up backstage of the theater from an early age learning the art of acting. Irina was no less friendly with his father Yuri. Together, they spent a lot of time, went fishing and Hiking, training and presentation.

    Strange, but parents Rozanova was against her theatrical career. They understood how hard work, which does not always bring financial reward. But she already couldn’t imagine my life without theater, but the mother, knowing that to refuse stubborn the daughter is useless, he let go of her adult life.

    Sample Schepkin school has shaken the confidence of the provincial girl. Seeing the examination Committee of a famous actor Yuri Solomin, she was confused and hastily read the piece, just to get out of the eye of the famous artist. In the corridor she met one of the representatives of the Commission and recommended to forget about becoming an actress. Upset Rozanov has not passed the other tests and was forced to return home to Ryazan.

    Irina Rozanova in his youth
    Irina Rozanova in the youth | You Tube

    To get closer to his dream, she carefully prepared for entrance in the following year and got a job in the wardrobe at a local theater. Seeing the suffering of his daughter, Zoya V. secretly wrote a letter to a friend teacher in Moscow, and he promised to look at Rozanov, Jr. But with roles and repertoire for admission to the actress helped to define teacher of the School-Studio of MKHAT Victor Manukov, visited in Ryazan. Seeing is powerful enough, not skinny girl, he said she should speak in monologues of «virgin soil upturned», not to read passages from «the Little Prince».

    The following year, Irina returned to Moscow and, following the advice of an experienced artist, successfully passed the audition in GITIS. Parents rented her a small apartment where she still has long lived with his nanny Lisa. In the second year of Rozanov called to work in the theater troupe of the Mayakovsky Theater, where she performed until completion of education in 1988.

    After graduation, they have had considerable theatrical experience, Irina was accepted into the Theater-Studio «Man», where she successfully collaborated with a young Director Janovicek. Their theatrical duet lasted until 1998, after «Person,» the actress seven years performed at the theater on Malaya Bronnaya. Having worked for a year in the Lenkom theatre, Rozanov decided to devote his life to the troupe’s repertoire and to the movie.


    The capital presented is not only prestigious education, but also the opportunity almost daily to take part in the auditions movie. So the actress got into his first feature film «my Girlfriend», where she played a small role Lucy in 1985. A year later she got the main role in the film «Red stone».

    Irina Rozanova in the film
    Irina Rozanova in the film «intergirl» | KinoZon.TV

    In 1989 Rozanova participated in the film «intergirl» which was a huge success with viewers. The picture for the first time in the USSR touched on previously banned topics, made famous by all involved actors, including Rozanova. First, Ryazan artist dreamed of the main role, but after seeing it, legendary Director Peter Todorovsky said: «Our SIM-«Gulliver» found!». Then he asked what role the actress wanted to, but his decision has not changed.

    In the painting «Encore, more encore», released in 1992, Rozanov played the main character Luba Antipova, a nurse, around which develops a dramatic plot. The role earned her several awards For «the best performance of the main female role» and «Golden RAM» in 1992.

    Irina was happy to undertake almost any role, seemed to her interesting. Shooting often took place in high spirits, but there are also unpleasant stories. So, during the filming of the TV series «Nine months,» Rozanov played a pregnant woman. One of the Actresses approached her and, pointing a finger with lining the stomach, mockingly said that she had never acquired children, I decided at least to play a pregnant. For the actress, which for a long time could not bear a child, it was incredibly hurtful and frustrating to hear.

    Irina Rozanova in the series
    Irina Rozanova in the series «Furtseva. The legend of Ekaterina» | IMDb+

    Another notable role was actress the way Catherine Furtseva in the series «Furtseva. The legend of Ekaterina», women, which reached the highest position in the Soviet Union. To play politics, Rozanov spoke with her relatives, and studied documentary materials, news and photos. She tried to pull away from the gossip and rumors surrounding the figure Furtseva to maximizing the most likely to pass her hard fate. In 2013, the actress received the award «Golden eagle» for his participation in the film.

    Personal life

    Irina Rozanova was married three times, but none of marriage she had no children. His former men with incredible warmth. With her first husband Eugene Kamenkovich she met in GITIS, but their marriage lasted only two years. Later, the actress met Director Dmitry Meshieva and lived with him for a couple of years.

    Her next husband became producer and businessman Timur Weinstein, but the actress left him after she lost the baby, which for her was a real tragedy. Much later there was a marriage with the operator Gregory Belenky, and after an affair with Director Bakhtiar by Hudojnazarova.

    Irina Rozanova and Gregory Belenky
    Irina Rozanova and Gregory Belenky |

    Anyway, no relation, gave Irina Rozanova family happiness and child, she had dreamed. Today she is happy to babysit his nephew his older brother.


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    Irina Rozanova

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