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  • Name: Irina Rakhmanova ( Irina Rahmanova )
  • Date of birth: 6 August 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Kyiv, Moscow
  • Height: 167
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Irina Rakhmanova biography

    Actress Irina Rakhmanova was born in an ordinary Soviet family. His father served in the military unit, the mother worked as an engineer. Family of the Moscow city Anniversary was not rich, and raised another son, Boris.

    Zoe’s parents were expecting a boy, so the girl’s name was not chosen. But on 6 August 1981 in the family Rahmanovich a daughter. Without thinking, the parents named her Irina in honour of the sister of Boris Godunov.

    The girl loved dolls and bows, she went with short hair, played with boys, climbed with them in the trees, imitating Mowgli, and stealing apples from the neighbor’s gardens. To go to school she didn’t like it. Unconventional good looks and boyish habits Ira annoyed classmates and became a cause for ridicule. Offended Irina Rakhmanova wanted: grow up, buy yourself a luxury car and proudly drive by home school evil peers who ignored her.

    In elementary school the future star was an excellent student, then in the diary was one of «two» teachers raised the question of her expulsion. A d student, the girl began when her parents moved her to another shift. Irene didn’t like to learn lessons, so she found a «Golden mean», which is not time consuming, satisfied parents and teachers: evaluation of «4» and «3».

    For the first time backstage of the Metropolitan youth theatre Irina Rakhmanova caught in 13 years began to work as the assistant of the illuminator. Every evening a girl got on the train to Moscow and came home only at night. Even then, she dreamed of an acting career and was going to do in TDU.

    After school Irina filed documents, but not in a drama school, as planned, and at the international Slavic Institute. She enrolled on the course Lyudmila Ivanova (faculty of acting).

    Further biography of Irina Rakhmanova is closely connected with the cinema.

    Irina Rakhmanova movies

    Rakhmanov debuted on the big screen in 2000 in the cult film «Brother-2». However, the role was secondary and hardly noticeable, but she convinced the girl in the right choice of profession.

    Popular Irina came in the next year — after the role of a truck driver Rai in the film «

  • We drove two drivers». On set she learned to drive a truck Ford has been at the helm of a plane, try on the role of the stuntman, she even had to wash the car in the cold. Week instructors taught Irina the basics of driving, and then there was two months of extreme. Once on the filming accident, fortunately, without casualties and damage. After the premiere of «we Drove two drivers» Directors failed Irina Rakhmanov proposals. In 2002, viewers saw the actress on the screen in the way the governess of the orphanage Masha Petrova in the film «Tomorrow will be tomorrow». In the story of Masha Petrova is in prison on trumped-up charges. «Stolypin wagon», which was escorted by Irene, was a real cold, smelly, with barred Windows. In this picture Rakhmanova was lucky to work with such masters of cinema as Ada Rogovtseva and Bohdan Stupka: she gained invaluable experience.

    In 2004-2006, Irina starred in reality TV series «viola» for detectives Darya Dontsova. Red, never discouraged viola wowed the audience. Irina Rakhmanova was able to accurately convey the character of the protagonist. After the role syschitsa viola came to her national popularity.

    The role of revelation and the most striking work of Irina in the movie was Snow white «

  • 9th company» by Fyodor Bondarchuk. The actress had to deal with the internal complexes, to appear naked in front of the cameras and the audience. For the filming of explicit scenes Rakhmanova requested that someone can leave and not bother her. For Snow white Irina received the «Golden Aries» in 2006. Over the years the creative work of Irina Rakhmanova has starred in over 30 films: films «the Fugitive», «the Ice in the tea leaves», «Moscow courtyard», «Narkomovsky train», «Peter FM» and others. She now continues to appear, conquering new peaks of cinema.

    Irina Rakhmanova: personal life

    Irina Rakhmanova does not let anyone into his personal life, journalists ‘ questions on the subject immediately stops. She says her personal life is friends and family. After the release of «9th company», the actress appeared fans.

    «My skin doesn’t like to paint, and then I saw that the skin is the body and a good body, and showered with invitations for a date,» jokes Irene.

    Paparazzi was attributed to Irina Rakhmanova an affair with Maxim Averin — the occasion was the photo where they are together. The actress denied these rumors.

    Then journalists suspected Irina to sexual orientation. She says that all she has is a friend with whom she was familiar for several years. Both are busy people, so you have to go to each other.

    But the Registrar is not reached. Irina Rakhmanova believes that the ring is just a ring that she can buy at any jewelry store, and a marriage certificate and a stamp in the passport is just paper.

    And yet the actress believes in miracles, dreams «to go for bread and to meet the love of my life.» She believes that the wind of change will blow and when in her house.

    Irina Rakhmanova: filmography

    • «We drove two drivers»
    • «The mystery of Swan lake»
    • «Taste of murder»
    • «Viola Tarakanova. In the world of criminal passions»
    • «9 Rota»
    • «Piter FM»
    • «Point»
    • «Runaway»
    • «Narkomovsky train»
    • «Vangelia»
    • «Battalion»

    Irina Rakhmanova: photo

    Irina Rakhmanova in the film

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