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  • Name: Irina Rodnina ( Rodnina, Irina )
  • Date of birth: 12 September 1949
  • Age: 67 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Growth: 158
  • Activity: Legendary figure skater, Olympic champion, world champion, Honored master of sports, Russian state and public figure
  • Marital status: Not married

    Irina Rodnina: biography

    Irina Rodnina, the legendary Soviet figure skater, that is for achievements in the sport I love all over the world. Tenfold world champion, three-time Olympic champion and odinnadtsatimetrovy European champion in pair skating went down in history as never lost a tournament, the athlete, for which it has submitted to the Guinness Book of records. Upon completion of the sports career participated actively in the political life of Russia, included in the parliamentary team of the state Duma as part of the party «United Russia» and is a member of the presidential Council of the Russian Federation for physical culture and sport.

    Born Rodnina Irina Konstantinovna September 12, 1949 in Moscow in the family of military personnel and the doctor. She was the youngest child in the family – the figure skater has an older sister Valentine, who is trained as an engineer-mathematician. In the childhood athlete was weak on health girl and after 11 times had pneumonia, my parents decided that the daughter need to be rescued and decided to take her to the rink to keep using physical exercises to naturally strengthen the baby’s immune system.

    The decision of the parents of Irina became fateful in the life of a future champion of the world – the girl immediately interested in figure skating and with diligence given to the sport that allowed her to become a living legend of the world sport arena. After Rodnina first started skating, what happened in 1954, her biography is inextricably linked with the sport. First, she was sent to the school of figure skating, then in the section of figure skating CSKA, then the skater has finished sports school of CSKA, and in 1974 he graduated from the State Central Institute of physical education.

    Figure skating

    Sports career of Irina Rodnina started in 1963, when she won the third prize at the all-Union Junior competition. Then her coaches were Czechs Milan and Sonja Boulder, and partner Oleg Vlasov. After winning the first future Olympic champion became a pupil of Stanislav Zhuk, who helped her to climb to the peak of the sports career and to become famous all over the world. Along with a new coach Rodnina has changed and the partner skating, it was Alexei Ulanov.

    Over the next ten years Irina Rodnina and Alexei Ulanov won the gold medal at the European Championships and the Olympics, becoming with each victory leaders in the international sports arena. Even then, the skater showed on the ice is truly unrealistic elements that were ahead of the modern technique of the sport for several years ahead.

    In 1972, Irina Rodnina injury separates her partner in figure skating, and after a three-month break in the sport partner athletes becomes Alexander Zaitsev, who, together with him hand in hand went all the way to the sports Olympus, and not only on the ice rink, but also in his personal life.

    Irina Rodnina and Alexander Zaitsev were legendary athletes in figure skating and achieved brilliant results at the rink, which has not been achieved by any modern skaters. They won eleven Championships, three Olympic games and ten world Championships, which allowed Rodnina become the record holder of the Guinness Book of records, has never lost in tournaments.

    My most memorable skating Irina Rodnina and Zaitsev at the world Cup in 1973 in Bratislava, when the music suddenly stopped and the couple skated a program in silence, earning a standing ovation and a record number of «6.0».

    In 1981, the skater went for the big professional sports and became an Honored figure skating coach. From 1990-2002 lived in the United States and led coaching. After returning home an outstanding athlete decided to enter politics and to contribute to the development of Russia.

    According to her, the main dream of her life is the children’s sports school Irina Rodnina, which to this day has not been implemented. But she believes that will be able to carry out their plans and educate dozens of Russian world Champions.


    Since 2003 Irina Rodnina tried to break into the Russian political arena, but twice, in the elections of deputies of the state Duma failed. In 2007 she managed to become a Deputy from the party «United Russia» in the Omsk region and to take in Parliament the Deputy Chairman of the Committee on education. In 2011, she was again re-elected Deputy of the state Duma and became part of the Committee on women, family and children.

    While inside of the party «United Russia» skater of inner leads several projects dedicated to the development of Russian sports. She is also a member of the Board of the Russian President on physical culture and sports, the President of the Academy of achievements in sport «Sport» and heads the Federation of school sports. She oversees the issues of healthy lifestyle of the Russians, support of disabled athletes and the development of mass children’s sports.

    Being an active social and political activist Irina Rodnina was in the epicenter of several scandals associated with the policy. Some critics accused the skater in a clear-cut racism, but she assured that the sharply negative attitude towards any racism, and all such allegations, considers a provocation.

    Personal life

    Personal life Irina Rodnina isn’t as successful as her brilliant sports career. The athlete was twice married, but figure skating has become an obstacle in the first and second marriage of the Olympic champion who was falling apart because of her devotion to the sport.

    First husband of world champion in figure skating became her partner Alexander Zaitsev skating rink. In 1979, the sweethearts have had a son, Alexander, who later became an artist in ceramics. He currently lives in Russia, is married and has a daughter Sonja. Marriage Rodnina and Zaitsev were filled with family problems due to the fact that the man could not come to terms with the success of his wife. After they switched to professional sports, hares, unlike Irina Konstantinovna, was not able to find themselves in life and to forgive my wife of her accomplishments.

    Soon she once again opened heart to a woman’s happiness, falling in love with businessman Leonid Minkovsky, which is irrelevant to the sport. In 1986 the couple had a daughter Helen, who now lives in Washington and works of a leading American Internet news resource HuffPostLife. In 1990, Olympic champion, at the invitation of the American international center of figure skating together with his family moved to America, but a year later, again one – Minkovsky, left the family for another woman.

    Despite all the difficulties and vicissitudes Irina Rodnina considers its main achievement in the lives of children who helped her in moments of despair, not to give up and cope with all difficulties in life.


    At present, the annual income of the world champion on figure skating and state Duma Deputy Irina Rodnina is about 5 million rubles. According to the data Declaration for the 2014 skater also owns a 80-meter apartment, and an Audi TT.


    Irina Rodnina lit the Olympic flame in Sochi

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